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Indian sarees are timeless and ideal for all occasions. Sarees used to be traditional looking but nowadays even this attire has undergone a massive transformation. Just like salwar kameez, kurta pajamas and lehengas, even sarees now have a different vibe.  Be it the use of unique colours or embroideries, sarees now have several modern elements. Initially, sarees were only worn for important occasions like weddings, sangeet ceremonies, engagement parties, etc but now they are worn for casual events too. Sarees remain a classic till date because of its unique wearing style. Wearing a saree requires effort because one has to drape it right. Well, apart from the saree it is also necessary to focus on the pattern of the blouse. Moreover, don’t forget to pair up the two with a proper underskirt. If the underskirt is not proper it can ruin the whole look of the saree. Sarees are now available in all fabrics and depending on the occasion you can select the material. All the fabrics have different textures and that’s why the colours also give a different look. Additionally, even when it comes to the embellishments and prints, not all materials are suited for everything. For instance, a net-based saree will have several embellishments whereas a cotton saree will mostly have prints. These days sarees are also classified based on the occasion. Wedding sarees have a different look as compared to casual sarees. Wedding sarees are loaded with a lot of work which gives the saree a rich look. Nowadays, you can get amazing wedding sarees online too. Choosing a perfect saree is not easy because all the stores now have innumerable varieties. Just buying a gorgeous saree is not enough, you have to style it correctly with an appropriate blouse. Here are some useful tips which will help you buy the right wedding saree.

  • Know your Body Type

Most women have to focus on their body type before selecting any attire. The same also applies to Indian wear. Women of all body types can don a saree but it is best to know your body shape before finalising a wedding saree. Selecting the right material as per your body shape can enhance the overall look. For instance, women having a slim figure can look good in fabrics like organza and cotton whereas women who are a bit on the heavier side can go for silk and chiffon. Draping the saree correctly can also influence the overall look.

  • The Pattern on the Saree

Depending on the event you can choose the overall look. Every saree will have a different highlight point. Some traditional sarees have an impactful colour scheme whereas some have a subtle colour but a striking design. Wedding sarees usually have embellishments because that blends well with the occasion. Select the pattern which suits your personal style and also works well with the vibe of the event.

  • Check the Fabric

Every fabric has a different look and gives out a varied feel. See to it that the saree material you choose is comfortable for you. Also, check the weather before opting for a particular fabric.

Once you are sure about all the above criteria, you need to know about the trending saree looks. Check out the trending Indian saree looks which have made it to the style file this year!

  • Printed Silk Saree with a Heavily Embellished Blouse

Silk sarees are very much in fashion these days because they are easy to carry and look vibrant as well. For women who like to go subtle, silk sarees work the best. Silk sarees are light in weight and also look festive to the core. These sarees can be worn for weddings too. If you want to add a bit of oomph to your saree look then you can team up the printed saree with a heavily embellished blouse. The blouse can be of a contrast colour too! Go for colours like cream, mint green, light blue, grey, etc.

  • Pastel Coloured Saree with a Golden Blouse

Pastels look classy to the core because these tones are easy on the eyes. Pastels work well for all occasions if accessorized right. Pastel wedding sarees can look impactful enough if they are paired with a heavy-laden golden toned blouse. Pastel colours like mint green, peach, mint blue, etc. work amazingly well for wedding receptions, engagement ceremonies and get-togethers. Drape the saree right in order to do justice to the whole look.

  • Saree with Ruffles

Ruffle sarees are extremely contemporary because they give out a very modern vibe. Sarees with ruffles need correct draping otherwise, the whole look can go for a toss. Ruffles are a bit tricky to pull off so make sure you are comfortable in this saree pattern. Go for colours like pink, ruby red, purple and peach for this particular saree look. The blouse needs to be equally interesting in its pattern! It is better to stick to one tone when it comes to ruffle sarees. Too many elements in one look will take away the attention from the ruffles!

  • An Embellished Saree with a Cold Shoulder Blouse

A perfect traditional wedding saree has to be embellished. You can opt for ethnic tones like red, green, deep blue and rust for such sarees. Well, instead of going for the same mundane blouse patterns add a bit of quirk to your traditional saree by wearing a cold-shoulder blouse. Pairing up an Indian saree with a contemporary blouse will give you an Indo-western vibe! The blouse can also have a certain embroidery!

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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