Tips To Dress Kids In Traditional Wear

Be it a young girl or a boy, it is a task to dress children in traditional wear. Traditional dresses are not only made up of heavy materials, they are also most of the times embellished. These embellishments and materials might not be comfortable for children. Though most of the times children are clad in casual attire, some occasions need traditional clothing too. These days there are many varieties for children too when it comes to ethnic wear. However, comfort plays a very important role in dressing up kids in ethnic wear. Kurtas are the best option for kids in terms of traditional dressing. It should be noted that though kids can experiment with almost any kind of style, it is necessary to keep in mind the occasions and the texture of the cloth.

Kurta styles for kids

Even in kurtas there are innumerable styles to choose from. However, kids need not overdress in terms of traditional clothing. A blend of traditional and contemporary is apt for kids. Moreover, traditional clothes for boys should be trendy and fashionable. Here are some kids kurta and kids kurta pajama styles which you can opt for.

  • Kurta and denims

Pairing up a kurta with denim can work well for almost all occasions. Make sure the colour of the kurta is vibrant so that it complements the denim. The combination of a kurta and denim is apt for both girls and boys. This combo is a classic and never goes out of style. If you are looking out for an effortless attire then the kurta and denim combo is the perfect choice.

  • Kurta along with a jacket and pant

In order to give a twist to the boring kurta, you can opt for a jacket style kurta too. Pair up a kurta with pants or pajamas and add a jacket to the ensemble. Jackets not only make the whole outfit interesting but also make it more unique in terms of style. You can go for a light-coloured jacket with a vibrant toned kurta. Or else you can do the vice versa and go for a vibrant jacket and a light shaded kurta. The jacket can also have some motifs which will give it a traditional look.

  • Kurta with dhoti pants

Teaming up kurta with pants is a very common attire. Dhoti pants are very much in trend and they look ethnic enough when paired with kurtas. The combination of kurta and dhoti pants is very much in vogue. Moreover, this attire is also comfortable by all means. Dhoti pants come in several colours so matching it with the kurta is quite easy. This style works well for both young boys and girls.

  • Adding a dupatta with kurta

A dupatta can give a traditional touch to any outfit. Even a simple kurta for boys can be teamed up with a shimmery dupatta to give it an ethnic touch. The combination of a kurta, pajama and a dupatta is simple yet trendy. You can play with the colours of the dupatta or you can opt for a shimmer filled dupatta and give the entire attire a glamorous look.

  • Kurta and skirt for young girls

These days flowy skirts are much in trend. This style is not just fashionable to the core but is also comfortable. However, make sure the kurta is short in length so that it compliments the skirt. Even skirts are available in several colours and hence it is easy to match them with almost any kurta.

Best colour combinations for kids’ kurtas

Choosing the right colour for a kurta can be very confusing because these comfortable ethnic attires are available in almost all shades and tones. When it comes to opting for the right combination of colours, there are a few things which need attention like the time of the event, the occasion, the weather, the material etc. Check out the trendy colour combinations for kids kurta and kids kurta pajama combos-

  • Yellow shaded kurta pajama

There are several shades in yellow and this colour is not only suitable for kids but it also apt for all events. A honey shaded yellow kurta can go well with a mustard yellow pajama. Likewise, there are many combinations you can go for in yellow.

  • Red and white

A red kurta goes amazingly well with a white pajama or a dhoti pant. Red in itself is a very vibrant colour so in order to balance it out, white works well. This combination is perfect for weddings and festivals.

  • Navy blue and beige

Navy blue kurta and beige coloured bottoms are perfect for evening events.  One can choose a navy-blue kurta and team it up with a beige coloured pajama. Similarly, young girls can go for a beige coloured skirt and a navy-blue short kurta. One can also add a beige dupatta with this combination.

  • Light pink and cream

If the weather is not suitable for heavy materials and dark colours you can opt for a light pink coloured kurta too. Team up this kurta with cream toned bottoms to get an appropriate outfit for daytime events. Also, this combination is perfect for summer because of the colours. However, these light-coloured attires need maintenance because they are more likely to get stained.

Occasions To Wear Kurtas

Most of the times our first choice of attire is casual wear. However, there are some occasions which need an ethnic touch. Though it is difficult to dress kids in traditional outfits, with easy-going kurtas this hassle can be solved. Here are some occasions for which kurtas are the best option-

  • Festivals

Traditional attires look best for festivals. Kids generally do not wear ethnic trousseaus but when it comes to festivals these attires are a perfect choice. Kurtas are comfy and also convey a smart sense of style.

  • Weddings

Be it a wedding ceremony or a cocktail party, kurtas are fuss-free and pleasant to wear. Be it young boys or girls, kurtas look extremely chic. Moreover, they are easy to handle and maintain and make for perfect traditional wears. Additionally, this comfy attire can be worn for other wedding functions too like a sangeet ceremony.

