Make your Salwar Kameez Stand out with its Elegance

The salwar kameez has seen changes over the years with so many that have proved to be trending and evergreen. The anarkali can still be considered one of the finest variations of this Indian clothing. While you may find exquisite selections of salwar kameez online to wear for several occasions, there is certainly more to be done to augment the look of your ensemble. From styling your kameez and salwar to adding fashionably trendy accessories, here is everything you can do with this outfit to make you be the next trendsetter!

Trendy Kameez Styles to Wear this Season

The kameez, a tunic that is paired with a salwar, has seen a number of variations that have made it the classy apparel it is seen as today. From experiments with its sleeves to the way it is styled, one can find a salwar kameez in every style to find something they would love to flaunt. Here are some trendy styles of kameez to wear this season and make your appearance at any event a hit!

  • Tube Kameez

Like tube tops, the tube kameez has become a popular attire among those who love off-shoulders and tubes. These are outfits that are wrapped around your torso and cling to highlight your curves just right. One great thing about tube tops and kameez? You can wear it any direction without being scrutinized to bits!

  • Ponchos

Poncho is another apparel that is worn in more ways than one today. Where it was first curated as a means to keep the cold away, this particular outfit has become a hit among people for all the right reasons. Worn majorly as an apparel in the winters, one can create their own look by using different materials that are comfortable to be worn even in the summers. A poncho-style kameez is sure to appeal to a lot of people and heighten your charm a great deal.

  • Front Slits

Another great fashion trend that has taken the world by storm is the famous front slit. A large slit starting from the waist down on a floor-length kameez, this apparel can be paired with a salwar, a palazzo, cigarette pants, or with bottom that has been accepted as fashion when it comes to substituting the salwar.

  • Floor Length Jackets

A popular addition to Indian clothing not only for men but also for women, jackets make for a wonderful add-on when designed and paired right. However, the latest trend is wearing a floor length jacket instead! You can pair a crop or tube top along with your salwar or bottom and don a floor-length jacket over it to add more appeal to the outfit.

  • Backless Tunics

Rather than pairing a simple tunic with your bottoms, another cool trend is to try on a backless tunic. If you aren’t comfortable with something completely backless, you can always opt for strings at the back.

  • Crop Tops with Sheer Capes

Crop tops have become a favourite not only in western wear but also with lehengas s a substitute to the blouse. With so many variations being done to the traditional salwar kameez, it is only evident that the crop top be a part of this apparel too. Instead of wearing a kameez along with the salwar, a trend of wearing a crop top has emerged lately that has certainly stolen the limelight. Add to it a sheer cape and you have an outfit worthy for the runway.

  • Off-shoulder Tops

Another version of the tube top is an off-shoulder top, only with sleeves. These are perfect for those who love to flaunt their features. And perfect shoulders are certainly meant to be flaunted just right!

All of these styles of kameez are sure to be a hit with any choice of bottom you decide to wear. And we certainly encourage trying something unique to make your own style statements!

Dupatta Draping Styles to Flaunt with your Lovely Salwar

Dupattas, also know as chunnis, odhni, and other names that are specific to regions in Southern Asia, are worn as a symbol of modesty. While generally worn with a salwar kameez, the apparel is also popularly worn with other Indian outfits. Long in length and designed to perfection, these can be draped in a number of ways to improve the look of the outfit.

  • Draped Around the Neck

One of the most common styles of wearing a dupatta, draping it around the neck, whether as a single drape or in a double loop, is not only elegant but classy as well.

  • Hungover the Elbows

Another look that has become popular over the years with Bollywood beauties flaunting it in earlier movies, a dupatta that is wrapped around from the back with the ends falling loosely from across the elbows has been worn with the lehenga for years. This dupatta draping style gradually became popular even with salwar kameez, making it a common sight at most events attended today.

  • Draped Over one Shoulder

If you have a particularly lovely embroidery or design gracing the front of your kameez, you can always choose to flaunt it by draping the dupatta on just one side of the shoulder rather than both. This way you can even flaunt an eye-catching back design or a unique neck pattern.

  • Pinned to both Shoulders

If you love simple looks, wearing the dupatta draped across both shoulders is a look that you can go for. Simple and chic, this look is perfect for any event, especially if the dupatta is gorgeously embroidered. Dupattas with a lovely lace at the edge is ideal for this look where the lace can be flaunted when you drape it on both shoulders.

  • Draped over Shoulder Across to the Other Elbow

Another styling option for a simple look is draping your dupatta over a shoulder and bringing a loose end from the back to the other elbow. Dupattas with tassels or printed dupattas are sure to look great when draped in this fashion.

