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Earlier, Indian outfits were only worn for festivals and wedding occasions but nowadays they are also worn for casual events. Both men and women have several varieties to choose from when it comes to traditional Indian clothing. With the inclusion of Indo-western styles in ethnic couture, there are several new unique attires available. The fashion industry has now come up with mind-blowing patterns in ethnic wear which works for both formal and casual occasions. Initially, men only had to choose between churidar, kurtas and sherwanis but now they can opt for dhoti bottom, Nehru jacket, flared bottom, trousers, asymmetrical kurtas, etc. For women, there are obviously a greater number of choices like lehenga choli, kurtas, salwar kameez, skirt and crop top, etc. These days you can get all the traditional styles online too. Some styles in Indian wear are always in trend and have been the most preferred ones for a long time. Lately, people have started experimenting with Indian attires too with the addition of different elements. It can be rightly said that some Indian clothes are always in trend no matter what the current fashion statements dictate. One needs to know how to select the right ethnic attire to get a perfect look. Here are some things you must consider when you think of purchasing traditional Indian wear.

  • Body Type

Both men and women should first understand their body structure and know what will suit them. Before choosing Indian wear make sure the pattern is complementing your body type and is not looking out of place as compared to your body structure. You can play with the colours and the cuts in order to highlight a particular aspect of your body and hide the ones you don’t want to flaunt!

  • The Vibe of the Event

Before selecting an outfit gauge the vibe of the event. You can analyse whether the event is a private affair or is a casual one with loads of guests. If it is a wedding then you can go for proper ethnic wear and if the occasion is more like a party i.e. a sangeet ceremony then you can experiment with your outfit by all means! For events like cultural events, plays, etc you can go for simple kurtas, pajamas, churidars, etc.

  • Colour of the Outfit

It is necessary to choose the colour of the outfit carefully because only then will you be able to do justice to your look. Make sure the colour of the Indian dress you choose is blending with the occasion and the time of the event. For instance, a full black outfit won’t look good for a morning event. A combination of different colours and tones can also be chosen for an ethnic outfit. These days pastel colours are very much in fashion for both men and women. Try unique colours like peach, mint green, baby blue, sea green, etc. If you are opting for a contrast colour combination then select the tones all the more carefully!

  • The Fitting of the Outfit

In traditional Indian clothing, the fitting is the most important aspect. If the fitting of the dress is not proper then it can take away the vibe of the outfit. When you select an outfit make sure it is not too loose or too tight. Sometimes, even the pattern of the dress requires a specific fitting, so consider that as well. For women, in the case of sarees, the blouse fitting matters a lot because the draping depends on the same.

Some styles and patterns in traditional Indian clothing are never out of fashion. Indian outfits which are evergreen are sarees, sherwani and kurta pajamas. These attires are not just highly preferred but are also easy to style. Moreover, these stated outfits are a must-have by all means. Check out the best Indian outfits to invest in.

  • Sarees

Sarees have been an integral part of Indian culture. Since ages, this outfit has been associated with grace and elegance. Sarees are no longer just traditional looking, even they have several variations and styles. Right from ruffle sarees to sarees with bold prints, sarees have now come a long way. If the saree you have chosen is quite traditional, then you can spice up the overall look with a unique blouse pattern. These days several blouse patterns are available like cape sleeves blouse, cold shoulder blouse, collar style blouse, blouse with sheer sleeves, etc. You can opt for a contrast coloured blouse too in order to enhance the look of your simple saree.

  • Sherwani

For men, sherwani has always been the most preferred outfit for weddings. Usually, this outfit is worn by grooms on their wedding day. Sherwanis have been an unavoidable part of Indian wear since time immemorial. This particular outfit is known for its royal looking vibe and is, therefore, chosen for grooms for their wedding day. Sherwanis come in a variety of colours these days but mostly the shades of gold, yellow, maroon and beige are opted for. You can also go for unique tones like peach, royal blue, pink, etc. if you want to add some newness to this outfit. Usually, a dupatta is also added to a sherwani to make it look more traditional. If you are not confident about trying unique colours in a sherwani then you can go for a different coloured dupatta too. Pair up a sherwani with a churidar and a dupatta and you won’t need anything else to make an impact.

  • Kurta Pajamas

If you are looking out for a comfortable Indian outfit then opt for kurta pajamas without a second thought. Kurta pajamas can be worn by both men and women. Additionally, this outfit is versatile to the core because they are available in both simple and heavy patterns. Kurtas not only look ethnic they are also easy to carry and maintain as compared to other traditional dresses.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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