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The wedding season calls for amazing ethnic outfits. People nowadays are ready to experiment even when it comes to traditional wear. For women, the most preferred Indian outfits are salwar kameez, anarkali suits, kurtas, gowns, lehenga cholis, sarees, etc. Earlier, sarees were meant for wedding occasions and festivals but lately, due to the emergence of many Indo-western attires, sarees have taken a back seat. Salwar kameez is quite overdone and even the different variations of kurtas are not worn these days. One of the most elegant looking Indian outfits apart from sarees is anarkali suits. Anarkali dresses are very much in vogue these days because they are easy to carry and style. This outfit is a must-have because it is suitable for every occasion. Anarkali dresses are extremely royal looking because of the flare. This attire is known for its frock-style look. Anarkali dresses come in all colours and fabrics and moreover, these dresses are present in several patterns and designs too. Apart from festivals and marriages, one can don anarkali dresses for pre-wedding events also. These days you can buy anarkali dresses online too. Here is a guide to choosing the right Anarkali dress.

  • Consider the Occasion

Anarkali dresses are suitable for all events but you need to select the pattern of the suit and its colour wisely. Before opting for this dress know about the nature of the event. These days many simple anarkali dresses are also available. Suppose you want a dress for a cultural event then you can also go for a cotton anarkali. Likewise, for a wedding occasion, you can go for a fully embellished anarkali suit too.

  • Select the Colour Carefully

Earlier, anarkali suits were available in single colours only but nowadays most of these dresses are present in contrast tones. Make sure you select the colour combination wisely because the hues will impact your overall look. You can experiment with different colours too like lime green, peach, midnight blue, etc. These days pastels are very much in trend for traditional Indian wear. Depending on the time of the event you can choose the colour of the dress.

  • Choose the Right Fabric

Anarkali dresses are available in all materials. However, not all fabrics support heavy embellishments. Choose the fabric which is comfortable for you and is as per your pattern requirement. Fabrics like chiffon, cotton, velvet, etc. work well for anarkalis with embellishments. The fabric will also influence the flow of the dress because not all materials are capable of

giving much flare to the outfit. Colours also behave differently on different fabrics so, in order to get the shade of your preference, you must consider the texture of the fabric too.

  • Experiment a Bit with Neck and Sleeve Patterns

Usually, anarkali suits are full sleeves or sleeveless. But these days many new patterns are present in this outfit. You can go for an off-shoulder style or a cold-shoulder sleeve pattern. Most women these days avoid the full sleeves pattern because that can make the outfit look boring. Even in neck patterns, there are many variations like boat neck, square neck, etc. Select the pattern according to your personal taste.

  • Avoid Experimenting with the Bottom!

Generally, in kurtas, women can opt for several bottom styles like dhoti style pants, palazzos, cigarette pants, etc. but in the case of anarkalis, it is better to go with churidars. Churidars look perfect with anarkalis because they enhance its overall look. Moreover, the flare of the anarkali is further enhanced because of the churidar.

Buying anarkali suits online is a relief of sorts because you can view all the varieties in one go. Moreover, online stores are also up-to-date when it comes to the latest trends. Here are some anarkali dress styles which you need to invest in.

  • Cape Style Anarkali Dress

Cape sleeves look extremely contemporary and Indo-western. Usually, women opt for cape styles in blouses and gowns. But nowadays this pattern is available in anarkali dresses too. Cape style anarkali suits look trendy by all means and are perfect for occasions like sangeet ceremonies, engagement parties, cocktail parties, etc. You can add statement jewellery to this look!

  • Floor Length Anarkali Dress

For wedding occasions, you should opt for floor length anarkali dresses. Floor length anarkali suits look extremely elegant. In this anarkali dress style, the placement of the dupatta also matters a lot. Make sure you pin up the dupatta right. Complete the look with high heels and you are good to go. You can also wear long earrings with this outfit. If your anarkali dress is quite simple then you need to go for a heavy dupatta.

  • Jacket Style Anarkali Suits

These days jacket style anarkali suits are much preferred because they look unique and are easy to carry too. Jacket style anarkalis are ideal for winter occasions wherein you need to layer up your outfit. In this anarkali style, you can also go for contrast hues. The jacket can be of a darker hue and the dress can be of a lighter shade or vice versa! Make sure the two colours you choose are complementing one another and are not looking over the top.

Along with selecting the right anarkali suit pattern, it is also essential to know about its care and maintenance. Check out these tips to care and maintain your anarkali dress.

  • Avoid using Harsh Detergents

Harsh detergents can ruin the colour and the shine of the outfit especially if the fabric of the outfit is delicate. It is best to go for dry cleaning when it comes to heavy Indian dresses.

  • Take Care of the Outfit while Ironing

People sometimes forget to consider the fabric when ironing. Ironing in an incorrect way can also ruin the outfit. Before ironing the outfit do consider the material.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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