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Sarees are timeless and always in vogue. No matter what the fashion trends say, sarees have always been every woman’s favourite traditional attire. A saree is known for its grace and elegance since time immemorial. Additionally, this is the most ideal ethnic attire because it suits every body type. Even in sarees, there are numerous varieties and patterns. Sarees are available in all colours and tones and are suitable for all occasions. Initially, women wore sarees only for formal events but nowadays simple sarees are also worn for casual occasions. Just like party wear sarees, one more kind of saree has now become popular. Bollywood sarees are very much in vogue these days. Most women follow actresses when it comes to identifying the fashion trends. Be it draping the saree or choosing the colour, Bollywood actresses have a great influence on women when it comes to fashion. Bollywood sarees are easily available online too. These sarees are ideal for parties and wedding reception events. Bollywood sarees are quite different as compared to other saree styles and patterns. Here are the factors which make these sarees fashionable and unique.

  • Sarees with added Elements

Typically, a saree is worn as it is with a suitable blouse. However, Bollywood sarees come with many other unique additions. There are several sarees which are worn with a traditional jacket. This particular combination of a saree and a jacket is interesting to the core because it is a blend of ethnic and contemporary. Before going for this look make sure your saree is suitable for the same. See to it that your saree is in sync with the jacket look and is not looking out of place. Make sure that the colour of the saree and the jacket is going with one another. You can also opt for a cape instead of a jacket.

  • Draping Style

If you want to look different and unique in a saree, it is essential to try a different draping style too. There are several draping styles these days which suit one or the other body type. Moreover, certain sarees are made keeping in mind a unique draping style. Bollywood sarees are perfect for experimenting with draping styles. A saree is supposed to flaunt your physique and therefore it is recommended that you choose a proper draping style.

  • Unique Colours

Bollywood designer sarees are different from other saree types. These sarees are usually designed in unique shades which will make you look trendy effortlessly. If you like experimenting with colours then it is best to go for Bollywood sarees. Currently, pastel colours are much in vogue for sarees. You can also go for contrast shades when it comes to Bollywood designer sarees. These sarees are apt for wedding events, sangeet ceremonies, cultural events etc.

  • Uncommon Blouse Patterns

Usually, women go for the same mundane blouse patterns but when you don a Bollywood saree you can try an uncommon blouse pattern. Several Bollywood sarees come with a unique blouse piece too. Ditch the boring blouse style and opt for a fabulous pattern! You can go for cold-shoulder blouse, off-shoulder blouse pattern, sheer sleeves blouse, etc. Well, a perfectly styled blouse can surely enhance the overall look of a saree. Even for the blouse, you can try to go for contrast shades!

  • Lesser known Designs

Designer sarees are known for their newness. Bollywood designer sarees are extremely popular because they are different from the on-going trends. Lately, sarees with tassels, fringes, mirror work, etc are quite in vogue. Bollywood sarees are a perfect choice for women who love to flaunt distinctive designs.

Most of us look for inspiration when it comes to trying a new style. Well, if you are confused about styling your saree you can take cues from our Bollywood actresses. Here are some actresses who always ace their saree look.

  • Deepika Padukone

Time and again Deepika Padukone has proved that she is unbeatable when it comes to pulling off a saree look. Some saree styles that this talent bundle donned with élan are ruffle sleeves blouse, floral saree with a contrast blouse, halter neck blouse, etc. The gorgeous actress has always teamed up her saree look with minimal statement jewellery.

  • Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is rightly called the diva of the tinsel town. Follow Sonam’s saree looks if you are bored of the typical fabrics and draping styles. Some of Sonam’s statement saree looks are highly embellished blouse with a simple saree, off-shoulder floral blouse, sheer saree with a heavy border, dhoti style saree drape, monochrome saree, etc.

  • Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been a symbol of glamour. The actress has never shied away from trying different hues in a saree. Some of Kareena’s classic Bollywood saree looks speak of bright hues, pastel shades, loose waist-length blouse with a silk saree, multi-colour saree with a polka dot blouse, sequin saree in a beige tone, an ombre saree, etc.

  • Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra who is now a global icon has always cherished wearing traditional attires. The desi girl of the industry looks fabulous in a saree. Priyanka has given some mind-blowing looks in saree with lace blouses, silk saree with a contrast blouse, a pastel saree with overall embellishments, etc. The fashion icon makes sure she highlights her lips when wearing a saree. For women who love makeup, don’t forget to paint your lips in an impactful lip colour when wearing a saree. Go for tones like brown, red, maroon, purple, etc.

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