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Indian sarees are popular all over the globe because of their prints and exclusivity. Moreover, saree as an attire is very close to the Indian culture too. Saree is a must-have attire for every woman because it is unique and fit for every occasion. There are several kinds of Indian sarees and each of these kinds have a peculiar characteristic be it in terms of print, fabric or design. Most of the sarees have a long historic background which increases their significance and value. Some of the most common and popular kinds of sarees are Bandhani, Banarasi, Chanderi, Paithani, etc. Sarees in India are also categorised based on prints like Kalamkari, Batik, Dabu, Sanganeri, Ikat, Ajrakh etc. Each one of this print has varied characteristics depending on the creation, existence, usage, technique of printing, use of colours, etc. Batik is one of the most ancient prints which has been in existence for 2000 years. Some of the earliest forms of this print were found in Middle East, India, Central Asia and Far East. This particular form of print gained immense popularity after finely woven cotton made its way to the masses. Batik print is not restricted to one particular design it can be anything from floral to geometrical shapes! Batik print sarees are easily available online too. You can visit online shopping portals and get your perfect batik print saree without roaming from one outlet to another. Started as an art, Batik print was earlier a painting form. However, with time, this print was also used in enhancing the look of the textiles. Traditional sarees are nowadays manufactured with the help of machines too but if you are looking out for an authentic batik print saree then it better be handmade. Here are some tips to differentiate between a handmade and a machine-made batik saree.

  • Every handmade batik print saree will be reversible which means that the print on both the sides is going to be the same. Moreover, even if you wear it inside out it is not that noticeable. In the case of machine-made batik saree, the other side is bound to be lighter in colour as compared to the front.
  • The print of a machine-made batik saree is going to be perfect which means that each dot and each flower will be identical to each other whereas in handmade batik saree the print might have a glitch here and there because it is drawn by hand.
  • If you notice carefully, the colour of a handmade batik saree and that of a machine-made saree will differ greatly. Basically, when you wear a handmade batik print saree it is bound to lose colour after a period of time whereas machine-made sarees don’t lose colour.

Make sure you check these stated factors when you think of investing in a Batik print saree. A batik print saree does not have any embellishments, it only has vibrant coloured prints. Batik sarees are ideal for all occasions be it an engagement ceremony, cocktail party or a cultural event. Initially, women refrained from wearing these sarees for weddings and instead chose sarees with heavy borders and embellishments. But nowadays batik sarees are widely worn by women even for weddings because they are styled in that manner. With several colour variations and designs, batik print sarees are now termed as a classic for weddings. Check out some tips to style your traditional Indian sarees.

  • Experiment with the Blouse Pattern

Batik print sarees need to have an element of uniqueness if you are donning it for a wedding occasion. You can experiment with the blouse pattern in order to enhance the overall look. An overall batik print saree can look monotonous if the blouse is also of that same pattern. Try and go for a contrast coloured blouse for your batik print saree or else add embellishments on the same. Moreover, you can try different neck styles and sleeve patterns too. Donning a blouse of a different material can also work wonders for the overall look. Make sure that the colour selection of the blouse and the pattern is blending with the overall saree.

  • Try a Different Draping Style

One of the most important things in wearing a saree is the draping style. Try a different draping style when wearing a batik print saree because that can make you look glamorous. Make sure that you pin up the saree properly to avoid any inconveniences. The pin up of the saree has to be crisp because otherwise, the look can seem to be out of place.

  • Add a Statement Jewellery

Any Indian saree will look incomplete without the inclusion of jewellery. Try and add a statement jewellery piece to your look to make your style more festive. You can go for long earrings, chunky neckpieces or bangles. If you want to try something uncommon you can also try to wear a nose ring. Don’t add too much of jewellery to your outfit because that can steal away the essence of the outfit. Staying on to one particular accessory is the best way to go.

  • Wear ApproPriate Footwear

Footwear plays a very important role in defining the overall look of the outfit. For sarees, you can go for footwear styles like mojris, Kolhapuris, sandals, heels, etc. The colour of the footwear need not be identical to the saree but it should match the tone of the attire. For instance, if the saree is black in colour then the footwear can either be maroon, black or beige. Even if the footwear is a contrast in colour it will enhance the look of the batik saree.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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