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Not every Indian man has traditional or ethnic clothing in his wardrobe. Well, celebrating Indian festivals in formal suits or jeans doesn't seem right. So, Nihal Fashions is here to fill your wardrobe with traditional and ethnic Indian mens wear. Our exclusive collection of ethnic wear has everything from Indian Kurta Pajamas to grooms sherwani, and a lot more. We also have an exhaustive collection to dress up the little man in your house. Each Indian mens wear in our catalogue is a blend of fine thread work, regal embellishment and premium quality fabrics.

Every man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a good collection of Iethnic wear. Be it is Indian festivities, a big fat Indian wedding or numerous pre and post-wedding celebrations, every occasion calls for an exquisitely designed Indian ethnic menswear. And it’s always a good idea to shop for the Indian wear for Men online. From kurta pajamas, sherwanis, to Bandhgala, dhoti kurta to Indowestern suits, men have ample choices to choose from, when they have to buy traditional Indian wear. At Nihal Fashions, one will get a vast selection of Indian traditional dresses for men as per the latest trend and fashion. With the promise to offer the best quality of clothing at best prices, the brand always aims at bringing forth the freshest and fashionable collection for its customers residing in India and abroad. One can pick from the choicest of the collection that portrays a beautiful amalgamation of Indian weaves, heritage crafts, fine thread work, regal embellishments and use of premium quality fabrics. This online store offers designer Indian menswear in a wide range of colour, fabric, and silhouettes that narrates a story of today’s fashion and trends.

Discover different types of Indian Wear for Men

At Nihal Fashions, we offer all types of Indian mens wear, to get you shop all at one place. You will be amazed at each of our collection from vast categories, such as:

  • Kurta Pajama : It is a long shirt like top called as a kurta, worn with a pant like bottom called as a pajama or a churidar, which is loosely fitted. It can be worn at festivals, casual occassions, parties, family gatherings, and as a night suit too.
  • Sherwani: A sherwani is a long coat like top and a tight fitted bottom churidar. It is worn by Indian men on their wedding day.
  • Nehru Jackets: It is a sleeveless short coat, worn on kurtas. It can be worn on any occassion.
  • Indo-western suits: - The indowestern is a fusion of Indian fabric and western design. The fabric used is of either brocade or jacquard and the length of the coat is till knees. The design is such, that it gives the look of western dresses with a mix of Indian culture.
  • Kurta for Men: They are knee length tops, which is paired with a bottom known as salwar, which is very loose and comfortable.

Discover the Rich Textile Heritage of Indian Men's Traditional Wear

When it comes to Indian men's traditional wear, the significance of fabrics cannot be overstated. These fabrics are not just mere materials; they are the threads that weave the rich tapestry of Indian culture and tradition. In this section, we delve into the diverse fabrics that adorn Indian men's clothing, adding depth and character to their attire.

Silk - The Epitome of Elegance

Silk has always been a symbol of luxury and opulence in Indian men's wear. This lustrous fabric graces the wardrobes of many, especially during grand celebrations and weddings. Indian silk outfits for men, such as Sherwanis and Kurta Pajamas, exude an aura of regality. Each region adds unique charm to the silk tradition with a wide range of silk varieties like Banarasi, Tussar, and Mysore silk.

Cotton - The Comfortable Classic

With its breathability and comfort, cotton plays a pivotal role in everyday Indian men's clothing. Kurtas and Pathanis, crafted from fine cotton, are the preferred choice for casual gatherings and relaxed family functions. This lightweight fabric keeps you cool during sweltering summers and retains its timeless appeal.

Brocade - The Embellished Elegance

Brocade is synonymous with intricate designs and intricate detailing. It's often used to create stunning Indo-Western suits and Sherwanis. The fabric's metallic threads and ornate patterns make it an excellent choice for Indian men looking to make a statement at weddings and formal events.

Jacquard - The Art of Texture

Jacquard weaves are renowned for their textured patterns, making them a popular choice for Indo-Western suits and Nehru jackets. These fabrics add depth and dimension to the outfit, elevating the overall look. Jacquard fabrics bring a modern twist to traditional Indian mens clothing.

Plain Fabrics - Timeless Simplicity

While elaborate embellishments and patterns are celebrated, plain fabrics also hold a special place in Indian men's wear. Pathanis, known for their simplicity and comfort, often feature plain, unembellished fabrics. These outfits emphasize the wearer's elegance and grace without the need for excessive adornments.

Trends in Indian Wear for Men

Traditional Indian mens wear is often associated with the culture and heritage of India therefore; the Indian ethnic clothing is often flaunted at such culturally rich functions and occasions. As per the latest wedding fashion trends in Indian Wedding Dresses for Men, designers are introducing a lot of texture, weaves and drapes in the clothing line adding a touch of sophistication while keeping it simple. Overtly embellished and extreme detailing is what is not preferred by modern men. Besides the classic sherwani and kurta pajama, today men are also embracing the trending Indo-western sherwanis and the variety of innovations done in the age-old kurta churidar for men. Mens wedding collection at Nihal Fashions is one of the bestselling categories.

Available at incredible pricing, men from across the globe prefer shopping online from this web store. From the designer twist given to the classic dhoti kurta to the introduction of new colours to the classic range of Nehru jackets , menswear collection at this online store will leave you spoilt for choices. But if you’re looking for the trending selection of wedding sherwani you should look nowhere beyond Nihal Fashions. Promising premium quality and variety, the store offer the best sherwanis as per the latest ethnic wear trend in menswear. To keep offering a sense of freshness to the customers, the brand keeps uploading new catalogs showcasing the latest trends in Indian clothes. So, whether you stay in UK, the USA, Australia or Dubai, you will find a dapper collection of wedding dresses for men online here. Browsing through the Indian mens wear category is a hassle-free process, the easy checkout method and convenient payment process make shopping at Nihal Fashions an absolute breeze. What acts as an icing on the cake is that store also stocks a glamorous collection of accessories and footwear too match with the Indian wear.