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For festivals and weddings, it is essential to choose the right attire. Selecting the correct attire which suits the occasion and one’s personal style needs a bit of thinking. It is necessary to take into consideration a lot of factors like the colour, pattern, sleeve style, neck pattern, etc. Well, men have extremely limited options in Indian traditional wear. Sherwanis have been the most preferred attires when it comes to ethnic outfits for men. Though kurta pajamas are known for their comfort and style, sherwanis are a class apart in terms of their vibe and royal look. Sherwanis for men are easily available online too. Several online platforms like Nihal Fashions offer an amazing collection of sherwanis for men. Initially, sherwanis were only meant for grooms but these days simple and casual looking sherwanis are also in trend. If you are bored with the mundane kurta pajama styles then donning a sherwani is the best option. Sherwanis are not only apt for wedding occasions but can also be worn for sangeet ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, etc. Mens sherwanis come in a wide variety these days with conventional colours and patterns. Earlier, sherwanis used to look quite traditional because they all had a similar colour scheme. Take a look at some of the trendiest sherwani styles and patterns.

  • Use of Contrast Shades

Typically, most men opt for sherwanis which are monotone. However, these days contrast shades are very much in vogue for mens sherwani. Striking combinations like midnight blue and ivory, dark red and grey, peacock blue and cream, etc are unique and interesting to the core. Make sure you carry your sherwani with élan. Moreover, it is also important that the chosen sherwani colour suits your personal style.

  • Minimal Motifs

Instead of going for heavy laden designs, you can choose a sherwani with minimal motifs. These days sherwanis with delicate motifs all over are also popular. It is important to choose the right design when selecting such a sherwani. Additionally, see to it that the colour gels with the design and is not looking weird! Most sherwanis have buttons but sometimes they can break the look of the outfit too. When it comes to buttons, choose the ones which are easy on the eyes and are complementing the overall outfit too.

  • Different Bottom Styles

Sherwanis are generally worn with a churidar but these days there are other bottom styles too which can be paired up with sherwanis. If you want to experiment with your bottom styles then apart from churidar you can also go for dhoti style pants or pajamas. Depending on the length of the sherwani you can choose a different bottom. Straight pants can also be worn with a casual sherwani which gives an Indo-western look.

  • Choosing Pastel Colours

Colour selection is one of the most important aspects of outfit selection. Apart from contrast hues, you can also go for pastel colours for a sherwani. Pastel shades not only look fashionable but they are also classic in nature thanks to their subtlety. Moreover, these days pastel coloured sherwanis are also chosen by grooms for their wedding day. Pastel hues like mint green, light pink, pastel blue, etc are best for both morning and evening events. If you are bored with the mundane dark shades of red and maroon then try opting for the stated colours.

Traditional outfits need a bit of effort on the styling part too. Unlike casual clothes, ethnic attires cannot be worn without any added elements. Earlier sherwanis had a typical style which consisted of a sherwani, churidar and a dupatta. These days many other elements are added to a sherwani which give it a unique look. Here are the elements which can be added to a mens sherwani.

  • Jacket or a Long Coat

These days men are quite aware of the ongoing trends and pairing up a sherwani with a jacket can make the whole outfit look extremely stylish. However, choose the jacket and the colour of the jacket carefully when you think of wearing it with a sherwani. Floral jackets or long coats can look unique to the core. Well, make sure that the sherwani is monotone and is without any prints or designs because otherwise, the floral print on the jacket and the design on the sherwani will make the outfit look too crowded. If your sherwani is light-toned then opt for a dark coloured jacket or vice versa.

  • Pocket Squares

Another element which can break the monotony of a traditional mens sherwani is a pocket square. Though pocket squares may appear to be quite minimal, they are quite impactful when worn on a sherwani. Pocket squares come in a variety of designs and tones. Choose the right pocket square depending on the vibe of the outfit. Many funky pocket squares are also available these days!

  • Experiment with the Dupatta’s Draping Style

A traditional sherwani is bound to have a dupatta. However, instead of wearing the dupatta in a mundane fashion try and experiment with its draping. If your dupatta is filled with some embroidery make sure you flaunt it with the right draping style. You can also go for a contrast coloured dupatta which will give a different look to the whole outfit.

  • Try a Unique Fabric

Men are quite wary about wearing different fabrics because of the comfort level. Fabrics can also influence the overall look of the outfit. Consider the nature of the event and experiment with the materials too! One can opt for a velvet sherwani for a winter wedding and can go for a silk sherwani for other seasons. Colours also look and behave differently when they are on a certain fabric. Well, selecting the fabric should be the first step in choosing an outfit.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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