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Salwar Kameez is the beautifully designed garment of India that is worn as a three-piece suit, comprising of a salwar, a kameez, and a dupatta. With the extension in fashion, components such as style, grace, and elegance have developed a grand love affair with this ethnic Indian wear. Vibrant color palettes, exotic fabrics and marvelous indigenous styles complete the designing and definition of this exquisite traditional apparel. Sumptuous Indian embroidery and prints enhance the charisma of all Indian clothing including saree and lehenga choli.

This outfit can be worn anytime, anywhere, and at any occasion, be it your wedding or someone else’s, a festival or even a family celebration. Furthermore, ladies have the freedom to choose from among innumerable color palettes and styles for matching their preference to make a style statement of their own. Moreover, this lovely outfit has gone global now and with even the westerners falling for its charm. A number of Hollywood beauties have been seen decked up in this extraordinary Indian outfits in more than one instance.

What type of Kameez would Suit you Best?

The kameez, which is the garment that falls to mid-calf and for the upper part, can be worn in different hems, necklines, lengths, and sleeves. Likewise, there are numerous sleeve styles to match the sense of panache, like balloon sleeves, asymmetrical sleeves, bell sleeves, cap sleeves, cuff sleeves, drawstring sleeves, and much more. Additionally, there are sundry necklines for a kameez that ladies can choose from to blend up with their insight of how the want the overall outfit to look.

What to Wear as Bottoms to a Kameez?

The kameez that is worn for any occasions can be augmented with the right choice of bottoms to pair with it. And while salwars are definitely a go-to option, trying out different variations can help change the entire look and make you the envy of every party you attend flaunting the latest trend.

  • Salwars

A salwar is similar to bottom or pajama which is drawn with a string and tapered at ankles. Typically worn as a companion to a kurta or kameez to form the salwar kameez, salwars are the most widely opted for choice in bottoms among women everywhere who have found them to be the most convenient and comfortable option to flaunt no matter the occasion. Variations to this clothing have brought about a positive change wherein salwars have been experimented with to make them easier to wear and carry. Replacing the string with an elastic waist band is one such change that has been gladly accepted by all, owing to the convenience it provides.

  • Patialas

Patialas have been loved by North Indians for the comfort they offer and the flexibility one can enjoy while wearing one. Not too fitted, these are perfect to wear for any event, especially if you would need to walk about a lot or are needed in taking care of the event organization.

  • Palazzos

Yet another cool way to substitute your salwar is to opt for a palazzo instead! These lovely styles of bottoms can be paired with almost anything, making the addition to your wardrobe an ideal one. You can wear it as part of a western outfit and also choose to flaunt with something ethnic to bring it to use in multiple ways.

Dupatta Styles to try on with your Salwar Kameez

The dupatta worn with a salwar kameez is usually a three-meter garment that can be of same color or any other contrasting hue to the outfit that it is being paired with. These dupattas can be designed with intricate patterns of Indian embroidery and work on a number of fabrics that each determine how the dupatta can be styled. Here are some ways to style your dupattas just right:

  • Pleated Dupatta Draped on one Shoulder

If you choose a cotton dupatta or one that is starchy or stiff, draping it along one shoulder by pleating up the dupatta is the best way to make it look gorgeous without letting the stiffness steal away the beauty or charm of the outfit.

  • Traditional Drape

The traditional drape is one worn by almost everyone with the dupatta being draped around the neck where the ends flow freely at the back. And while this may look simple, one can always tweak this style of draping a bit by playing with the folds and letting it fall gracefully.

  • Draped around the Waist and over the Arm

Another style that become quite a stunner in the past was one where the dupatta was draped across the back and over the arms when shararas first became popular. With anarkali styles of salwar kameez becoming popular today, this style of dupatta draping also managed to make a comeback that is here to stay.

  • Scrunched Dupatta along One Side

If you love the style of draping a dupatta on one side but find the folds or pleats too boring a look for the kind of outfit you have on, you can always scrunch up the dupatta at the shoulder and hold if together with a brooch. Not only will you add a beautiful accessory to match your outfit but also manage to give your ensemble the finishing touch you were hoping for.

Shopping Online for Salwar Kameez with Nihal Fashions

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Vikas Chaudhary

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