The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Ethnic Wear: Decoding 2021 Style Trends

Wedding season or festive season, dressing your best allows you to enjoy
the event to the fullest. When it comes to mens’ ethnic wear, you will be
surprised at the options out there. From sangeet, Mehendi, wedding to
Diwali, Onam, or an ethnic day at the office, there are so many ethnic
options to try on. And if you need help with regards to how to style Indian mens clothing , then this article is perfect for you.

Kurta Salwar

Let’s start our list with one of the classic styles that never seems to go out of trend. Along with style, this attire is high up on the comfort level. This is the perfect attire for haldi, Mehendi, or EID. Considering that the salwar has a loose fit and slightly baggy, you will get the perfect blend style and comfort. You can even try Patiala if you want a fuller look. If you are keeping your kurta simple, then go for an embroidered patterned salwar or vice-versa.

Kurta Churidar

Kurta churidar is another classy combo that men are a big fan of. One of
the aspects that add to its popularity is the sleek and sophisticated look that it provides. If you are not a big fan of baggy salwar, then churidar is the perfect bottom for you. It will give a sleek look, making you look taller.
Whether it is for Diwali celebrations or any other Indian clothing day, this versatile desi attire can be worn on multiple occasions. Moreover, if you feel that a single-colored kurta is too boring, simply add a textured jacket and get a completely new look. You can also accessorize using a decorated brooch or contrasting shade turban. Do not forget to complete the overall look by wearing the right footwear.


Every groom’s favorite- the traditional sherwani is next on our list.
Generally, it is worn for a big event and comes in different designs featuring simple ornate, exquisite detailing, etc. Over the years, we have seen so many new designs of wedding sherwani that it has become difficult to select one. Generally, it is accompanied by dhoti pants or churidar, safa, and dupatta.

Achkan Sherwani

It is a modern version of classic sherwani and ideal to make a solid style
statement. This dapper attire can add character to your overall look. On top of the kurta, you have a knee-length coat that is trimmed and fitted to give a masculine look.

Indo Western Outfits

As the name suggests, it blends the Indian and western styles to bring a
new ethnic outfit. Typically, the western twist is a cowl hemline, asymmetric hemlines, printed long coats, delicate collar design, etc. Over the last couple of years, this style has witnessed a lot of popularity.
Kurta And Kerala-Style Mund (Dhoti) Kurta and mund is the go-to ethnic attire for South-Indian men. Kasavu mundu, along with a solid colored kurta, will make you look extremely fashionable. Whether it is a wedding, festival, or ethnic day at the office, this look will be great for all
these occasions.

Top Accessories To Complement Your Ethnic Attire

The way you accessorize your attire says a lot about your style. And to get
the right impression, you need to accessorize well. Here are some of the
best accessories to team up with your ethnic dresses –


Cufflinks are one of the favorite accessories of men and for the right
reasons. While it is popularly worn with a formal suit, it goes well with
ethnic outfits like sherwani. It provides you with a neat and sophisticated
look. You can find cufflinks in different sizes, shapes, materials, and


Ethnic wear and turban look amazing for wedding functions. It is basically a long piece of lightweight fabric, which is draped around your head in a
specific manner. You can go for a cloth featuring a dotted or floral design if your kurta is simple.


A brooch is a pin that is placed on the lapel of your Nehru jacket, kurta, or sherwani. It adds a touch of royalty and charm to your outfit. For an ethnic event, you can go for the brooch, which has stone embedded in its design.It will also go well if you plan to wear a formal suit on the wedding day.


It is a kind of brooch for your turban. If your turban is simple, then adding this accessory can give character to your overall look. These are typically integrated with diamonds and gems and give a very exquisite feel.

Complete The Look With Right The Footwear

The last step of this guide is to choose the right footwear to complete your ethnic look in style. Here are some of the must-have ethnic footwear for men –

Leather Flats

If you are looking for something more modern but yet complements ethnic
attires, then strappy leather flats are perfect. The great thing is that leather sandals are always in style and look very elegant. Moreover, these slip-on flats are lightweight and perfect for summer events. Along with strappy designs, criss-cross leather sandals are also popular. With an ankle strap,these leather pants offer a more formal look.


Your wardrobe is incomplete with a good pair of kolhapuris. Instead of
going for the standard black and brown color, choose bright handmade
ones. These will look stylish and elegant if you style them with a
monochromatic look. Go for colors like reds, blues, yellows, etc.

Closed Toe Sandals

These are other great ethnic footwear options that have become hard to
find. But these are among the best ethnic footwear to wear with kurtas and

Classic Loafers

Last on our list are the classic loafers that we have all grown to love very much. From ethnic wear to formal wear, a loafer complements every outfit.
And these are perfect for someone who is looking for a versatile pair of

The Bottom Line

If you think only girls have options, this might have changed your
perception. To get the perfect ethnic look, you need to choose the right
option from each of these categories. From Diwali, Holi, to Onam, Navratri,
the right outfit can make it even better, So make sure you choose the best
option and be prepared to turn heads.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.