Unveiling the Latest Trends: Styling Lucknowi Kurta Pajama for Men with a Modern Twist

Lucknowi kurta style is regal and traditional. It is a beautiful attire with Mughal origins that is embossed in needlework. And undoubtedly, Lucknowi Kurta Pajama is such an unmissable magical item. Originally, Lucknowi kurta pajamas were supposed to be short.

It has evolved, though, and is now a popular fashion trend in and of itself. These days, it is worn as a long, knee-length, or slightly longer kurta, with or without chikankari work. It can be embroidered or self-patterned. Traditionally, it has a straight cut and side pockets.

The most crucial component is the ‘chikankari’, which involves weaving thread through the fabric to create lovely designs on the kurta. The city of Lucknow is where this talent is most in demand. The trained workers create stunning, detailed designs with a needle and thread. Chikankari kurta pajamas are pretty trending too.

What is a Lucknowi kurta pajama?

A traditional Indian costume known as a Lucknowi kurta pajama was created in Lucknow, a city in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Men frequently wear it for festivals and special occasions.

The kurta and pajamas are the two primary parts of the Lucknowi kurta pajama. A long, baggy top that falls below the knees is known as a kurta. Lucknowi kurta is typically constructed of airy materials like cotton, silk, or chiffon and is decorated with beautiful chikankari embroidery, a Lucknow specialty. Chikankari is a technique for hand-threading fine threads to produce attractive patterns and designs on fabric.

Kurta pajamas from Lucknow are renowned for their finesse, grace, and elegance. The chikankari embroidery gives the garment a sophisticated touch that makes it appropriate for both semi-formal and formal settings. Particularly in India’s hot and muggy atmosphere, these outfits’ soft and breathable fabrics guarantee comfort.

Tips to style Lucknowi kurta pajama

Lucknowi kurtas are a personal favorite. Styling a kurta in a specific way can elevate the overall look completely. For example, if you go for an oversized lucknowi kurta pajama for men, you tend to achieve a more laid-back look. However, if the kurta is made to size, it tends to look formal and elegant.

1. Colors

Lucknowi kurta pajamas come in many colors; therefore, make sure you find a color that suits your skin tone and personality. However, if you want something to wear during the scorching summer heat, go for pastel or light colors like a yellow Lucknowi kurta and this looks stunning when styled appropriately. You can wear it for a casual outing or grand, festive events.

2. Pair it with a shawl

Solid colored and ombre men’s lucknowi kurta pajamas look elegant when paired with a shawl. Choose a shawl that is of a contrasting color from that of the Lucknow kurta pajama set. You can also drape it over your hands and shoulders for a formal look.

3. Accessorize the outfit appropriately

Your look could be made or broken by the slightest elements. Watches, shoes, and cufflinks can all enhance your look. When dressing in darker hues, wear timepieces with brown leather straps. Cufflinks should be subtle and modest. Ornate, cream, or gold squares are all suitable options.

4. Try contemporary ways of styling

Traditional clothing meets popular culture. Put on your go-to sneakers to break up your classic lakhnavi kurta pajama ensemble. If you think that’s too risky, you can replace it with formal brogues to give the outfit more authority. Moreover, you can lock this combination for most casual events and functions if you are brave enough.

5. Roll your sleeves

Often, lucknowi kurta pajamas men are full-sleeved. Roll up your sleeves and expose the forearms you have been working out on. Not only will this add to the manliness but also accentuate the kurta pajama overall. This is a great hack that can completely change the way your Lucknowi kurta looks on you.

6. Choose detailed embroidered Lucknowi kurta pajama

The elaborate stitching on a Lucknowi kurta for men is what gives it its elegance. Choose a Lucknow chikan kurta pajama with tasteful embroidery on the neck, front placket, cuffs, or across the entire garment. The embroidery may be done with Zari, sequins, or thread. Make sure the embroidery blends in with the kurta’s primary color.

7. Don’t forget your footwear

Add the right shoes to complete your look. Traditional choices include juttis, which are traditional Punjabi shoes, mojris, which are embroidered leather shoes, and kolhapuris, which are handmade leather sandals. Pick a look that suits the color scheme and enhances the entire design.

8. Be groomed

Keep your appearance in check and, if you choose, keep a well-groomed beard or facial hair style. For the occasion, neatly style your hair. For a more formal or celebratory appearance, you can choose a slicked-back hairdo, a beautifully combed side part, or a traditional turban.

9. Style with a jacket or waist coat

By wearing it with a tailored jacket or waistcoat, your Lucknowi kurta pajamas will have an air of refinement and modernity. Select a jacket with a complementary color or pattern, such as a Nehru jacket or a textured blazer. This layered appearance gives the overall aesthetic more depth and refinement.

Final Words

You may combine the richness of heritage with modern style by giving the Lucknowi kurta for men with a modern twist. You may create a distinctive and contemporary appearance that pays homage to the timelessness of Lucknowi dress by carefully choosing the proper pieces, including little embroidery, experimenting with different bottoms and layering options, and accessorizing tastefully. When buying Lucknowi kurta pajama online, make sure you select from a reputed fashion store like Nihal Fashions.

Embrace your individuality, self-assurance, and flare to stand out in your contemporary Lucknowi kurta pajama combo. Remember that grooming and a hairdo can help further the current aesthetic. Make a bold fashion statement that expresses your uniqueness by embracing the rich legacy of the Lucknowi kurta pajama while giving it a contemporary edge. You can add a new degree of modern elegance to your traditional dress using this styling advice.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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