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Salwar suits have become a standard outfit for women when it comes to dressing up traditionally. The culture imbibed in this outfit is enough to make any woman look elegant and classy. With a number of ways to style your outfits right, you can make style statements by wearing the outfit at any event, at any time of the day. And we certainly aren’t exaggerating.

With the kameez being styled in glorious ways and the number of bottoms that one can style with the outfit, you definitely have more to choose from and flaunt when trying to shop for the most stylish Indian salwar suit!

Must-try bottom Trends while Donning the Indian Salwar Suit

Salwar suits are practically worn at every important function by women, especially one where traditions matter more than style and fashion. However, who says one has to choose between being traditional and stylish? What you wear can pretty well be styled right to look ravishing and enthralling. One way to do that is to add stylish bottoms to your kameez. Here are some must-try bottoms to pair with your Indian salwar suit for women:

  • Patialas

Having become popular with being gracefully flaunted by the women of Punjab, the Patiala salwar was once worn by the King of Patiala. This attire has evolved numerous times to form the kind of salwar that is so enchantingly worn by women everywhere today.

  • Dhoti Salwars

Dhoti salwars have certainly been a great change from the salwars that were most commonly worn by women in the early years. Where the ethnic dhoti was an outfit that was only worn by men, the incorporation of the dhoti in women’s salwar kameez became quite a rage and an influence for numerous other styles to be implemented in Indian wear.

  • Harem-style Salwars

The harem-style salwar is yet another form of the Patiala salwar that is pleated and loose yet stylish. The fall of this attire when worn makes it a classy piece to be worn with a kameez.

  • Palazzos

Palazzos are pants that while narrow at the waist flow down outward to form an inverted V. This particular outfit can be worn not only with Indian outfits but also with western wear. The kameez is certainly an attire that makes the palazzo look like a dream when paired together.

  • Parallels

Parellels are pants that fall parallel to your legs in a loose yet elegant manner. These are comfortable to wear and stylish to flaunt, no matter what you have on.

  • Cigarette-Styled Bottoms

Cigarette pants are another addition to the long list of women’s clothing that can be paired with western tops as well as Indian kurtas and outfits. These are straight-cut pants that emphasize your curves the right way and go down in a straight line without ruining the look of the ensemble.

  • Salwars Replaced with Skirts

Skirts have come into the limelight for all the right reasons! Worn as a substitute to salwars, skirts work beautifully well when paired with a stylishly fitted kameez.

Different Styles of Draping your Dupatta with your Salwar Suit

A salwar suit is often paired with a gorgeous dupatta in tow that adds to the elegance of the outfit. However, instead of the usual ways to wearing this elegant attire, there is a lot that can be done by styling the dupatta a little differently. You can even give your outfit a brand new look by wearing the dupatta in a way that is more unique than usual. Here are some of the simple styles that you can try when you next wear your women’s salwar suit:

  • Belt up

A trend that has become quite a fad in recent times is adding hints of the west into traditional Indian outfits such as the saree, the lehenga, and the salwar suit that women flaunt. One item that is seen more than ever is a belt that is worn snugly against the waist over the dupatta. This not only secures the dupatta but also gives it a unique style that is unparalleled. Instead of a leather belt that you usually wear, you can opt for metals or ones with tassels to make the outfit appear even more enchanting.

  • One-Shouldered Gathers

Another look you can try while draping a dupatta is to wear it across one shoulder and gather it up with a pretty brooch. Choose something that blends well with the shades of your outfit to make it a look worth flaunting. One thing to remember is to avoid gaudy colors or stones that shimmer too much. The idea is to highlight the outfit rather than the add-on.

  • Draped Across the Shoulder and Wrist

A glamorous way to drape a dupatta is to have one end of the dupatta drape along your shoulder up front while the other end crosses from the back of the shoulder towards the opposite side and is settled along your wrist. Worn quite popularly by Bollywood celebs and fashionistas, this look gained popularity by being one of the most loved styles in movies.

  • Free-Flowing from the Shoulders

One of the simplest yet most elegant ways to style your dupatta right when wearing a salwar suit is to drape it across both shoulders and let the ends fall freely. The important detail here is to let the entire dupatta fall freely rather than gathering or pleating it.

Shop for your Salwar Suits Online

Shopping for ethnic wear online is certainly a better choice than at stores around your house for more reasons than one. One of the major reasons is the comfort of shopping from your home by moving just your fingertips. And you certainly have more options to look through when shopping online than offline. Add in the deals and discounts that you can avail at Nihal Fashions and you have a plethora of options to go through at the most affordable prices, without really worrying about shipping charges as well, no matter what part of the world you shop from!

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Vikas Chaudhary

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