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Sarees are a part of Indian culture and tradition. Even with the introduction of innumerable trends in ethnic fashion, sarees still take the first spot when it comes to elegance. Indian sarees are still considered to be the most traditional form of clothing for women. It can be rightly said that wearing a saree is not a cake walk. Many women prefer to wear sarees for important functions like weddings, cultural events, festivals etc. With the popularity of kurtas at an all-time high, sarees are now worn only for special occasions by most females. Even in sarees there are many varieties nowadays. Right from the fabric to the work to the embroidery, everything can be customised. Georgette sarees have always been in vogue thanks to our Bollywood actresses. Though sarees are available in almost all fabrics, georgette holds a special place in every woman’s saree collection. Georgette sarees look extremely fashionable and festive because of their texture. These kinds of sarees are more than just pretty-looking, they are also easy to handle and manage. If you are someone who cannot spend much time on maintenance of sarees then opting for a georgette saree is the best decision. This material dries off quickly and is easily washable too! However, if your saree has some embroidery or delicate work, then make sure it is handled well. One can buy georgette sarees online too. If you are thinking about investing in a georgette saree then here are some interesting things you must know!

  • Fabric Texture

Georgette as a fabric is extremely similar to chiffon. However, chiffon is more delicate and harder to handle as compared to georgette. Georgette is durable and doesn’t require constant care like chiffon.

  • The look of Georgette

Georgette is a very soft fabric with a sheer feel to it. You can choose from a transparent georgette or an opaque one. The stated types depend on what kind of outfit you want. In case of sarees, both the types are equally popular. This fabric is quite flowy and looks extremely feminine. Moreover, if you are looking for some flares then georgette is the best option.

  • Maintenance

Georgette is quite easy to handle and maintain. One can use a light detergent to clean the fabric because the material is lightweight. It is better to handwash this fabric if the saree contains any embroidery or embellishments.

  • Flexibility

Georgette is one of the most versatile materials and almost all designs and embellishments can be done on this fabric. When anything is crafted on a georgette fabric it effortlessly looks glamorous.

The best thing about Indian sarees is that they are available in all hues and tones. Depending on the event choose the right colour for your georgette saree. Here are some latest shades which are very much in trend for georgette sarees.

  • Peach

Several women are now ditching the boring colours like red, green and yellow and are opting for unique shades. Peach is very much in trend nowadays, especially for georgette sarees. Peach is one colour which is subtle yet glamorous. Apt for all events, this hue can be worn for all functions. This particular colour is suitable for both daytime events and evenings.

  • Midnight Blue

A midnight blue georgette saree can look ravishing by all means. This colour is not very suitable for daytime events but is perfect for reception and cocktail parties. Add a shimmery border to the same or go for a complete sheer look with a contrast blouse.

  • Gold

A completely gold-toned embellished georgette saree is a must-have for every female. This particular look is best for weddings and festivals. If you are looking for something heavy and impactful then go for this look without a second thought. However, don’t go overboard with loads of jewellery because the saree itself will be quite shimmery.

  • Mint Green

Pastels are very much in vogue these days. A mint green georgette saree with minimal work works best for casual occasions too. Go for this shade if you want to experiment a bit and do not know which hue to opt for.

Selecting the right blouse pattern can enhance the look of the saree to a great extent. Instead of going for only mundane blouse styles try these uncommon patterns.

  • High Neck with sheer Full Sleeves

The boring U-necks and V-necks are overdone to the core. Try going for a high neck blouse pattern and pair it up with sheer full sleeves. This blouse pattern not only looks fashionable but is also comfortable and hassle-free to carry. Experiment with sleeve colours or go for a complete contrast combo! You can also add borders to the end of the sleeves and neck collars.

  • Peplum Blouse

For women who love to try something new, peplum is the way to go. A peplum blouse looks perfect with a georgette saree because it defines your body shape effectively giving you a feminine feel. See to it that your saree has a nice border because that will go with a peplum blouse. You can blend your blouse with the saree by going for a similar colour and work.

  • Tube Style Blouse

Though most women refrain from too much of skin show at functions and family events, one can try and opt for a tube style blouse for cocktail parties and reception. A tube blouse need not be too plain and simple, it is best to pair up a shimmery tube blouse with a simple georgette saree.

  • Blouse with Cape Sleeves

These days capes are added to lehengas and gowns. Likewise, you can opt for cape sleeves for your saree blouse too. A cape blouse looks wonderful and contemporary by all means. Opt for sheer capes and neutral shades when going for this blouse style. This blouse is easy to carry and is perfect for summers and humid weathers.

When it comes to georgette sarees online the options are never-ending. But make sure you style and drape your saree well!

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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