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Experimenting with ethnic clothes doesn’t just mean trying new patterns and designs, it also means going for different fabrics. Sarees form a very important part of Indian culture. This piece of attire is not only famous for its elegance but also for its varieties. Currently, sarees are not only worn for weddings and important events but also for casual functions. Sarees have changed from being typically traditional to being modern. These days sarees are available online too. Tissue sarees are the newest trend in the world of sarees. With chiffon, georgette and cotton ruling the saree trends, tissue sarees have now gained the top spot. Just like chiffon, tissue sarees are also soft and delicate. These kinds of sarees give out a very feminine look. As compared to other materials, tissue sarees are extremely light in weight. This particular fabric is rich and elegant in its finish which is fit for all colours and tones. Tissue silk fabric is made of woven silk and is quite affordable too. Even though this material is extremely delicate, it is quite durable and easy maintenance. Apt for all occasions one can buy tissue sarees online too. Almost all colours look good on this material but it is best to choose according to the occasion. Here are some tips to select designer tissue sarees.

  • Select the Right Colour

Be it a tissue saree or any other saree, one should select the right colour and tone. Tissue sarees are quite transparent and smooth and hence, even light colours go well with this fabric. Tissue sarees are best worn with the shades of peach, blue, pink and yellow. However, if it’s an evening event then you can opt from the shades of dark blue, maroon or green.

  • Body Type

Tissue sarees can be a bit clingy to the body and hence before buying make sure you are comfortable to pull it off. Similar to chiffon, this particular saree defines the shape of the body quite well. Hence, before investing in a tissue saree see to it that you are comfortable in that fabric. Also, not all fabrics suit all body types and hence it is best to do a bit of research before buying a tissue saree.

  • Type of Tissue

Even in tissue fabric, there are types namely, silk tissue and cotton tissue. Depending on the pattern and style select the material. Though both these materials look perfect for a saree, it is best to choose one which suits your design and look.

  • Time of the Event

Tissue sarees are extremely soft and are therefore apt for summer events. A tissue saree is not recommended for winter events because the material is too delicate. Additionally, this kind of saree is best worn for daytime events because usually, it comes in light colours.

When it comes to ladies sarees, draping serves as the most important part. Here are some do’s and don’ts for wearing a saree.

  • Wearing the Right Underskirt and Blouse

No matter how beautiful your saree is, an uncomfortable underskirt and an ill-fitted blouse can break the whole look. When you are all set to don a saree, it is necessary to focus on the underskirt and the blouse too. The underskirt needs to blend with the saree and the blouse needs to be of a proper fit. Make sure that the material of your underskirt is not itchy or uncomfortable because that can make you look clumsy at an event. Likewise, the blouse also has to be stitched properly.

  • Choosing the Drape

Just like sarees, even drapes have many variations. Draping a saree correctly is of utmost importance because that decides the whole look. Always drape a saree after wearing heels because that will give you a proper levelling. Well, the draping also depends on what is your focus area. If you want to highlight your blouse then drape your pallu in a way which brings attention to your blouse whereas if your saree pallu has a beautiful pattern on it then drape it accordingly.

  • Pin up Right

In order to drape a saree right, pining it up correctly is also essential. A saree has to be tucked properly to keep it intact. However, when using pins make sure they are not too evident because that can make you look hideous. Also, only use pins wherever necessary don’t use too many pins because that can break the look.

  • Don’t Go for Highly Experimental Blouses

It is good to try new trends and style statements but it is also necessary to keep in mind your comfort level. Many a times ladies follow Bollywood celebrities blindly when it comes to blouses with risqué cuts and end up being uncomfortable. In order to avoid mishaps, one should keep in mind the occasion and their own comfort level. Blouses which are too low or too covered can ruin the whole look. Choose a blouse which not only looks impactful but is also elegant.

  • Opt for the Right Print

Sarees are available in a variety of prints. With innumerable colours and embroidery types, you are bound to be spoilt for choice. However, choosing the right print is very important. When you buy a tissue saree opt for finer prints rather than choosing large prints. Finer prints complement every body type and look good on all colours.

  • Select the Right Accessories

A saree in itself is impactful enough to make an impression. Don’t ruin the look by wearing too much of jewellery because that can take away the look of the saree. If the saree is plain then you can add a statement neckpiece or earrings.

  • Don’t Forget to Team up your Saree with a Proper Footwear

When you drape a saree, it is best to wear heels. Avoid block heels when wearing a saree and instead choose pumps. The footwear need not be of the exact same colour as the saree but make sure the shade is blending with the attire.

Choose amazing sarees online and flaunt your ethnic side.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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