Buy Classic Ethnic Wear for Men in this Winter

These days it is necessary to have a set of attires only for weddings and functions. Ethnic wear comes in a wide variety these days with different designs and patterns. Earlier, only women’s ethnic wear had drastic variations in styles but nowadays even men’s wear has a lot of options. The most common ethnic clothes for men comprise of kurta pajama, sherwani and suit. However, drifting away from the mundane styles, these days there are many new attires like Nehru jackets, jodhpuris, etc. to choose from. It can be rightly said that even though most of us are aware of the kinds of traditional outfits available, we fail to style them properly. Pairing up mens Indian clothing with accessories is quite tricky and also requires a bit of effort.

With the wide range of fabrics, patterns, designs, embroideries and prints there is something for every occasion in Indian men clothing. If you do not want to go all traditional you can also opt for contemporary styles. Check out how to charm your way in a fusion of the traditional and unconventional with the help of our blog.

Here is a short guide to know about Indian men clothing.

  • Kurta Pajama

One of the most common attire in traditional men’s wear is kurta pajama. The kurta is nothing but a long shirt-like clothing which has buttons and an ethnic vibe to it. The kurta is paired with a pajama which is the bottom. One can purchase a kurta separately or with pajama. Kurta pajamas are available in all colours and are usually worn for casual occasions. However, depending upon the event you can also opt for heavily embroidered kurtas. Kurtas are available in innumerable prints and designs and are termed as extremely comfy attires. Kurtas have several types like angrakha kurta, anarkali kurta, asymmetric kurta, side slit kurta, etc.

  • Sherwani

Sherwani is the most royal looking Indian dress for man. A sherwani is a long coat like attire which is formal than the kurta. This piece of clothing is usually paired with a churidar which is tight trousers. Sherwanis are usually worn for weddings and are perfect attires for grooms. Though sherwanis do not have varied patterns, these days sherwanis are made unique with uncommon sleeve patterns and neck patterns. If you want to look flawless at any occasion then sherwani is the best bet for men. Read what makes sherwani the most admirable Indian wedding attire.

  • Nehru jackets

A Nehru jacket is very much in trend these days. A Nehru jacket is a hip-length coat which has a mandarin collar. This jacket is well-fitted and is usually worn for formal occasions. This attire is also called achkan. You can pair your Nehru jacket with straight pants. Nehru jacket is a brilliant concoction of contemporary and traditional. Don’t forget to read our extensive blog on styling Nehru jackets.

When selecting mens Indian clothing, there are a few important things which need to be kept in mind. Take a look.

  • Time of the event

No one likes to sweat in their new clothes especially when attending an important function. Therefore, when you select an Indian outfit it is necessary to wear colours which are apt as per the time of the event. For instance, a black sherwani might not be appropriate for daytime functions likewise, a bright yellow outfit might not do for an evening event.

  • Fabric of the outfit

Every fabric has its own charm and when it comes to Indian outfits for men it is necessary to select the material very carefully. A cotton kurta is a classic attire but in sherwanis choosing silk or velvet makes more sense. Make sure you select the fabric carefully keeping in mind the outfit. For summer events, cotton based Indian outfits are comfy and wearable whereas for winters you can go for velvets too!

  • Pattern

The pattern of the attire you select has to complement your body type too. Additionally, the pattern also has to blend with the occasions. It is best not to go overboard with the designs and patterns.

Along with the different kinds of male Indian clothing, it is also essential to know about accessorizing them right. Here are some amazing tips to accessorize ethnic attires for men.

  • Dupatta

Pairing up a dupatta with a kurta or a sherwani can add more charm to the outfit. A dupatta not only makes the outfit look more traditional but it also increases its elegance. However, the dupatta you select with the outfit should not look out of place and should go with the overall look of the trousseau. Most of the times the dupatta is selected based on the tone of the outfit. If your outfit has more of a golden touch then it is recommended that you go for a gold-toned dupatta. Well, if your outfit is extremely simple you can add a vibrant dupatta to it, to add some uniqueness!

  • Footwear

Women have a lot of options when it comes to teaming up their trousseau with accessories. However, in Indian outfits for men, there are fewer options to add jewellery. Footwear is the most important add-on for males when it comes to ethnic wear. Try to opt for traditional mojris or brogues when wearing traditional outfits. Though mojris come in a variety of colours, it is best to go for neutral shades if you are not sure about pulling off different hues.

  • Beaded Neckpiece

If you are the groom you are allowed to go a little extra in terms of accessories. Pair up your elegant sherwani with a beaded necklace and you are bound to be a trendsetter. Beaded necklaces are made of coloured stones so there is a wide variety to choose from. Go for a contrast coloured neckpiece if your outfit demands the same or stick to the same tone.

Well, make sure you put some efforts when styling Indian clothing for men.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.