Trendy Salwar Kameez Styles For Girls

Salwar kameez has always been the main attire when it comes to traditional clothing for the female clan. These days even young girls can look trendy and chic in salwar kameez thanks to the new styles and colour options. Girls salwar kameez style has now changed drastically with several new patterns and indo-western combinations. It can be rightly said that even young girls can carry this traditional attire with élan. Moreover, these days one can get girls salwar kameez online too. Though wearing a salwar kameez is the easiest trend to follow, there are several things which need to be kept in mind. Right from colours to occasions, wearing this trousseau does require a bit of thinking. Additionally, the fabric also plays a very important role when selecting an Indian dress for young girls. Here is a complete guide which will help you in choosing the best salwar kameez for kids.

Things to consider while choosing kids salwar kameez

Most of the times kids feel comfortable in casual wear, however, when it comes to family occasions or festivals, ethnic dresses are the most appropriate choice. Here are some things you must consider when opting for a kids salwar kameez.

  • Fabric

Fabric or the material of the dress is the most important thing you must consider when buying an ethnic dress for your kid. Make sure the fabric is breezy enough and is comfortable to the fullest. The best materials to opt for are cotton and chiffon. Net and georgette are also much opted for when it comes to embellished salwar kameez dresses.

  • Occasion

Opt for a girls salwar kameez dress keeping in mind the occasion. Make sure you don’t go overboard while dressing up your child. It is best to keep it simple and elegant if it’s a family occasion whereas you can go for slightly heavy attire for festivals.

  • Time of the event

The time of the event plays a very important role in selecting the right colour of the salwar kameez. If it’s a daytime event then go for light colours and tones which are not too flashy. Whereas, when it comes to evening events you can opt for dark shades too. These days there are innumerable colour options available for kids salwar kameez.

  • Pattern and design

Though most of us want to follow the trends and choose the newest salwar kameez patterns, it is necessary to check its comfort level too when opting for girls salwar kameez. Try and avoid risqué cuts for they may not be suitable for a kid. Instead, experiment with colours and sleeve patterns to add style to the attire.

  • Embellishments

Embellishments undoubtedly enhance the look of a salwar kameez, but many times these decorative elements are itchy and not so comfortable especially for kids. Due to their sensitive skin, it is best to opt for minimal embellishments. Moreover, you can also try and go for printed dresses to avoid any hassle!

Latest salwar kameez styles for girls

Salwar kameez is no longer the boring traditional attire it once used to be. These days salwar kameez come in varied patterns and styles. Moreover, salwar kameez also have contemporary patterns which are best for all occasions. Though the elements of this attire remain the same, there is a drastic difference in all the styles when it comes to the kameez. Check out the latest trends in salwar kameez.

  • Straight cut salwar kameez

The most common and comfortable type of salwar kameez is the straight cut one. This salwar kameez style is easily available and has been in the trend always. It can be rightly said that though this pattern is extremely common, it is one of the all-time favourites. With this salwar kameez pattern, you do not need to brainstorm much because it is suitable for all occasions and festivals.

  • Anarkali dresses

Anarkali dresses have become a huge rage in the world of salwar kameez. This particular pattern is extremely popular because of its long frock style look. This dress is perfect for wedding occasions. Moreover, it is suitable for girls too. Easily manageable and hassle-free to carry, Anarkali dresses are a must-have.

  • Angrakha salwar kameez

Girls salwar kameez has a new style in trend which is called angrakha. Angrakha salwar kameez is different from the other styles; it has an overlapping and has to be tied either to the left side or the right side. Slightly body-fitted, this salwar kameez looks traditional to the core.

  • Asymmetric salwar suit

Just like high-low kurtas, salwar kameez also has an asymmetric style. An asymmetric salwar kameez is quite contemporary and can be rightly labelled as an indo-western dress. Perfect for cocktail parties and sangeet ceremonies, this salwar suit is an appropriate trend for girls. Available in almost all colours, you can get these girls salwar kameez online too.

  • Front-slit salwar kameez

These days front-slit salwar kameez is very much in vogue. Extremely contemporary in its look, this suit is a perfect fit for young girls. Best for festivals and casual occasions, front-slit dresses are comfortable too. These dresses have a slit on the front till the finishing line of the dress. Additionally, there are variations in slits also. You can choose a side slit, thigh slit or a front slit, depending upon the kind of look you want.

  • Cape style salwar kameez

Depicting an elegant look, a cape style salwar kameez is unique to the core. This salwar kameez has a cape attached to the kameez which gives it a different touch. Even in capes, there are many variations. You can choose to go for a long cape or a short cape depending upon the dress. Also, when it comes to capes, the trickiest part is to select the right colour. Make sure you do not go for extremely contrasting tones because it may break the look.

