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Indian clothes are known for their richness and tradition. These days there are several new styles and patterns in Indian wear. For women, Indian outfits range from salwar kameez to sarees. Nowadays, traditional gowns have also made it to the list. Apart from the ethnic patterns, many Indo-western looks are also in vogue. People these days opt for dresses depending on the occasion. Gone are the days when all outfits used to be filled with shimmer. With several new prints and works, Indian clothes have become glamorous by all means. Designers come up with eye-grabbing collections and that also influences the trend to a great extent. Ethnic clothes are now generally worn for wedding occasions and festivals. Even colours play a very crucial role in the selection of traditional attires. Though it is necessary to follow fashion trends, it is also essential to check whether it suits your personal style or no. Men are generally quite confused when it comes to selecting an ethnic outfit. Several new styles are also available for men’s ethnic wear. Be it a kurta or a lehenga choli it is necessary to choose the right outfit. Here are some things you must keep in mind when opting for an Indian outfit.

  • Consider your Body Type

Before choosing a particular outfit consider your body type. Not all outfit patterns suit one’s body type so make sure you select consciously. For instance, go for body-hugging attires only if you want to flaunt your curves! The fabric of the outfit also influences the fit of the clothes. Moreover, you need to choose the prints carefully because even they influence the overall look.

  • Know what the Event is All About

Make sure you select the outfit keeping in mind the nature of the event. One need not be overdressed or underdressed! For wedding occasions, it is good to select outfits which are a bit jazzy. However, for casual events, it is better to opt for minimal prints and simple designs. Along with the nature of the event, it is always better to consider the time of the event also. For day time occasions, go for lighter shades whereas for evenings you can opt for darker hues.

  • Know Whether you can Handle the Cuts and Frills

Many of us fall prey to fashion trends without thinking about our comfort level. When you purchase an Indian dress see to it that its pattern is comfortable for you. If at all you have opted for a risqué outfit with complicated cuts then make sure you carry it well. This usually happens with high-fashion saree blouses, skirts and traditional gowns!

  • Choose the Colour according to your Personal Preference

Colours can change the look of the outfit in several ways. When it comes to Indian clothing most people tend to select hues of red, yellow and green. However, it is best to drift from the mundane shades and experiment a bit. Even when you experiment you must choose colours carefully. Try and go for pastel shades or contrast tones.

Once you select your Indian outfits you also need to style it properly. Even men’s sherwani and men’s kurta pyjama needs a bit of styling. Likewise, kid’s Indian dresses also need careful selection! Take a look at these useful style tips which are apt for Indian wear.

  • Experiment with the Sleeves and Length of the Outfit

Most Indian wedding dresses come with boring sleeve patterns which are quite common. In order to enhance the look, you can experiment with sleeve patterns too. These days many unique sleeve patterns are available like cape sleeves, bell sleeves, etc. Moreover, you can also try and go for different lengths. Floor length gowns are very much in trend and so are short kurtas! Well, make sure the length is comfortable for you to carry.

  • Add Layers to your Outfit

Layering not only gives newness to an outfit but it can also enhance the look of a boring attire. If your kurta is too plain and you need to add some glamour to it then it best to layer it with a jacket! For gowns, floor-length capes are also ideal. Do focus on the colour combination of the layers. Layering your Indian clothes with jackets, capes, dupattas, etc. can change the overall look to a great extent.

  • Try a Different Bottom Style

Most Indian outfits have typical bottom styles like sherwanis are worn with churidars,  kurtas are teamed with pyjamas, etc. It is recommended that you try different bottom styles to transform the look of your attire. Go for bottom styles like dhotis, palazzos, straight-fit trousers, loose pants, etc. to give your attire a new look.

  • Don’t Underestimate the Addition of a Belt!

Belts are no longer just meant for western attires they can also be used for styling Indian clothes. A belt can be added to a saree or even a traditional gown. Several lehenga choli combos have belts which improve the overall fit of the attire. The colour of the belt needs to blend with the attire otherwise the whole styling can go for a toss.

  • Try a Unique Footwear

Footwear is very crucial to complete your Indian look. Try interesting footwear colours to add oomph to your outfit. Men can opt for tones like brown, beige, black, cream, midnight blue, etc. whereas women can choose the footwear hues based on their attire. Contrast hues can also work well for styling an Indian outfit.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.