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A lot of hard work goes into selecting the right bridal trousseau. Most females already have an idea as to what kind of lehenga they want for their wedding but with the never-ending choices these days it is difficult to choose one. Lehenga choli is usually worn by brides on the D-day but nowadays there are many new styles apart from the traditional ones. Designer lehenga choli is chosen by many because of its exclusivity and uniqueness. A typical wedding lehenga choli consists of a long-flared skirt lehenga, a blouse and a dupatta. These three stated pieces of attire make for a lehenga choli. Well, instead of hopping from outlet to outlet in search of that perfect wedding lehenga you can purchase your bridal lehenga online too. Online shopping platform Nihal Fashions has some amazing options in wedding lehengas. A traditional lehenga choli is widely preferred by brides but with the change in the fashion industry even lehengas are now available in contemporary patterns.  With new colour combinations and daring cuts, lehenga cholis are now modern in their vibe. Well, when you select an outfit for your wedding day many factors play an important role. There are several points which need consideration in a wedding lehenga choli. Check out the important points to remember below.

  • Body Shape

Be it western wear or Indian wear, one must select the outfit based on the body type. Especially, when it comes to an Indian lehenga choli set the shape of the lehenga and the style of the choli needs to be chosen according to the body type. Make sure that the pattern you choose suits your body shape. Additionally, if you want a lehenga which is modern in its vibe and has a unique lehenga pattern then it should complement your body structure.

  • Select a Choli in which you are Comfortable

Many times, brides obsessively follow fashion trends and then end up being uncomfortable on their own wedding occasion. These days apart from the lehenga patterns several new choli patterns are also preferred. You can experiment with your choli by trying new materials like velvet or you can simply opt for styles like bell sleeves, off-shoulder cuts, cape sleeves, etc. No matter what style you opt for keep comfort as your top priority. If you are someone who likes experimenting a lot then you can go for contrast shades too.

  • Know what Kind of look you want

Every bride has a different preference and expectation for her wedding day look. It is essential to be clear about the same. Before you select the trousseau keep in mind your preference too. Additionally, refrain from taking too many suggestions because that can confuse you all the more. Remember, it’s your special day and you need to love what you wear! The look you select for your wedding day needs to be in sync with the groom’s trousseau too. You need not match the two outfits but keep some similar element.

Try and understand the ongoing trends when you go for your wedding shopping. The trends don’t necessarily mean patterns and choli styles it also means colour combinations and use of fabric. Embellishments and embroideries also form a vital part of lehenga choli trends. Check out the latest bridal lehenga choli patterns.

  • Cape sleeves Blouse with Lehenga

The most fashionable Indo-western trend in lehenga choli sets is cape sleeves blouse with a lehenga. Cape sleeves blouse is very easy to carry and also looks glamorous to the core. Team up a golden toned cape sleeves blouse with a maroon lehenga for a classic look. Pair up the look with statement accessories and you are bound to impress everyone. You can try different colour combinations for this look like varied hues of blue, peach and dark pink.

  • Lehenga with a Spaghetti Choli

Cholis need not be boring with typical sleeve patterns and cuts one can also opt for a spaghetti choli. If you are uncomfortable with thin straps you can always ask for broader straps which will support the choli better. It is better to avoid contrast shades for this look! Perfect for summer weddings, this look gives an appropriate dash of modernity to the traditional lehenga choli. For this look, you can choose to go for hues like peach, mint blue, mustard yellow, etc.

  • Mirror work Choli with Lehenga

If you are bored with the typical prints and embellishments then you can opt for mirror work too. Mirror work is different from the mundane embellishments and also gives the outfit a unique look. You can go for a mirror work choli and a lehenga. Well, before making this choice make sure that you are ready to take care of your outfit! For this particular style, you can choose to go for dark shades too like midnight blue, ruby red, wine, etc. If you are a light shade lover then go for a combination of mirror work and white!

  • Ruffled Choli with Lehenga

A ruffled blouse looks extremely pretty on a lehenga. If you want to add a hint of modernity to your outfit then going for ruffles is the best choice. Ruffles can also be worn for other occasions like sangeet ceremony, cocktail party, engagement ceremony, etc. Make sure the ruffles you choose are suiting the look and the vibe of the lehenga. The colour of the ruffle choli and the lehenga should blend well. Choose vibrant looking colors for this team up.

  • Add a shrug to your Lehenga Choli set

Adding a shrug to an Indian outfit is the latest fashion fad. A shrug can change the overall look of the outfit by giving it a unique feel. Choose the right length when opting for an ethnic shrug for a lehenga choli ensemble. You can go for an embroidered floral shrug too! See to it that the color tones of the choli, lehenga and the shrug are in sync.

Nihal Fashions is the best online shopping platform for purchasing wedding lehenga choli. Shopping online for your wedding trousseau will also save you a lot of time and money! Don’t forget to check their amazing discounts and offers.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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