What Makes Ethnic Gowns A Must-Have Traditional Attire?

Gowns have been a part of many cultures since time immemorial. However, in Indian cultures, traditional attires were only restricted to kurtas, pajamas, sarees, salwar kameez and anarkali dresses. Traditional gowns have recently become the most sought-after attires. A perfect blend of contemporary and ethnicity, gowns have now become an integral part of Indian culture. Gowns worn in Indian weddings and festivals are quite different from the ones worn in western cultures. Gowns in India have a ceremonial feel to it with many embellishments and prints. This piece of attire not only looks rich and elegant but is also easy to manage. Ethnic gowns are perfect for young girls because they do not have dupattas and bottoms which makes them comfortable. Girls gowns these days come in several varieties. Right from simple designs to embroidery, gowns are available in many varieties. Gowns have become very popular these days because most Bollywood actresses are clad in the same. These flowy attires can be customised in many ways. Termed as indo-western attires, gowns are a must-have for all fashion enthusiasts.

If you want to set a mark with your fashion sense then opting for a gown is the best option. Effortless and trendy, gowns have to be styled correctly. Moreover, this comfy attire is apt for any event or festival. A gown has to be designed keeping in mind the occasion or else the entire outfit can seem out of place. Here is a guide for styling girls gown.

Types of Ethnic Gowns

People in the West have a greater liberty to experiment with their outfits, right from risqué cuts to unique sleeve lengths, they have a few more options when it comes to gowns. However, these days even Indian gowns have many variations. Also, it should be noted that girls gowns are quite modern in their appearance and display a lot of stylishness. Check out the different types of gowns which work the best for ethnic styles.

  • Flowy A-line Gown

One of the most common and the preferred style for gowns is A-line. An A-line gown is fitted from the waist and has a widening flare till bottom. This gown is perfect for young girls because it is airy and does not stick to the body making it manageable and comfortable. Additionally, these gowns do not require any extra piece of clothing like a bottom wear or a dupatta. Team up this wonderful flowy dress with statement earrings and your girl is good to go.

  • Empire waist Gown

Most gown anarkalis have an empire waist style. These gowns have a high waistline and are flared to the bottom. These gowns are perfect for weddings and evening functions. Girls gowns with an empire waist look very classy and elegant. In order to add more ethnicity to the attire, one can add a dupatta to the outfit too.

  • Jacket Gown

Capes and jackets are very much in trend these days. Many jacket gowns have a mix and match colour combination which adds uniqueness to the overall outfit. Moreover, an extra layer of clothing is also useful if it’s a winter occasion.

  • Ball Gown

Most young girls have a fascination for princesses and queens; a ball gown style look is apt for your girl if she wants to dress dreamy. Ball gowns are perfect for evening occasions and reception ceremonies. Ball gowns have a huge flare and are fitted on the top.

  • Asymmetrical Gown

Ditch the properly levelled gowns and opt for asymmetrical gowns if you want to add a modern twist to the outfit. Asymmetrical gowns have unlevelled flares starting from the knees. One can experiment with the sleeves when it comes to asymmetrical gowns. These gowns can be a bit complicated to carry for young girls, however, if your child is a bit heightened then this is the best choice.

Sleeve Patterns for Indian Gowns

Unlike salwar kameez and sarees, gowns need a lot of specification when it comes to deciding the sleeve pattern. Ethnic gowns are best for experimentation and the best way to add newness to this attire is by opting for unique sleeve patterns. Here are some amazing sleeve patterns for girls gowns.

  • Cap Sleeves

Cap sleeves look wonderful on gowns. This sleeve pattern is not sleeveless and does not extend beyond the edge of the shoulder. Perfect for a summer ethnic gown, this sleeve pattern is apt for young girls. Try adding a bit of detailing to the sleeves to enhance the look of the overall outfit.

  • Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves can have variations in its own pattern. Bell sleeves can either be long or short in length depending upon the pattern of the gown. Bell sleeves if long need to be maintained because they can get hooked to any pointed items. For girls gowns, short bell sleeves also look trendy.

  • Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves are apt for casual gowns. However, these days gowns with an ethnic touch also have puffed sleeve patterns. Puffed sleeves are perfect for young girls for all occasions. This particular sleeve pattern is good for all kinds of gowns be it A-line or asymmetrical. In order to add more oomph to the outfit, you can try to design the puffed sleeves in a different hue which complements the other part of the outfit.

  • Cold shoulder Sleeves

If you want to opt for something different then cold shoulder sleeves are the best. Cold shoulder sleeves are very much in vogue these days. Moreover, this sleeve pattern is also appropriate for girls who are not very comfortable with sleeveless patterns.

  • Slit Sleeves

If full sleeves are not your choice, then go for long slit sleeves. This particular sleeve pattern is like a long full sleeve with an open slit. Best for day events, this sleeve pattern looks trendy and unique on a girls gown.

