Unique Lehenga Styles To Opt For This Wedding Season

Shopping for the right wedding trousseau can be quite tiring. With so many styles and patterns, it is difficult to choose one perfect outfit. Indian clothes have a unique feel to them because they are made using a variety of tones, fabrics and works. Right from contemporary patterns to traditional styles, Indian clothes are available in several variations. The unconventional colour combinations further enhance the overall look. Lehenga choli combos are very popular these days because they are apt for almost all occasions. Be it a wedding reception or a cocktail party, you can readily opt for a wedding lehenga choli. Depending on the event you can choose the pattern of the trousseau.

Lehengas have become a must-have of sorts for every woman. Apart from the traditional pinks and reds, lehengas now come in pastel tones too. For experimental brides out there, it is best to go for unique colours like lilac, ivory, orange, sea green, etc. Along with the bridal lehenga, even choli patterns have witnessed a change in their look. Lehenga choli combos are highly preferred these days because they can be styled in numerous ways. Lehengas have the ability to create a style statement only if they are styled and chosen correctly. Draping the dupatta right is also a crucial part of styling a lehenga choli. In most Indian clothes, the dupatta is inevitable. Here are some lehenga styles to look forward to this wedding season.

  • Floral Lehenga Choli

Florals are never out of style. Especially, for summer weddings you should definitely opt for a floral lehenga choli. Florals are easy to style and can be pulled off effortlessly. Florals have been in style since quite sometime now but they are here to stay for long! Invest in a floral lehenga choli without a second thought. Floral lehengas look apt in bright colours but you can also try to go for pastel tones. Additionally, if your floral lehenga has a single colour then you can add a contrast dupatta to it.

  • Lehengas with Extra Long Sleeves

Instead of focusing only on the lehenga you can also experiment with blouse patterns. Go for extra long sleeves if your lehenga is more on the subtle side. This contemporary look is ideal for cocktail parties, engagement ceremonies and wedding receptions. Floor touching sleeves are perfect for women who like to dress in a unique manner. Avoid this pattern if the choli is too bright in its colour.  Additionally, go for minimal embellishments on the blouse if you are opting for floor length sleeves. Let the fabric and colour take all the focus.

  • Slit Kurta with Lehenga

The combination of a slit kurta and lehenga looks chic. Women who are bored with the mundane cholis can definitely go for this combination. Before opting for this outfit make sure your kurta and lehenga are blending correctly. If your kurta is light coloured then the lehenga can be of a darker tone. This outfit can look amazing if the kurta you opt for has a front slit.

  • Peplum Choli with Lehenga

Peplum style cholis are fitted at the bust and have a flare towards the end. These cholis look contemporary and offer a unique vibe. Team up a peplum choli with a lehenga and give yourself a high-fashion look.  Indian clothes are generally present in bright and dark colours but for this outfit combo try and opt for pastel colours like peach, mint green and creamy mint blue.

  • Highly Embellished Crop top with plain Lehenga

Crop tops are very much in vogue these days and they can also be worn with lehengas. For casual events, it is best to go for crop tops rather than cholis. A highly embellished crop top can blend well with a plain lehenga.  This Indian outfit is perfect for family gatherings and festivals too. Choose the colour carefully for your plain lehenga and make sure it is easy on the eyes. Avoid dark and contrasting shades. One can opt for colour combinations like off-white and mint blue, peach and white, ivory and grey, etc.

Well, apart from keeping in mind the latest lehenga trends, it is also essential to avoid the following mistakes when selecting a lehenga!

  • Not Researching Online Beforehand

Indian clothes have adapted several new styles and patterns and hence, it is necessary to keep a check on the on-going trends. Make sure you research online before investing in a lehenga. This helps a lot in the case of bridal lehengas. Checking out the latest lehenga trends online will help you choose better.

  • Not Selecting the Lehenga based on Body Type

Not every lehenga choli style suits everyone. Consider your body type before you select a lehenga and a particular choli style. Colours can also play a very important role when it comes to choosing a lehenga that suits just right. Additionally, the fabric can also influence the overall look of the outfit.

  • Concentrating just on the Pattern and not on the Fit

Most Indian clothes have a designated fitting and the same also goes for lehenga choli combos. Most women focus only on the design and the colour of the outfit and forget about the fit. Make sure the length of the choli and the lehenga are proper. Moreover, the neck and sleeve patterns also need to complement your body shape. It is important to note that every fabric has a different texture which will influence the overall fit of the outfit.

  • Ignoring the Dupatta

As stated before, several Indian clothes are incomplete with the inclusion of a dupatta. The same also goes for lehenga choli combos. When you select a lehenga choli also check its dupatta. These days most people opt for contrast coloured dupattas, so choose the colours wisely. It is best to drape the dupatta and then check the overall look.

These days you can buy lehengas online too. Several online stores also offer amazing discounts and festive offers! 

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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