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Traditional wear is a must for festivals and wedding occasions. Men have quite a limited options when it comes to ethnic wear. Usually, when one talks about men’s Indian clothes , the outfits that come to mind are kurta pajamas, sherwanis, Nehru jackets, etc. Lately, Jodhpuri suits are also in vogue. Formal by all means, Jodhpuri suits are easy to carry and style too. Donning a Jodhpuri suit is effortless because this outfit itself is royal looking. Generally, men prefer to wear kurtas for weddings and festivals but if you are bored of the mundane kurta styles you can go for Jodhpuri suits. Jodhpuri suits are commonly known as bandhgala suits. More like a suit, this outfit also consists of crisp trousers and a vest. Most ethnic outfits for men are quite traditional but Jodhpuri suits are very modern in their vibe. These suits are available in several fabrics. Initially, these suits were worn only in a single colour but nowadays contrast hues are used too. Investing in a Jodhpuri suit is worth by all means. Selecting the right Jodhpuri suit is very important. Instead of roaming from outlet to outlet, you can get amazing Jodhpuri suits online too. Here are some tips to select the right Jodhpuri suit for yourself.

  • Know your Body Shape

Jodhpuri suits are meant to be of a proper fit. Before trying on the suit make sure it is suiting your personal style too. Not everyone is comfortable in Jodhpuri suits. Moreover, in order to carry this outfit effortlessly, it is essential to be confident too. A Jodhpuri suit is quite body hugging and therefore, having a proper physique is a must. You can play with colours too in order to do justice to the overall look.

  • Select the Fabric Carefully

Jodhpuri suits are usually made up of rich fabrics. However, before selecting a particular fabric check your comfort level too. For instance, a velvet Jodhpuri suit won’t be ideal for a summer wedding! In such cases, you need to choose the material of the suit carefully. Check whether you are comfortable with the selected fabric. Also, consider the season in which you want to wear this particular suit.

  • Consider the Occasion

Generally, Jodhpuri suits are worn for evening occasions. Jodhpuri suits cannot be worn for casual events. Make sure you consider the event and then go for this outfit. Jodhpuri suits are ideal for wedding receptions, sangeet ceremonies, etc. These suits are not apt for casual events because they are extremely formal looking.

  • Don’t Compromise on the Fit

Jodhpuri suits need to be of a proper fit otherwise, they can look awkward on the body. Check the length of the bandhgala suit and also check the fit of the trousers. Bandhgala suits are short in length just like modern suits.

  • Avoid Bright Colours

This particular outfit is meant to be royal and therefore, one should avoid bright colours in the same. Jodhpuri suits look wonderful in hues like grey, black, beige and off-white. Bright colours can take away the charm of the overall outfit.

  • Don’t Ignore the Buttons

Usually, Bandhgala suits have buttons. The buttons on these suits can sometimes ruin the look too. So before choosing a Jodhpuri suit see to it that the buttons are appropriate. Buttons here, need to complement the tone of the overall suit!

Wearing a Jodhpuri suit needs appropriate styling too. Well, you need to groom yourself a bit before donning this elite outfit. Check out these useful tips to style your Jodhpuri suit.

  • The Suit needs to be Ironed

Like every formal attire, this suit also needs to be ironed. Make sure you iron this attire before wearing because a Jodhpuri suit with creases is a strict no-no. Additionally, when you iron the suit do consider its material.

  • Replace your Boring Outfits with a Bandhgala Suit

Instead of going for shirt-style kurtas, you can also opt for Bandhgala suits. In order to experiment with this formal attire, you can go for different designs and colours too. These days for wedding occasions many suits also have designs and minimal embellishments.

  • Groom yourself When Wearing this Outfit

Bandhgala suits are packed from the neck and in order to look ideal for pulling off this outfit, you need to groom yourself a bit! Make sure your hair and beard are not unkempt and are well-maintained.

  • Don’t Shy away from Accessories

Men generally ignore accessories but you can surely include some accessories in your Jodhpuri suit. If your suit is simple to the core, then you can add a brooch or a pin to the suit. Moreover, don’t forget to complete the overall look with ideal footwear. Choosing the right footwear with a Jodhpuri suit is very essential. Pocket squares are also very impactful. Pocket squares are available in several colours and designs. Select the pocket square which suits your outfit. In order to add some newness to the overall outfit you can also go for a contrast coloured pocket square. If you are looking out for subtle accessories then you can also choose cufflinks. Cufflinks can blend really well with Jodhpuri suits.

  • Add a Shawl to your Suit

In order to add some ethnicity to your overall look, you can add a lightly embellished shawl to your suit too. However, if you are thinking of adding a shawl it is recommended that you go for a different bottom style other than the trousers. The bottom styles to pair up with a bandhgala suit are dhoti style pants, Jodhpuri pants, etc.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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