Colours to opt for when selecting a girls salwar kameez

Colours have to be selected very carefully when going for a traditional dress. With innumerable tones and shades available, choosing one particular colour can be confusing. In order to choose the best hue, consider things like the time of the event and the occasion. Considering the pattern of the dress is also crucial because not every style may go with every colour. Here are some best colour options and combinations to try when selecting a kids salwar kameez.

  • Light pink

A light pink salwar kameez looks mild and stylish. This colour suits all occasions and is also perfect for all events. With embroidery and work, a light pink dress can be worn for weddings too. Moreover, this colour looks great in all styles. Be it an evening occasion or a daytime event, this colour is the safest bet.

  • Shades of green

If you want to try out a different tone, then you can team up two shades of the same colour. For instance, you can try out a combination of light green and dark green salwar kameez. This way you won’t even go overboard with experimenting with the colours. Likewise, you can choose any colour you want and combine it with its different tones. Such combinations look great on girls.

  • Peach

Kids need to look their age and hence opting for extremely loud colours is a strict no. A peach coloured salwar kameez looks contemporary and stylish. This particular colour can go with any pattern and besides the stated, it is also in trend.  A peach colour dress is easily available too.

  • Yellow

Yellow has too many tones and an ethnic dress in one of its shades can be a very good option. Apt for a day event, you can choose a mustard yellow dress or lemon yellow attire. It is easy to combine two different hues of yellow too because it has a variety of shades which complement each other.

  • Blue

A colour which is appropriate for all salwar kameez styles is blue. A light blue kameez with a white salwar is not only classy but is also easy to team up. Blue colour like yellow has several tones and opting for one can be a challenge. However, it is best to first select the pattern of the salwar kameez and then go for the colour selection.

  • Rust orange

Rather than opting for a bright orange, go for a rust orange salwar kameez. Rust orange is a darker shade of orange which quite in nowadays. This colour is good for all events and is also pretty festive in its appearance. It is best to team up this colour with a hint of gold. You can get amazing rust coloured girls salwar kameez online.

Salwar patterns for young girls

Most people concentrate only on the kameez and give a little thought to the salwar patterns. In order to make for a perfect and a trendy look, opting for a stylish salwar is also important. Just like different kinds of kameez, salwar also has many patterns. Check out some fashionable salwar types which can be paired with kameez.

  • Patiala style salwar

Loose and comfy, a Patiala salwar is very trendy. This type of salwar can be worn with any kameez or kurta. This salwar has loose layers and is not at all tight fit. Available in a variety of prints and colours, it is easy to team up this one with any kameez. If your young one wants a minimal look, then you can opt for a plain kameez and a printed Patiala salwar.

  • Pant style salwar

A perfect modern look would not only include a stylish kameez but also a contemporary salwar. Opt for pant style salwar if your look needs a break from the traditional styles. Team up a pant salwar with a kameez and your young girl is good to go. Extremely fuss-free and simple, pant salwars are nothing but straight fit pants.  These pants are available in almost all colours.

  • Harem pants

Similar to dhoti style salwars, harem pants are fitted towards the end. These pants do not have a specific shape because they are quite loose from above the ankle. The best way to carry these salwars is to choose a unique print. Combine this salwar with a plain kameez and you are definitely going to turn heads. Many girls salwar kameez have harem pants as their bottoms these days. These pants are not just comfortable but are also quite ethnic in style.

  • Palazzo pants

If going for an easy-breezy look is on your mind, then pair up your girl’s kameez with a palazzo pant. Palazzo pants are an apt indo-western choice. These pants are loose and are like parallels, they do not stick to the body. Hence, they are good for summer occasions too. When it comes to palazzo pants, it is best to go for plain colours rather than opting for prints. Palazzo pants sometimes also have embroidery and mirror work to enhance the overall look of the outfit.

  • Skirts

Though skirts cannot be called salwars, they are much in trend these days and are worn as bottoms for kurtas and kameez. Team up a long kameez with slits with a skirt and give a new look to your girl. Moreover, such combinations are perfect for weddings and sangeet ceremonies. If you want your girl to experiment and not wear a typical lehenga, then the skirt is the best option. However, make sure that you choose the right colours that blend well with the top.

Girls salwar kameez have many styles and patterns and it is not always necessary to follow the fashion tips. However, these tips will help you choose better and will make sure your child looks picture perfect in ethnic wear. Try out different sleeves styles and neck patterns too, to give a new look to the mundane salwar kameez. You can get mind-blowing choices of kids salwar kameez online too. Adding a few accessories like bracelets or earrings will also help in improving the overall look.  Complete the look with comfortable and ethnic footwear!

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