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Dhoti kurta is one of the widely worn dress wears by Indians. You can use this outfit both as a daily wear and as a party wear. To get an impressive look, dhoti kurta sets are usually worn in combination with dupatta. If you search online, today you can find an exotic range of dhoti kurta sets in versatile styles. Kurta worn as the top outfit can be either full sleeves or half sleeves. Choosing the right online shopping site plays an important role in determining the quality of a product. Along with this, flaunting it right is another factor that makes all the difference!

While a kurta can also be paired with a pajama, a churidaar pant, corduroys, or something equally safe, wearing a dhoti with a kurta is certainly a bold step for those who have always preferred staying in the confined of accepted fashion trends. Taking the latest trends into account, however, one can safely try dhotis in numerous styles to stay well within trend and keep creating newer styles to be flaunted.

How to Style you Dhoti Kurtas?

Dhoti kurtas are perfect ensembles for festive occasions and events where traditional attires are a must. By checking out ways on how to best style your outfit, you can make a style statement with your ensemble and create your own styles for fashionistas to follow. Here are some ways that you can try!

  • Opt for Print

If your kurta is a simple one with little to no embellishment and a single shade, make sure you opt for a printed dhoti to balance out the look. With both the items a single shade, your look is bound to be plain and unappealing. On the other hand, you can always pair a printed kurta with a single colored dhoti to make your ensemble less bold to carry.

  • Go beyond the Monochrome

Monochrome outfits have become a norm when it comes to Indian wear. With a kurta that is a single colored paired with a dhoti that is equally plain, you can end up looking less flashy than you intended. Going beyond your usual choices of monochrome by opting for something more colorful, be it the choice of kurta or the dhoti, can be a great change to your usual look.

  • Carry a Matching Dupatta

To make your look even more spectacular, you can add a gorgeous dupatta that matches the shade of the dhoti to bring out all of the best hues in your outfit. To make it look less cluttered, make sure you choose a contrasting shade of kurta to pair with the dhoti!

Which Dhoti to Opt for – Stitched or Unstitched?

This is something most people find difficult to choose between. While an unstitched dhoti truly signifies tradition, wearing one can be a daunting task. From the folds of the fabric to the tucking in, everything counts in making the outfit look flawless.

  • When to try Stitched Dhotis?

For those with absolutely no past experience in handling a dhoti, a ready-made, stitched dhoti is surely the perfect choice. This is due to the fact that one is more likely to trip down on the dhoti can carry it off elegantly with the kurta they are flaunting. With a stitched dhoti, all you need do is pull it on without the fear of it falling.

  • When to go for Unstitched Dhotis?

If you are in the habit of flaunting the elegant and ethnic dhoti often, or follow traditions where dhotis form an integral part of your customary outfit for cultural events and festivals, you can certainly pull off an unstitched dhoti without having to worry about it opening up. Many Indian communities make even little boys flaunt a dhoti at pujas and other occasions, giving boys and men the practice needed to flaunt the attire flawlessly. This is undoubtedly a great choice if you are unsure of finding a readymade dhoti that would offer a snug fit.

Purchase your Magnificent Dhoti Kurta at Nihal Fashions

Today, dhoti kurta is one of the common outfits worn by youngsters during parties. Apart from its traditional look, this outfit provides maximum comfort to the wearer. If you visit the dhoti kurta collection at Nihal Fashions store, you can find a fabulous range of outfits adorned with trendy designs. Customers can easily choose their favorite outfit according to specific size and age. If you are in search of an outfit to dress up your kids at parties, this traditional Indian dress wear is a perfect one. It makes your kids look grown up and mature. Also, those people in search of a special ethnic wear during parties can certainly choose this garment.

Apart from an impressive look, high durability is one of the important benefits of choosing dhoti kurta sets from Nihal Fashions. Almost all the fabrics used for the production of garments are tested for colorfastness and durability. Some of the commonly used fabrics for the production of dhoti kurta sets include cotton, silk, chiffons, and brocade. Apart from the elegant look and maximum comfort, this dress wear also enhance the personality of the wearer.

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