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Sherwanis are rightly termed as the most royal looking Indian outfits for men. A sherwani has a long history of looking elite and rich. This particular outfit was worn by rulers and has since then become the symbol of Indian traditional attire. Designer sherwanis are readily available these days in a variety of colours and patterns. Usually, this outfit is worn by grooms but nowadays they are worn by others too. Sherwanis come in several styles these days depending on the occasion. A designer sherwani is a must-have for every man’s wardrobe. Additionally, there are many reasons why one should opt for a designer sherwani. It is quite tough to find that one perfect sherwani. One has to consider many factors when selecting a sherwani for the D-day. Here is why you should opt for a designer wear sherwani.

  • Unique Designs

It is always better to go for designer wear sherwanis because they are uncommon in their styles and patterns. Designer sherwanis are perfect for grooms because they have an essence of newness in their look. If you are someone who likes to be different and is not happy with the on-going patterns then it is best to go for exclusive designer pieces. The main reason why people opt for designer sherwanis is that they are not a copy of common outfits and have a unique vibe to it. The uniqueness can be in terms of colour usage, work, embellishments, pattern, etc.

  • Get to try new Patterns

Most designers create an outfit because they want to bring out a new pattern or style. Though sherwani has always been like a long coat like attire, these days there are many new patterns for the same. Grooms should always opt for designer sherwanis because they will make you look class apart and different from the other guests. If you are looking out for a unique pattern then go for a designer sherwani.

  • New Colour Combinations

Typically, sherwanis are made in the hues of red, maroon and gold but a designer sherwani can be made in an interesting hue. For instance, designer sherwanis are available in classy pastel colours and tones which look mind-blowing for all occasions. Moreover, you can get amazing sherwanis in different colours depending on your personal choice as well. In the case of contrast tones, it is safe to go for designer wear sherwani.

  • Outfit according to the Event

Suppose you are not the groom and still want to don a sherwani then choose a designer sherwani. You can get outfits depending on the occasion if you go for a designer made attire. Moreover, a designer sherwani is also effortless when it comes to styling. A sherwani which is designed according to the occasion is perfect for men who face troubles when it comes to shopping for traditional Indian outfits.

Many people feel that designer sherwanis are out of their budget and hence they do not even give it a thought. Online platforms like Nihal Fashions excel in traditional clothes for men especially designer sherwanis. You can get the best of designer sherwanis at Nihal Fashions in competitive rates.

Before choosing a particular sherwani style there are some things which need focus. Take a look.

  • Check the Fit

A sherwani needs to be of a proper fit otherwise the whole look can get weird.  Especially, in the case of sherwanis, the fit has to be proper from the shoulders. A sherwani is meant to flaunt your physique but the pattern also plays a very important role.

  • Know whether the Pattern is Suiting You

These days there are many new patterns in mens sherwani too. Choose from the patterns like Jodhpuri sherwani, Pakistani sherwani, achkan sherwani, Indo-western sherwani, etc. These days several sherwanis also have a jacket to it. The jacket not only gives an Indo-western look to the outfit but also adds a bit of uniqueness. Jackets can be all plain or can be with minimal embellishments and work.

  • See if the Length is Proper

A sherwani need not be too long or too short. It is essential to get a sherwani which is of a proper length because only then will it look apt. Moreover, it can be rightly said that a sherwani of an improper length can ruin the whole look.

  • Check the Bottoms

Though sherwanis are mostly paired up with churidars, these days many other bottom styles are also opted for. In order to give a new look to the outfit, you can experiment with bottom styles like straight pants, trousers, dhoti pants, etc.

  • Choose the Colour Wisely

A sherwani needs to be of a colour which suits your personal style and also the event. Several men are afraid to experiment with the colours but with designer sherwanis, you can try different hues too. Currently, pastel coloured sherwanis are very much in trend even for grooms. However, the colour should suit the vibe of the occasion too. Moreover, the embellishments on the sherwani also play a very important role in the overall look. Additionally, the time of the event also needs to be considered when you select the colour of the sherwani.

  • Complete the Look with Proper Footwear

Every traditional outfit needs to have a proper pair of footwear. Men need to team up their sherwani with traditional footwear like Kolhapuris, mojris, etc. Additionally, you can also go for western footwear styles like loafers, brogues, etc. The colour of the footwear should gel with the overall look and should not be much of a contrast. Opt from the hues of black, beige, brown and white and you will definitely rock the event.

Get your perfect wedding sherwani at Nihal Fashions. This online platform also has some amazing festive offers and discounts which will make your purchase all the more worth. Nihal Fashions has elegant designs and patterns in mens sherwani. Moreover, you can also get exclusive and unique designer sherwanis for men at Nihal Fashions.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.