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Most people these days opt for fusion styles. Be it a festival or a wedding occasion, fusion attires are very much preferred. Indo-western outfits are no longer just worn for parties and receptions, they are also worn for weddings and festival celebrations. Initially, only traditional Indian wear was chosen for important events but nowadays people look in for comfort level too. Indo-western styles are easy to wear and carry and they are also stylish in their vibe. Earlier, few patterns were available in Indo-western outfits but designers have now come up with many different varieties. The combination of western and Indian wear is termed Indo-western. Indo-western patterns are easy to style because they are not restricted to ethnic elements. Indo-western outfits are versatile because they are present in unique colour combinations and patterns. You can get mind-blowing Indo-western clothes online too. If you want to try something unique for events then going for this fusion is the apt thing to do. Here are the reasons why one must bank on Indo-western clothes!

  • Greater Comfort Level

Indo-western attires are comfortable and effortless to carry as compared to traditional Indian dresses. Women these days are not very confident about pulling off certain ethnic outfits like sarees, lehengas, etc. In such cases, it is best to opt for comfortable Indo-western combos. Even for men, Indo-western attires offer greater comfort level. Well, if the event involves dancing then you can readily go for this outfit pattern.

  • Easy to Wear

Most Indo-western outfits are easy to wear. These outfits are effortless to carry too. If you are bored of the mundane saree draping and salwar kameez with dupatta, you should go for Indo-western outfits.

  • Effortless to Maintain

Indo-western outfits are easy to maintain because they don’t need much care as traditional outfits do. If you are always busy and don’t have the time to care for your outfits then you must go for such patterns. However, make sure that the fabric you opt for is not too delicate because in that case, you will have to focus on its care and maintenance.

  • Easy to Team Up

In Indo-western styles, you can team up any two attires with one another if they are blending correctly. For instance, a long traditional skirt can be teamed up with a crisp shirt or a kurta can be paired with straight pants!

  • Versatile as Compared to Traditional Outfits

Traditional outfits are generally available in typical colours like red, green, yellow and blue but Indo-western outfits are present in all colour combinations be it pastels, metallics, contrast shades, etc. Moreover, these outfits also have unique neck and sleeve patterns which enhance the overall look of the outfit. Many Indo-western outfits also have risqué cuts which can give an oomph to your look. Moreover, many casual styles and patterns are also available in Indo-western attires.

Selecting the right Indo-western outfit is quite a task because one needs to make sure that the pattern suits the body type. Before choosing an outfit, one must keep in mind things like body shape, personal style, colour selection, length of the outfit, etc. Here are some Indo-western attires which are trendy and fashionable.

  • A Flowy Skirt with a Shirt

The trend of pairing up skirts with shirts is very much in. If you are someone who is bored of the typical lehenga choli combos then it is best to go for a shirt and skirt combination. The colour of the skirt should complement the tone of the shirt! For instance, if you are wearing a multicoloured skirt then you can pair it up with a plain white shirt! The shirt needs to be tucked in perfectly otherwise, the whole look can go for a toss. This Indo-western combo is perfect for occasions like cocktail parties, sangeet ceremonies, engagement parties, etc.

  • Crop Top and Palazzo Pants

The combination of a crop top and palazzo pants is comfortable and stylish. You can also add a cape to this attire if you are not comfortable with just the crop top. You can alter the length of the cape according to your preference! This Indo-western outfit is ideal for events like wedding receptions, sangeet ceremony, weddings, etc.

  • Wrap around Skirt with a Jacket

Wrap around skirt can be worn with an ethnic jacket. This combination is easy to wear and is casual in its vibe. This Indo-western attire is best for destination weddings too! For summer weddings, you can add a scarf to this ensemble.

  • Short Kurta with Trouser Pants

Guys can team up their kurtas with trouser pants. If you want a semi-formal look for a particular event, then this combo works the best. Make sure the colour combination of the kurta and trouser pants is matching with one another.

  • Nehru Jacket with Dhoti Pants

Men can also team up a Nehru jacket kurta with dhoti pants for weddings and festivals. This style is extremely comfortable and is easy to wear too. One need not put in any extra efforts for this combo. Choose colour combinations like grey and black, deep blue and beige, gold and beige, etc.

Once you have decided what pattern you want to go for you also need to style it right. Here are some simple tips to style your Indo-western outfit.

  • Add a Belt if it Suits the Outfit

You can also add a belt to your Indo-western attire to enhance its overall look. If you are wearing a skirt and shirt combo you can add a simple belt to it! The belt will not only make you look glamorous it will also give a posture to your look.

  • Choose Proper Footwear

Opting for perfect footwear is also extremely important to complete the look. Go for trendy footwear styles like mojris, Kolhapuri chappals, heels, etc. Men can opt for derby shoes, brogues, sandals, etc.

Head to Nihal Fashions and revamp your wardrobe with stylish Indo-western outfits online. Also, don’t forget to check their discounts and festive offers.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.