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Sherwanis are the most preferred traditional attires for men for wedding occasions. Most grooms opt for this outfit because it signifies royalty and elegance. Sherwanis since time immemorial have been famous for their ethnic appeal. These outfits not only look rich but are also unique than other ethnic attires. Choosing the right designer sherwani involves lots of factors. Commonly, a sherwani is worn by a groom on the wedding day. Even in sherwanis, many new variations have come to the forefront. Be it the pattern, the style or the colours, these days men have a variety of options to choose from in sherwanis too. Sherwanis are available in several fabrics too which can influence the look of the outfit. Moreover, just like other clothes, even sherwanis have many add-ons these days. Though this outfit is rarely chosen for casual occasions, these days even simpler sherwanis have cropped up in the fashion industry. Grooms these days are quite open to trendy sherwanis. Ditching the age-old types of ethnic attires, sherwanis are now more contemporary in their looks. Wedding attires are no longer just about the striking dark colours and shimmery fabrics; nowadays they come with minimal work and unique hues.  Before you select your designer wear sherwani take a look at some points below.

  • Choose the right Colour

Be it western clothes or Indian clothes, the right colour selection is very important. The colour of the sherwani for a groom should make an impact but should be something different from the crowd too. The most common colours for a groom’s sherwani are maroon and beige. These colours have always been most preferred by grooms because they are the safest ones to opt for. However, you can experiment with other shades too when choosing a sherwani. Take into consideration your skin tone and the vibe of the event before finalizing the outfit.

  • Check the Fabric

The fabric of the sherwani needs to be comfortable to the core. Mostly, sherwanis are made up of rich fabrics because they are then filled with embellishments and embroidery. See to it that the fabric of the sherwani is easy on the skin and is not causing irritation. Keep in mind the weather conditions too when choosing a designer sherwani because the fabric should suit the same. You surely don’t want to go all sweaty by wearing a velvet sherwani on a summer day! Choose the material wisely.

  • Select the bottoms with Care

Typically, a traditional sherwani looks best with churidars. But nowadays in order to make the outfits more comfortable designers have come up with many options. If you are bored of wearing a churidar under a sherwani then you can also go for a dhoti or straight pants. Depending on the pattern of your sherwani you can surely experiment with the sherwani.  Well, make sure the bottoms and the sherwani are complementing each other and are not looking out of place by any chance. A bit of contrast is undoubtedly necessary, but the main idea is to blend the outfit. Customization is possible with every designer wedding sherwani but make sure the style suits your taste.

Just like kurta pajamas, innumerable options are available in sherwani styles too. Right from new fabrics to new designs to new colour combinations, this particular outfit has undergone drastic modifications. Check out some of the trendiest ideas to style a sherwani.

  • Add geometric and Floral Prints

Ditch the shimmery embellishments and opt for floral and geometric prints. Sherwanis with traditional prints are very common but instead of wearing the boring designs you can choose to go for floral prints or geometric prints. You can also experiment with the colours if you opt for the stated patterns. See to it that the print or the pattern you opt for is apt as per the occasion and is not light or too overboard. Also, be careful when selecting dark colours because these prints can look bad if not chosen with the right shade.

  • Go for pastel Shades

Mostly, all grooms choose dark and striking colours for their wedding trousseau but these days there are many options available in pastels too. Sherwanis look classier in pastel colors. Opt from the pastel shades of pink, blue and green and you are bound to make a style statement on your wedding day. Pair up your pastel coloured designer sherwani with a neutral churidar or pant. White or beige usually goes very well with pastel shades but you can also go for some other hue.

  • Focus on the Dupatta

A sherwani looks complete with a dupatta. Mostly, all designer sherwanis for men come with dupattas. Make sure you drape your dupatta properly because otherwise, it can make the outfit look odd. The dupatta should not be of the same colour as the sherwani but should look in sync with the overall outfit. If you are confident enough and want to style your sherwani in a unique way you can also choose a dupatta having a contrast colour. The dupatta is usually always plain and simple but if your sherwani is also without any design then you can go for a heavy dupatta.

  • Check the Fit

Once you have finalized on the outfit make sure the fit is proper and comfortable. Unlike kurtas, sherwanis need to be of a proper fit because they are made to define your physique. Make sure that the outfit is not sticking to your body and is neither too ill-fitted.

Though most designer outlets deal in sherwanis, you can get a fabulous designer sherwani online too. With innumerable varieties and patterns, sherwanis online are available for all sizes. Additionally, these online sherwanis are also easy on the pocket thanks to the wonderful and exciting deals and offers. Several online platforms also deal in accessories, dupattas and traditional footwear which can complete your ethnic look effortlessly. Save time and efforts by simply searching for your traditional sherwani online.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.