Neck Patterns for ethnic gowns

A neck pattern can make or break the look of the entire outfit. There are several neck patterns which can be opted for an Indian gown.  A neck pattern has to be selected based on the pattern of the gown. It should be noted that the sleeve pattern and neck pattern should complement each other. Moreover, the neck design is the most important part of any outfit because it is the first thing that gets noticed in an attire. The neck pattern also decides the overall vibe of the attire whether it is casual or formal. Just like sleeve patterns, even neck designs have transformed to a great extent. When it comes to girls gowns, one can experiment a lot in terms of neck patterns. Round neck, square neck and V- neck patterns are extremely common. These days there are a number of unique neck patterns which suit the look of the gowns. Check out the neck patterns for ethnic gowns.

  • Collaret Neck

Collaret neck is nothing but a neck pattern which covers the major area of the neck sometimes extending till shoulders. Most of the times gowns have this neck pattern. A collaret neck pattern is best made up of lace or net.

  • Boat Neck

Boat neck is an effortless look to carry. This particular neck pattern looks elegant on almost all gown styles. Boat neck is a wide neck pattern which starts just slightly below the collarbone. It is also perfect for women who do not feel comfortable wearing deep necklines. A boat neck is quite an easy-going pattern!

  • Embellished Neck pattern

If your gown is simple in its design and pattern then you can add more drama to it by going for an embellished neck pattern. However, this neck pattern is recommended only if the attire is designed for some festival or a wedding occasion. The embellished neck design can have the work of artificial stones, embroidery, etc. These days many are also opting for thread work on neck patterns to bring newness to the outfit.

  • Cowl Neck

Though a bit on the western side, a cowl neck can also be used for an ethnic gown. Make sure that the gown is contemporary in its pattern and style, only then will a cowl neck look appropriate on the same. A cowl neck has many layers to it and can be quite long due to the same. Embellishments are better avoided on a cowl neck! Rather it is best to go for a nice print design when it comes to this particular neck pattern.

  • Halter Neck

A halter neck pattern goes perfectly well with a gown. In this neck pattern, the whole focus lies on the neck support leaving the shoulders bare. Opt for a halter neck pattern if your girl is comfortable in pulling off the look. Make sure that the material used for this neck pattern is soft and non-itchy because otherwise, it can irritate the wearer.

What colours to opt for when selecting a gown?

Gowns generally follow a uniformity in colour. Though these days many people experiment with fusion colours and mix and match hues, it is best to go with the same tone when it comes to gowns. Girls gowns are available in innumerable colours, but it is necessary to select the colour carefully keeping in mind the time of the event and the nature of the occasion. Colours should also suit the pattern of the gown and the material of the outfit. The material of the gown matters because each hue gives a different look on different cloth material. Here are some amazing colour suggestions to choose from when selecting an ethnic gown.

  • Pink

Go for peach pink, magenta or rose pink when opting for a girls gown. These stated colours are appropriate for any event and can be worn for evenings as well as daytime events. However, make sure to wear the darker shades for evening occasions and lighter ones for day time events.

  • Green

Ditch the boring bright green colour and opt for different shades of green like olive green, lime green, pear green and mint green. These shades are perfect for marriage occasions too and also look well for reception ceremonies.

  • Blue

Blue has many beautiful shades but when it comes to gowns only a few shades can do justice. Try opting for turquoise blue, teal blue or sapphire blue when selecting a gown. This colour looks magnificent for evening events. Given the nature of the outfit and the colour, it is best to wear a blue-toned gown for evenings.

  • Orange

If you are looking for a day dress then hues of orange work the best. Opt from the shades of tangerine orange, rust orange and apricot orange. These shades look amazing on a gown and are best worn for wedding ceremonies and cocktail parties.

  • Purple

The best colour for a gown is undoubtedly purple. However, refrain from selecting a bright purple and instead go for mauve, plum, lilac or grape purple. These hues are best worn in the evenings for cocktail parties and reception like events. Moreover, girls gowns look all the more beautiful in the shades of purple.

Things to keep in mind when selecting an Ethnic Gown

Selecting an ethnic gown is a tough process especially if it is for a child. Right from the material to the work, everything has to be chosen carefully so that it does not make the child uncomfortable. Certain things which need a bit of attention when selecting a gown are.

  • Time of the event and the season

Make sure that the material selected for your girl’s gown is easy-going and suitable for the weather. For instance, one must not select an irritable material for summers.

  • Fitting of the Gown

Most gowns are well-fitted and body-hugging to some extent, however, when it comes to girls gown comfort must be kept in mind. See to it that the gown is not extremely fit because that can make the child uncomfortable.

No matter which gowns you select, try not to go overboard! Follow these handy tips and your girl is bound to be a stunner.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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