  • Engagement ceremony

Engagement ceremonies are quite personal and lowkey. The best way to dress appropriately for the same is to wear a kurta. If one does not want to overdress for an occasion then a kurta is the best option.

Types of kurtas

Commonly, all kurtas are loose-fitted and knee-length but these days there are many varieties in kurtas too. With different styles and cuts, kurtas are now available in numerous types. However, it is best to select one according to the occasion and the time of the event. Check out the latest types of kids kurta.

  • Shirt kurta and pajama

Perfect for summers and day events, shirt kurta and pajamas make for a trendy combination. Shirt kurtas are not typically traditional but are quite chic and stylish. With a shirt like style, these kurtas are an apt choice for casual events too. Shirt kurtas these days are available in almost all colours and prints. It is best to go for patterns like florals and stripes when it comes to choosing shirt kurtas. Avoid going for dark colours because these kurtas look sophisticated in light tones. This style looks good on both young girls and boys.

  • Pathani kurta

A pathani kurta has a shirt collar and is curved at the length. This is generally worn with a salwar or a dhoti pant. A pathani kurta looks quite stylish because of its cut. Sometimes these kurtas have buttons and pockets too which enhance the overall look. It is best to opt for plain coloured pathani kurtas because they look splendid. See to it that the colour of the bottoms match or at least gel with the hue of the kurta. Go for colours like baby pink, light yellow or orange for your kids.

  • Sherwani kurta

A sherwani kurta is like a coat-like kurta which is quite formal in appearance as compared to other kinds. Sherwani kurtas are meant for important occasions and are best worn with a churidar. Sherwanis usually have a golden touch with some embroidery. You can opt for a zardozi work sherwani for a wedding occasion.

  • Angrakha kurta

Angrakha kurtas are quite traditional in terms of style and pattern. This style is apt for both young girls and boys. Angrakha kurtas are overlapping and are tied to the left or the right side. Available in several colours and patterns, these kurtas are best for family occasions and festivals.

Neck Patterns For Kurtas

Kurta designs can change drastically if you play with its neck patterns. There are several unique neck patterns these days which are in vogue. Be it a young boy or a girl, experimenting with the neck pattern goes a long way in coming up with an unconventional kurta. Check out the various neck patterns for kurtas.

  • Collar neck

Kurtas with collar necks look extremely smart and modern. This neck style is possible with all kurta patterns. Moreover, you can try adding a contrasting colour on the collar which complements the kurta hue. This neck style suits almost body shape and is apt for all occasions.

  • High neck

A high neck pattern is extremely simple and easy to carry for both boys and girls. If you are out of ideas and are not sure what will look good on a particular kurta pattern then you can go for this neck pattern without giving it a second thought.

  • Round neck

Kurtas with round necks are usually opted for casual kurtas patterns. Round necks are classic and never go out of style. Though simple in appearance, this neck style is easily manageable and does not require a lot of thought. Also, when it comes to kids this neck style is very comfortable.

Sleeve Patterns for Kurtas

Sleeves play a very important role when it comes to styling a kurta. There are many sleeves you can opt for but it is necessary to first see the pattern of the kurta. Not every sleeve style is meant for every kurta. The best thing is, kids can experiment to no ends when it comes to sleeves. Take a look at some of the trending sleeve patterns.

  • Full sleeves/sleeve less

The common styles and also the most comfortable ones are full sleeves and sleeveless kurtas. These are easily available and are good for every occasion be it casual or formal. The best way to make your kurta look different, is to try a contrasting colour on the sleeves. You can also match the neck and the sleeve colour to give a new touch to the kurta.

  • 3/4th sleeves/ elbow sleeves

3/4th sleeves or elbow length sleeves are quite in trend. Well, one can also turn full sleeves to this sleeve style by simply folding the sleeve length. This sleeve style is very common these days but is nonetheless, still a favourite. You can add a watch or a bracelet with this sleeve style to add more glamour to the kurta.

  • Bell sleeves for girls

The newest trend in the world of sleeves is bell sleeves. Bell sleeves are perfect for summer attires for they are airy and easy to carry. Kurtas also have bell sleeves and convey a very modern look. If you want your young one to look all fashionable opt for these sleeves.

Shop for kids kurta and kids kurta pajama combos at various boutiques like Nihal Fashions and make your child a trendsetter! No matter which style you select see to it that your child is comfortable with the material and the style. It is essential to take into account the weather conditions too, when selecting kurta for your child. Also, it is not essential to follow the trends blindly, it is best to make use of your own creativity too to mix and match any two styles. Give a new twist to the mundane kurta styles and make your child a fashionista.

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