Add a Western Touch to your Indian Outfits

Indo western outfits, forming a lovely blend of Indian and western outfits, have become a more chosen option as compared to opting for just one of the two blends. And with the appeal it gives out, this is definitely an option worth choosing, especially with the elegance it manages to exudes no matter who wears it. Making the wearer look more stately and regal, indo western outfits can be found online in a number of shopping portals and can be chosen based on their color, design, cut, style, and more.

For those with a great fashion sense, making your own blends using Indian outfit and western factors is also an idea worth trying. That way, you can proudly talk about your contribution to the particularly fabulous look while flaunting the creation!

How to Create the Right Blend of Indian and Western

Wondering about the perfect ways to blend Indian outfits just right with a western look? Here is how you can create the right blend!

  • Pair Blazers with Dhotis

Blazers are the best attire to put on during weddings and other important functions where you are gracing the event as an important guest, or are part of the hosting group. A perfect contrast to a dhoti, blazers add just the right amount of western touch to an ethnic outfit.

  • Wear a Sherwani Top with Corduroys

Another great style to carry as part of your indo western look is to wear a sherwani with corduroys instead of the usual pajamas we are so used to wearing. This is certainly bound to be more comfortable and chic.

  • Opt for Western Formal Footwear with the Indian Outfit

Apart from experimenting with clothing, you can also try adding western accessories to an Indian traditional look. One way is to wear formal footwear such as a boots with a sherwani or kurta pajama. This is sure to make your look more classy.

With all of these ways and more, you can create your own blend of Indian and western to pair together for any occasion!

Ways to Add a Western Touch to your Indian Outfits

Indian clothes for men have been fashionable and appealing since the dawn of time. Where simplicity was the key in the olden days, funky has become a major style for most people today. This includes Indian outfits styles in a western fashion. Here are some ways that these Indian outfits can be styled differently for the perfect Indo western look:

  • Funky Prints

Choosing funky prints for your indo-western outfits is one way to make your ensemble look as western as it does ethnic. Prints such as a moustache prints, block prints, floral prints, animals printed on the fabric, multi-colored prints inspired by graffiti and more can be flaunted today for a funkier and more appealing look. This is definitely bound to resound more with the younger crowd.

  • Fancy Pocket Squares

Fancy pocket squares are another aspect to add to Indian outfits. Sitting perfectly at eye-level of anyone you meet while wearing the outfit, you can add to the appeal of your outfit with the right choice of pocket square design!

  • Brooches

Brooches have been an essential add-on to Indian wear for those with a penchant for more bling and shine. With funky brooches that have a western feel to it, adding those to a truly ethnic outfit is sure to be a great combination.

  • Lapel Pins

If you own brooches and have flaunted every look possible with your brooches, it is time for something out of the ordinary. Lapel pins are definitely the new in that go well with western as well as Indian outfits. These can be pinned to your Indian wear or Indo-western suits for an even more ethnic touch.

  • Funky Bottoms

Another cool addition to an ethnic outfit that adds to a westernized feel is funky bottoms. Something that flows down from the waist like a palazzo or perhaps western bottoms worn with a kurta or the upper part of a sherwani is equally indo western to flaunt.

  • Western Jackets

Western jackets are another addition to ethnic wear that are bound to stand out. From a blazer to a coat, you can pair what you like with your pajamas to bring about the right effect that can make heads turn.

  • Watches

Another great addition to wear as a western touch to any outfit is a stylish watch. Instead of a bracelet or a jewel, you can opt for smart watches with big dials or lovely metal watches that look great on your wrists.

  • Cufflinks

Fancy cufflinks make for an interesting add-on in outfits, whether Indian or western. Gleaming on your writs, this is perfect and fashionable worn on an Indian outfit.

  • Bow-tie

A unique accessory that can form the perfect western touch to an otherwise Indian attire is a bow-tie worn with a sherwani. With contrasting shade of bow-ties or funkily designed bow-ties worn with the outfit, you have a wonderful combination of Indo and western at hand.

Where to Find the Best Indo-western Outfits for all Occasions

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.