  • Pinned and Spread Open

A twist to the two-shoulder drape, this particular style of wearing the dupatta includes pinning or draping it across both shoulders while letting it fall open rather than scrunching it up when it drape it. This is perfect to flaunt the designs on the dupatta you have on. A phulkaari dupatta is one such apparel that is popularly worn in this fashion.

  • Pleated and Draped over a Shoulder

Pleating up the dupatta is another way to wear it apart from leaving it spread open and scrunching it up. This, however, would only look good when you drape it across one shoulder. For materials that are starchy and stiff such as cotton, folding them in pleats gives it a neater look than just draping it as a crumpled mess.

  • Wrapped Around in a Poetic Fashion

A unique and contemporary way of styling the dupatta is draping it across the back, wrapping one end of the dupatta across your front and to the other shoulder and repeating the gesture with the other end of the dupatta. This one is a popular look from the olden days where poets wore their shawls in this fashion, giving off a different charm altogether. You can always recreate the look with your salwar kameez by draping your dupatta fashionably.

  • Worn Like a Cape

Everyone loves a cape. And if there is a chance to flaunt one as part of your apparel, why stop yourself? You can drape a dupatta by pinning it to your shoulders from behind and allowing it flow freely, giving it the feel of being a cape. Depending on the kind of material you choose and the pattern, design, and embroidery on it, you can choose the draping style and even flaunt designs with your cape styled dupatta.

With so many styles to choose from and numerous others to create on your own, you can try a number of dupatta styles with your salwar kameez that can help you create a fabulous first impression.

Salwar Kameez Trends to make you Look Flawless

While we have seen the styling of individual apparels from this three-piece delight, here’s something to help you style the entire outfit in a beautiful blend of colors. With the right amalgamation, you can create your own look worth flaunting. Here are some of the trends that can make you look absolutely flawless:

  • Pair Heavily Embroidered Dupattas with a Simple Salwar Kameez

If you love blingy Indian outfits, one way to compile your outfit is to pair a heavily embroidered dupatta along with a simple salwar kameez. You can try this by wearing a monochrome salwar and tunic. Whites and blacks certainly make for good shades to don. Pair a lovely phulkaari dupatta with it or something that is heavily embroidered with zari work and more to balance out the glitz.

  • Opt for Multi-colored Outfits

We’ve already discussed about how to flaunt a monochrome salwar kameez. Now, for those with a love of colors and all things vibrant, here is something interesting. Multi-colored salwar kameez that give off the feel of a patch work outfit are as in trend as any other salwar kameez. Choose the right fabric and have it stitched in the right cut to snugly fit you and you have an outfit ready for any occasion.

  • Try a Slit Kameez with Designer Bottoms

Another cool trend that has been seen making highlights is the slit kameez that gives just the right glimpse. Instead of a front slit that goes down right in the middle, you can opt for a slit a liitle to the side where the leg of your pants are sure to be seen. Make it so that the slit shows off some beautiful zari work on your pants or salwar and you would be the center of attention throughout the event for this unique yet captivating design. After all, the design playing peek-a-boo is sure to catch every eye!

Try any of these trends to create a look worthy of a magazine cover.

How to Add Bling to your Salwar Kameez

Apart from trying out the latest trends in apparels, another thing that trend all year round is accessories. No outfit is complete without some bling. So here are some of the options to try with your salwar kameez.

  • Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are bound to be a lovely addition to your ensemble as they grace your beautiful fingers. With these rings being as fetching as they are, these are especially perfect for important functions and to wear with your designer Indian outfits.

  • Anklets

Apart from your lovely footwear, anklets are another item that can grace your feet to add charm to your look. While payals are traditionally worn by women with their pleasant trilling sounding every time they move, modern anklets have taken over with a simple string and a charm dangling from it locked about the ankle.

  • Lac Bangles

If you aren’t very fond of the jangling of bangles, opting for lac bangles can work in your favor. These don’t break, don’t clang against each other, and definitely don’t need extra care.

  • Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry such as a neck-piece must be chosen with care, keeping your outfit in mind. If you have something very simple on, you can choose something that can draw attention to it. However, if you would rather have the attention drawn to your outfit, go for something very simple or forego statement jewelry altogether.

  • Earrings

Choosing earrings to go with your salwar kameez may seem like an easy-enough task. However, the right pair of earrings can be enough to hold your entire look together even if you decide to forego all the rest!

With all of these tips and ways to add sparkle to your dress, you are sure to make yours stand out when you buy salwar kameez online at Nihal Fashions!

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