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Traditional Indian wear is popular all over the globe for its richness and elegance. Earlier, ethnic wear only meant certain outfit patterns like salwar kameez, kurta pajamas, sarees, etc. These days most of these styles are also available for kids. Generally, when it comes to dressing up kids in traditional outfits, parents have a hard time. With several Indo-western styles, people now have a wide variety of options. Traditional wear for kids is now available online too. Out of all the ethnic outfits, sherwanis are the most popular. Sherwanis are extremely royal in their vibe and they are also suitable for all occasions. Choosing the right traditional outfit for kids is a tough task because not all patterns are apt for children. Moreover, one also has to consider the comfort level of the child before going for a particular outfit. Right from selecting the appropriate material to choosing the right pattern, choosing ethnic wear for kids is quite a task. Sherwanis have always been in trend and they are ideal for all important functions. Wearing a sherwani is effortless but selecting the right colour combination for the same is very important. Make sure the sherwani you choose for your child is comfortable enough. Many times, parents select heavy-laden sherwanis which can irritate the skin, to avoid such issues select the sherwani carefully. Here are some important factors you must keep in mind when choosing a kids sherwani.

  • Comfort Level of the Child

Men and women can certainly go for daring patterns and styles when it comes to traditional wear but in the case of children, try to keep it simple and comfy. Before selecting the sherwani, check the material of the same. Most sherwanis are made of heavy fabrics to give it a rich look and they have several embellishments too. See to it that the fabric is ideal for your child and is not itchy in any way. Try and go for light-weight materials which are easy on the skin.

  • Check the Length of the Sherwani

A traditional Indian sherwani needs to be of a proper length. For kids, the length of the sherwani need not be too long. The length should not restrict the child’s movements. Generally, a typical sherwani is knee-length. Anything shorter or longer than knee-length can ruin the entire look.

  • Select the Right Bottom

Sherwanis are typically worn with churidars. A churidar is more like a well-fitted pant. However, if your child is uncomfortable with the fitted pants then you can also go for a salwar or a dhoti pant. Salwars are comparatively less tight and are easy to carry. For the bottoms, it is best to go for softer fabrics like cotton.

  • Know whether your Child can Handle a Dupatta or No

Most ethnic sherwanis come with dupattas. The dupatta adds more ethnicity to the overall outfit. The dupatta need not be too long. Additionally, you can also pin up the dupatta to the sherwani to keep it in place.

Sherwanis are usually worn for occasions like weddings, receptions, engagement parties, etc. Choosing the right colour combination is also important when it comes to purchasing a sherwani. When it comes to kids sherwani it is necessary to select the colours carefully. Sherwanis usually come in the mundane combinations of gold and beige, maroon and gold, cream and red, etc. Make sure you choose bright colours for kids sherwani. Check out the latest colour combinations for kids sherwani.

  • Mint Green and Gold

Ditch the boring tones of maroon and red and instead go for a pastel green shade. The combination of mint green and gold is ideal for wedding occasions and festivals. This colour combination looks classy and elegant by all means. If the sherwani is golden then you can also add a green-toned jacket to it. Pair up a green sherwani with a golden bottom for a classy look.

  • Blue and Black

For evening occasions, you can also go for the combination of blue and black. Blue has several beautiful hues and most of them blend well with black. Go for a blue coloured sherwani and team it up with black bottoms. Make sure the blue sherwani has some embellishments or design. You can either go for a sky blue sherwani or you can opt for a midnight blue sherwani depending on the event.

  • Grey and Pink

One of the most unique colour combinations for kids sherwanis is grey and pink. A pink sherwani can be worn with a grey bottom. This combination works well for all events. Opting for a floral print on a pink sherwani can also work wonders. To give an Indo-western look to this combination you can add a jacket too.

  • Peach and Cream

Soft colours look great on kids. The combination of peach and cream is quite contemporary in its look. A peach coloured sherwani can be paired with a cream churidar. This combo is ideal for summer events wherein you want to wear colours that are easy on the eyes. However, when you choose light colours for children be prepared for the maintenance and care of the outfit!

  • Mustard Yellow and Dark Blue

The combination of mustard yellow and dark blue is interesting. Go for a mustard yellow sherwani and pair it up with a dark blue bottom. These two colours will give a contrast effect to your outfit. This outfit is apt for both evening and day time events. A mustard yellow sherwani may not look that impactful without the inclusion of embellishments. Make sure the sherwani has at least minimal embellishments.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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