Sherwani – the Traditional Indian Dress for Men

Indian clothing is known for its grace, elegance, and comfort making it popular worldwide. For an Indian groom, sherwani is the most popular dressing option, signifying style and elegance. The Indian equivalent of a western suit, sherwani is quite similar to a coat, but it is long and is usually worn over a churidar or similar bottoms. A common trend followed by men today is to pair the sherwani with a dhoti, or with corduroys for more comfort. It certainly looks equally dashing when worn by men and defines their physique beautifully.

Accessories paired with sherwanis also augment the look of the outfit a great deal. By opting for contrasting shades and options, you can create a dazzling look all on your own with a little mix and match!

The Different Styles of Sherwanis for Men

Sherwanis for men are available in a plethora of styles. From simple styles to truly regal ones, here are some of them that are sure to be a treat to your eyes and your wardrobe!

  • Achkan Sherwani

The achkan sherwani is an outfit that has taken inspiration from the reign of the Mughals. Regal and magnificent to behold, this outfit looks great with subtle accessories that are elegant and royal to look at. However, one must make sure to keep the look simple and avoid adding too many elements to the ensemble.

  • Chipkan Sherwani

This style has been into fashion since the Mughal period. The upper half of the Sherwani fits closely to the body while the lower part has the shape of a frock with a large circumference that ends above the knees.

  • Jacket Sherwani

This type of Sherwani includes a set of three – the Sherwani, the jacket and churidar pajama. The Nehru style jacket, that became popular with Nehru flaunting it during his time, is now being worn not only with sherwanis but also with kurtas and other Indian outfits for men.

  • Angrakha Sherwani

The angrakha sherwani is fitted from above and loose from the waist down. Angrakha is famous for its heavy embroidery pattern with zari and zardosi. It offers a rich look with its thread, stone and bead work and can augment your overall look notably.

  • Pathani Sherwani

Pathani sherwani is a heavily embroidered jacket-type top with loose pathani salwar. Influenced from the way of dressing from the Pathans of old. This is also a popular style of sherwani worn by men at weddings and other important functions. Raw silk is the most popular fabric used to curate this lovely piece of outfit.

  • Jodhpuri Sherwani

Another regal looking outfit that grooms can flaunt on their wedding day is the jodhpuri sherwani. With embellishments and designs that ooze magnificence, grooms can hold the attention of their guests all through the ceremony with the elegance of their outfit.

  • Indo-western Sherwani

Curated by amalgamating the modern with the truly ethnic, indo-western sherwanis are an option that seems perfect for those with a penchant for all things traditional as well as modern. If you’re rather bored of flaunting something completely traditional or, perhaps, something absolutely modern, you can always go for this perfect blend that is embroidered and embellished to perfection.

  • Anarkali Sherwani

Flared from the waist-down, the anarkali sherwani is styled taking inspiration from the popular clothing of women – anarkali suits. Beautifully designed, these outfits offer a snug fit and define your physique just right.

Tips to Select the Best Sherwani

Which sherwani you must choose to flaunt at the upcoming function that you are planning to attend depends on a number of factors that can sometimes even contradict each other. Further, how well the outfit suits you based on the conditions that you purchase them in may also vary from person to person. To truly select the perfect outfit, be it for a wedding, an anniversary, a festival, or even a family function, here are certain tips and factors that can help you make the right choice:

  • Budget

The first thing to decide is the budget. Sherwanis are available at a varied price range, depending upon the fabric, style and embroidery of the outfit. Specifying a budget helps you to narrow down the search and avoid overspending. And if you shop at the right shopping portal, you can even get the finest quality fabric and outfit at a much affordable rate than other places.

  • Color

Yet another important thing to decide is the color. This is not only specific to the color of the outfit but also your own complexion. You must consider the complexion and overall body type. Choose a color that reflects your personality as well as the time of day that you intend to wear the outfit in. Another factor where color plays an important role is the season. If it’s summer, opting for lighter and brighter shades certainly makes more sense whereas choosing somber shades works best for the winters.

  • Fabric

When purchasing men’s sherwani, you can choose from different styles, designs and fabrics. Some of the different fabrics used for making sherwanis include silk, polyester silk, Banarasi silk, tanchoi, cotton, brocade etc. How you prefer your outfits to be may depend on your usual preference, the season, or the event you are attending. You would hardly be expected to wear something very heavy and suffocating in the warmer months where you can easily feel the brunt of the weather more strongly in your sherwani.

Why Shopping Online is Wise

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