Stylish Kurta Pajamas For Kids

For most parents, it is a difficult task to dress kids in ethnic wear. With a number of upcoming festivals and wedding occasions, it is quite necessary to select the right attire for kids too. There are various choices for adults when it comes to traditional outfits but when it comes to kids, comfort is the most important aspect. Adults can experiment in terms of patterns, fabrics and designs but children have limited options to choose from. However, these days there are many ways to style a kid’s Indian outfit. The most opted attire for kids in traditional wear is kurta pajama. Kurta pajamas are comfortable to the core and are also fashionable. Kids kurta pyjama are available online too. Moreover, you can get innumerable varieties in kurta pajamas for kids. When it comes to dressing up kids in ethnic clothes you can experiment with colours and patterns. However, see to it that the fabric is suiting your child and is not irritating the skin. Kurta pajama is the best choice of attire for kids because it is casual and easy to carry. Additionally, even with minimal add-ons, the outfit can make a lasting impact. Well, earlier kids were not much aware of fashion and trends but nowadays even they are conscious about what they wear. Here are some comfy kids kurtas which will make your child look fabulous.

  • Kurta with Dhoti Style Bottoms

For cultural events and festivals, it is best to dress your kids in a dhoti kurta combo. This traditional combination works well for wedding occasions too. These days even dhotis are available in many colours so it becomes easy to pair them up with kurtas. Try and go for bright coloured kurtas when shopping for kids because vibrant shades look good on children as compared to adults. It is recommended that you go for a cotton dhoti because that fabric is comfortable for children.

  • Kurta, Churidar and Nehru Jacket

With kids, experimentation has to be comfortable too. In order to add some newness to the kurta, you can team it up with a Nehru jacket. If the kurta is simple and without much design then a Nehru jacket can enhance its look. Especially for boys kurta pyjama, Nehru jacket works amazingly well. Nehru jackets are available in many colours and designs and even a plain kurta can look extremely stylish with its addition. However, see to it that the material of the jacket is breathable for the child and is apt according to the event. A cotton or a silk jacket can be worn for summer occasions whereas a velvet kurta is better for winter events!

  • Sherwani style Kurta with Straight Pants

Getting kids to wear a sherwani is a tough task. A sherwani is a formal long coat-like attire which is generally worn for weddings and reception events. You can opt for a sherwani style kurta too if you want your child to don a sherwani! This can serve as an amazing alternative to the mundane sherwani styles. Team up a sherwani style kurta with straight pants and your kid is bound to look magnificent. Typical sherwanis are made up of heavy fabrics which can be uncomfortable for some kids, however, sherwani style kurtas are available in cotton too which makes it apt for children. Give this attire a contemporary look by opting for straight pants rather than churidar.

  • Angrakha Kurta with Churidar

An angrakha kurta is quite traditional in its look. Amongst all the kids kurtas, this one is the most impactful. Angrakha kurta has a flare to it and is tied at one of the two ends. This kurta can be worn for sangeet ceremonies and weddings. It is best to team up this kurta with churidar because only then will the kurta get highlighted. Try and opt for colours like green, yellow and blue when going for an angrakha kurta.

Several new colours have now become a trend. Usually, for ethnic wear people opt for colours like red, blue, white, green, etc. but with the change in the fashion industry, new set of hues have now gained the top spot. Here are some shades which are recommended for kids Indian wear.

  • Blue and White

The combination of blue and white is an all-time favourite. This combo is not just soothing but is also trendy. A blue kurta with white bottoms can be worn for any occasion. Moreover, this colour can be worn at all times be it a daytime event or an evening occasion. Even blue has many different shades so make sure you select the right one. Almost all shades of blue blend with white so you need not worry about the bottoms! Go for a white pajama or a churidar.

  • Yellow and beige

A yellow kids kurta looks fresh and modern by all means. Team up a yellow kurta with beige straight pants for a summer occasion. Beige cotton pants are comfortable for children and also blend well with the shade of yellow. If looking out for a wedding attire, then try and select a yellow kurta which as a hint of gold design. This colour combination is easy to carry and can be worn for casual occasions too.

  • Magenta and black

For evening occasions, if you want your kid to get dressed in a dark colour then opt for the shade of magenta. A magenta kurta looks perfectly well with a black pajama or churidar. The kurta can have a bit of embroidery too because a plain magenta kurta can look too dark and boring. This kurta can also be worn with a black dhoti.

  • Lime green kurta with white churidar

Select a lime green kurta for a casual occasion with a white churidar. This blend of colours looks effortless and stylish at the same time. This outfit combo is appropriate for cultural events, festivals, family get-togethers, etc.

When choosing Indian clothes for kids don’t opt for very heavy attires. Opt for simple clothes which have minimal work on them because kids tend to spoil clothes! Additionally, try and shop online for kids ethnic wear because buying kids clothing online will save your time and money both.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.