Different Types of Collars in Men’s Sherwani and Ways to Style them Right

Men have been flaunting the sherwani for too long a time for it to still be unique for the many functions one has to attend. Trying something new every now and then is definitely a great thing to try to not only make the outfit look unique and new but also make you look dashing and trendy at the same time. Here’s what you can do differently!

Types of Collars that Can Make you Look Dashing in your Sherwani

If you have been wearing sherwanis for a long time and are looking for something different, something to try is to experiment with the collars to make the sherwani look even more dashing. For a start, here are some styles for you to try:

  • The Mandarin Collar

The Mandarin collar has been one of the most widely used collar styles for sherwanis since time immemorial. From being first worn until the present day, one can see men flaunting sherwanis with this popular Chinese collar that wraps perfectly around the neck offers a fitting worth appreciating. Commonly called the bandhgala, this collar has managed to make the

  • V-shaped Collars

For those who find the Mandarin collar too restricting, V-shaped collars certainly provide the breathability and comfort, especially during seasons where fitted clothing are more uncomfortable to carry. With a collar that is open and taper into a V-shape down toward the chest, one can try wearing another layer of clothing within or use a scarf as a neck drape in a contrasting shade or fabric to the sherwani for an ideal blend.

  • Round Necks

For those who like things rather simple yet different, round neck sherwanis ensure a look that is unique and sober at the same time. Where V-shaped collars are commonly seen as a pattern in sherwanis, round necks are rather unique, offering a different feel to the outfit which is equally appealing.

  • Overlapping Sides

This is a flattering style of collar that adds to the elegance of the entire ensemble. With one side of the collar overlapping the other, the end result it gives out is enough to make the wearer look classy and fashionably trendy.

Apart form the neck patterns mentioned above, there are numerous other patterns for men to try, depending on their choice of style.

How to Style Different-Collared Sherwanis?

If you are looking sherwanis with collars that are unconventional, one thing to do is to pair an accessory with the outfit. Or perhaps, style it in a way that makes it look great while not taking the attention off how unique your style is. However, for those not confident of pulling off the look with a unique collar, these styling tips are sure to help:

  • Add a Shawl

A lovely shawl added to your Indian outfit can make a great deal of difference in how the outfit looks. With a great many ways to style a shawl, you can try numerous styles that make your ensemble pop out all the more. By checking out the many ways to style shawls with your ethnic wear, you can create a fashion statement of your own!

  • Experiment with the Length of the Sherwani

Another thing to do is experimenting with the length of your sherwani. While a knee length sherwani has been perfectly acceptable and worn for ages, opting for ones that are longer as well as ones that are shorter have been equally accepted and appreciated. By pairing the right bottoms with these sherwanis, you can experiment with the length and be sure of pulling it off with elan.

  • Add neck Accessories

If you are trying out newer collar styles on your sherwani, pairing neck accessories with the look is a great idea. Neck pieces with a gemstone pendant or, perhaps, a lovely pearl string around the neck is something that can look splendid with a sherwani.

  • Try Different Length of Sleeves

Like the length of the sherwani on a whole, you can also try experimenting with the length of the sleeves. Instead of the full length of the sleeve which is quite commonly worn, something else to try would be opting for sleeves that are shorter or differently styled. While these may not suit everyone, the ones who are up for experimenting with their looks are sure to benefit by trying something unique.

Where to Find the Best and Stylish Sherwanis for Men?

If you have been looking for the best sherwanis that are stylish and appealing at the same time, looking online is definitely the way to go. Not only do you have numerous options to choose from but also have everything right in front of you without hopping from one store to another. And if you live in areas where Indian ethnic clothing are hardly found in close proximity, this is another reason for you to try shopping online rather than abusing your poor feet by trudging along from shop to shop.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.