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India is known for its tradition and rich culture. Every state in India is recognised for its amazing and peculiar style. Indian sarees are popular all over the globe thanks to their uniqueness. Rooted in ethnicity, traditional Indian sarees are known for their elegance and richness. Several states in this country are well-known for one or the other kind of saree. For instance, the state of Maharashtra is known for Paithani sarees, Uttar Pradesh for Banarasi sarees, etc. Likewise, Mysore silk sarees are famous worldwide and are worn extensively in India too. These sarees are traditional looking and are considered royal by many. Manufactured in Karnataka, Mysore silk sarees still attract maximum buyers. According to history, Mysore silk sarees were worn by the royals and hence acquired a special status. Simple in its design and extremely soft in texture, Mysore silk sarees usually have a golden lace zari work on the borders.

Though nowadays many colours are available in Mysore silk sarees, the signature combination of white and gold remains a classic. Well, you can get authentic Mysore silk sarees online too. Shopping for sarees online is a relief because you can view all the varieties at the comfort of your home. Moreover, shopping online for sarees also saves a lot of time. These days many fake silk sarees have also cropped up in the market and therefore, it is necessary to buy consciously. The distinct features of a Mysore silk saree are what makes it special. Check out the important features of a Mysore silk saree.

  • Comfortable and easy to Handle

An authentic Mysore silk saree is extremely comfortable. Thanks to its amazing texture, this saree is light in weight too. Mysore silk sarees are easy to handle because the fabric is very light. Moreover, the texture of this saree is ideal for hot and humid weathers too. Additionally, these sarees can be worn for almost every occasion.

  • Usage of Pure Silk

Genuine Mysore silk sarees are made up of pure silk. Even the zari on the saree comprises of gold and silver zari. These sarees are known for their extensive weaving process. The use of pure silk gives the saree a distinct shine.

  • Long-Lasting

Due to the use of natural silk, Mysore silk sarees are durable and long-lasting. The natural fibres add to the quality of the saree. These don’t fade and remain intact for years together.

  • Sarees with Hologram

Each Mysore silk saree which is genuine comes with a distinct hologram and a code number. No other sarees have this feature. Every Mysore silk saree is unique and that is why it is given a specific code number. This can also be a way to check the authenticity of the saree.

  • Ideal for all occasions

Generally, Mysore silk sarees come in single colours and zari borders. This way you have a wide variety of options for almost all events and occasions. These sarees are best chosen in single colours because then the golden zari border will stand out giving an edge to the overall look.

In order to do justice to a saree look, it is necessary to drape the saree right. See to it that the saree complements your body shape too. Mysore silk sarees are ideal for all body shapes but it is essential to style it right. Here are some things you must keep in mind when wearing a traditional Mysore silk saree.

  • Take into Consideration the Fabric

The texture of a Mysore silk saree is quite soft and delicate. So when you drape this saree it is likely to cling to your body. Choose a draping style which enhances your body shape. You can also play with the blouse pattern to add some newness to the saree look.

  • Use Less of Pins

Usually, when women drape a saree they use a lot of pins. In Mysore silk sarees, you need not use lots of pins because the material itself is body hugging. Make sure you pin up the saree carefully so as not to harm the saree.

  • Consider the Border before going for a Particular Draping Style

These days there are many draping styles for sarees. Before selecting the draping style, make sure you consider the saree’s border pattern. Moreover, the draping should complement your body shape too. This particular fabric is extremely versatile and hence you can experiment with several draping styles depending on the event and your personal preference.

Along with the styling and the draping, one also needs to know about the care and maintenance of Mysore Silk Sarees. Here are some key points to remember about the same.

  • Avoid using Harsh Detergents

As mentioned before, Mysore silk is quite delicate. When it comes to cleaning this saree avoid the use of harsh detergents. The use of harsh cleaning agents can also lead to dullness. Before using a particular detergent, first, try it on a small patch.

  • Go for the Dry Cleaning Process

Opt for the dry cleaning process when you want to wash your saree after the first wear. The dry cleaning process keeps the colour of the saree intact and also cleans the saree thoroughly.

  • Store it Properly

It is necessary to store a Mysore silk saree properly. Make sure your saree is stored in a proper saree case. Additionally, time and again do change the folds of your saree too.

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Vikas Chaudhary

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