The Beauty of Ilkal Sarees of South India

Ilkal saree is a traditional form of saree that belongs takes its name from the town of Ilkal in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka state, India. These sarees are the common feminine wear of Indian women, especially from southern region. This sort of traditional south Indian sarees are woven using cotton warp on the body and art silk warp for border and art silk warp for pallav or pallu of the saree. Basically, cotton, or a mixture of cotton, art silk and pure silk are used as the fabric of ilkal sarees.

The idiosyncratic feature of Ilkal sarees is the use of Kasuti, a kind of Indian embroidery. The designs used in Kasuti reflect traditional patterns like palanquins, elephants and lotuse which are embroidered onto Ilkal sarees. Another unusual feature is its length of 9 yards and the fact that the pallu of the Ilkal saree carries designs of temple towers. This pallu is usually made of red silk with white patterns and the end of the pallu is made up of patterns of different shapes like comb, fort ramparts, jowar and mountain ranges.

The border of the sari is very broad (4 to 6 inches) and red or maroon in color, and is made of different designs with yellowish-brown patterns. The colors traditionally used are pomegranate red, brilliant peacock green and parrot green. The three types of design that is Gomi or Ilkal dadi, Paraspet and Gaadi are the three types of design woven in the lengthwise borders.

Accessories to Wear with your Ikkal Saree

The beauty of an Indian outfit is only more enhanced when one accessorizes the outfit.

  • Earrings

Perfect to adorn your ears, you can wear chaandbaalis and jhumkas along with your saree for a glitzy look. If your saree is rather plain, you can opt for heavy earrings that add to the glamour of the ensemble.

  • Neck Piece

A neck piece is another accessory that can be added to your ensemble for an augmented look. Yo can opt for a choker necklace, or a simple chain with a pendant. Depending on the style and cut of your blouse, you can opt for the necklace most suitable to your saree.

  • Anklets

Feet are as important as any other part of the body that we adorn with jewelry. Apart from glamorous footwear, wearing a beautiful anklet around your ankles is another addition that is sure to go well with the saree.

  • Nose Rings

For people who love jewelry, a nose ring is another addition to make to your ensemble, considering its traditional look. And if you don’t have a nose piercing, there are numerous clip-on options available that you can wear without requiring a nose piercing.

  • Bangles

Lathering yourselves with bling also requires tinkering glass bangles to adorn your lovely wrists. Blending well with the shade of your saree, you can wear something that adds more elegance to your look.

  • Bindis

A beautiful colored dot that is worn on the forehead to adorn, bindis hold great important in Indian culture. Dating back even to the Rigvedas, the bindi has become an important part of Indian tradition and ethnicity. Making women look gorgeous and managing to highlight their eyes, bindis can be found in various designs. One can choose the kind they like or even go for something as simple as a tiny black dot gracing their foreheads.

  • Foot Wear

The right footwear matters no matter where you go. Be it heading to your workplace or a wedding, what you pair with your outfit can make or break your appearance. Although a mojdi or something with a traditional feel can work best with a saree, one may not be able to manage it well with the pleats trailing down. Wedge heels can help you  manage the length of the saree flowing down and also make you look taller than you actually are.

Occasions to Flaunt your Ilkal Saree

If you are looking for occasions to flaunt a saree, you needn’t look for long. From festivals to family functions, there is never a dearth of occasions to celebrate among Indian families. Here are all of the occasions where you can dress up in your best sarees:

  • Weddings

If there is one occasion where sarees wouldn’t look odd or out of place, it is an Indian wedding. With something as beautiful as the ilkal saree, you can look stately and chic while managing to exude an elegance that is only augmented further by the fabric you have draped around you.

  • Cultural Events

Another occasion to proudly flaunt the cultural roots of India is during cultural events. With the event itself celebrating the traditions of the country, you can make the most of the occasion and flaunt your ilkal sarees with pride.

  • Festivals

The festivals celebrated by Indians never end. With the end of one festival starts the beginning of another, giving one enough opportunities to wear a saree at least once a month. And with these many festivals to celebrate, you have more reason to shop for the trendiest sarees and make fashion statements!

  • Office

For those who find saree a more comfortable option to wear on a regular basis, wearing them to your workplace is an equally good reason to make your purchase. Along with draping the occasional cotton and chiffon sarees, you can add an ilkal saree to the mix to jazz up your closet and your dressing style.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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