Which Saree to Purchase for a Quick Drape – Pre-Stitched or Traditional?

Onset of Pre-Stitched or ready to wear saree has immensely heightened the demand for the Indian saree. It has now become easy for every lady to drape this spectacular ethnic attire without being unsure of where the saree. As draping a saree can be quite a complex and tiresome task, you can sometimes go wrong with the pleats or the length of the pallu goes off beam at times. But now with the creation of ready to wear saree, draping sari is hardly a matter of minutes, especially for busy women and for those who are inexperienced about draping sarees. With this attire going global, non-Indians also find it easier to flaunt a saree without the hassle of having to learn how to drape one correctly.

No doubt, pre-stitched sarees looks similar to ordinary sarees, worn with separate petticoat and blouse. These sarees are like skirts that have stitched pleats at the center along with the pallu length being adjusted in the middle.

Pre-stitched sarees cut down on the amount of time it takes to put one on and it’s the easiest way to drape a saree. Further, you can spend this time to augment the outfit further by using your time to add elements to the ensemble.

How to Wear a Pre-Stitched Saree

Unlike skirts Pre-Stitched sarees have two hooks, first at the end of the saree and second at the center of the waistband. So, the first step is to fasten the first hook to the right side of your waist and second hook to the left side of your waist.

Wrap the long end remaining fabric around your back and bring the fabric all the way around your waist. Drape the long tail over your left shoulder. As you bring the long tail over your shoulder, allow the lower edge to fall over and cover your left arm. Using your fingers, create gentle folds in the fabric resting on your shoulder.

Draping a Traditional Saree

Traditional sarees require a lot of technique, confidence, and just general poise to make it look splendid on the wearer. However, staying in trend is equally vital to make sure your ensemble doesn’t seem outdated or boring. Being the same as everyone else can be pretty monotonous and a sure eyesore. Using these below-mentioned tips can help you rock your look by being trendy and different:

  • Choose the right blouse and under petticoat. Make sure you choose the right shade, the right fabric, and the right size and length to wear under you saree.
  • Select the kind of saree drape that suits your body type best. From a mermaid drape and double saree to an absolutely new look that you decide on inventing, you can take your pick when dolling up for any event.
  • Choose blouse style that is trending. If you are rather bored of seeing or wearing plain-looking blouses that manage to bring the show of your saree down, you can make a difference by stitching a blouse in the latest trends. Another option could be opting for a crop top as substitute to the blouse, making it more convenient and easier to don.

Tips and Factors to Consider while Wearing a Saree

Draping a saree is more than just taking along piece of cloth and wrapping it around you. Certain techniques involved in the draping ensures that the saree stays in place and looks spectacular draped around you. Before you wear a saree, or even think of purchasing one, make sure you consider the following factors for the right choice for you:

  • Fabric

What kind of fabric are you most comfortable carrying? For many, lighter fabrics work best, especially if they are new to pulling off a saree. The heavier the fabric and embellishment, the harder it would be for the wearer to move about freely. On the other hand. While cotton sarees are light enough, ensuring that they remain crease-free and stiff as you have draped them to be is next to impossible. If you have kids, both of these options are out of the question. The best options for you would be choosing a material such as silk or chiffon that is easy to maneuver and drape around you.

  • Length

Where do you start draping your saree from? The length of the saree, or rather, the breadth of it that wraps around you like a skirt depends on where you decide to tie it around from. The right way to wear one is to start below the navel, which allows the petticoat underneath to have the right purchase around your waist without the chance of slipping downward or being too tight around your stomach.

  • Pleats

The way you fold the pleats while draping a saree is crucial to making your ensemble look neat and gorgeous. Elegance at its best, a properly draped saree with the right number of pleats that are the same length and pinned absolutely proper can make your entire look one of grace and panache.

  • Pallu

How to drape the pallu is another thing to take into consideration to make your look a memorable one. The fabric you choose to drape as your saree can make that decision for you. If it is a stiff material such as cotton, net, or georgette, you can fold the pallu and drape it along your shoulder as a neat strip with the end free flowing at the back. On the other hand, leaving the pallu open and letting falling on your arms can make you look slimmer in materials such as chiffon and silk and make it easier to carry the saree rather than wasting time having to fold the end into pleats.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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