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Men’s fashion is not very easy to understand because it has very limited choices. One needs to team up smartly when it comes to styling men’s attire. Though these days men mostly prefer to wear casuals for most events, it should be noted that for festivals and wedding occasions ethnic attires work the best. For men, kurta pajama is the most chosen outfit because of its comfort level. Mostly, kurtas are said to be traditional in their vibe but these days even contemporary styles are available. It is essential to choose the right kurta style to do justice to the overall look. Earlier, shopping for mens kurta was a tough task because one had to roam outlet to outlet. However, these days you can get amazing designer kurtas online too. Shopping for kurtas online is extremely convenient because it saves time. Moreover, most online sites also have amazing discounts and offers which make them affordable. Even mens kurtas are divided into formal and casual styles. The first and foremost factor which influences the selection of the kurta is the occasion. Take into consideration the nature of the event and then select the kurta. Well, one must consider many other factors too when it comes to selecting the right mens kurta. Check out the factors which will help you select the best attire.

  • Decide what Kind of Look you Want

As stated above, kurtas also have formal and casual styles. Before selecting the kurta, you must know what the occasion demands you to wear. If you are purchasing a traditional attire for a wedding then it is better to opt for a formal looking kurta but if the event is something like a cocktail party or a low-key engagement ceremony then you can also choose to go for a casual kurta style. Traditional kurtas are distinct in their look because they are quite decorative in nature with either embroideries or designs. Casual or modern kurtas, on the other hand, are easy-going because they do not require much styling. Most casual mens kurtas differ in terms of their sleeve and neck patterns.

  • Choose the Right Fabric

Material plays a very important role in Indian wear because many attire styles also depend on the same. Apart from the patterns, colours also get influenced by the fabrics. Well, the fabric can also decide the impact of the outfit. For instance, a silk kurta will have a shine-like feel to it because of the material’s composition whereas a cotton kurta will look casual because the material itself is simple and without any impactful texture. Additionally, not every fabric might be right for every design or embellishment, so choose the fabric of your traditional kurta wisely. For weddings and festivals go for heavy fabrics like velvet and silk whereas for casual events you can opt for a cotton kurta.

  • Select the Appropriate Colour

Along with the fabric, choosing the correct colour is also very important. The colour of the trousseau is the most crucial factor of an Indian outfit. These days bright colours are very much in vogue and so are pastels. You can drift away from the usual colour combinations and can go for unique hues of pink, blue, grey, peach, etc.

Well, after purchasing the right kurta, it is also essential to style it aptly for an event. Styling a contemporary kurta is easy because usually, the kurta itself is trendy. Here are some aspects which make mens kurta look contemporary and modern.

  • Different Bottom Style

A traditional kurta is generally worn with a pajama or a churidar. But nowadays, you can pair up your kurta with different bottom styles too. In order to give your ethnic kurta a modern look, you can choose from various styles like straight pants, dhoti pants, denim pants, etc. You can also opt for a contrast coloured bottom for your ethnic kurta.

  • Modern Designs on the Kurta

Instead of opting for the same old traditional designs on the kurta, you can choose to go for modern designs too like geometric prints, floral prints, checks, etc. Even if you want to go for embellishments you can choose minimal ones.

  • Add a Quirky Jacket

These days men like to experiment with their personal style. You can add a quirky jacket to your kurta to enhance the overall look. The jacket need not be of the same colour as the kurta, it better be a contrast. Jackets can make your entire look unique and this add-on is effortless to pull off too! The jacket can have minimal or no design at all. Well, see to it that both the jacket and the kurta are complementing one another and are not looking mismatched. Even if you are opting for contrast hues make sure they are blending with one another.

  • Pep up the Look with Footwear

In order to complete your contemporary kurta look, you also need to choose the right pair of footwear. Usually, people opt for traditional footwear styles like mojris, Kolhapuris, etc. But in order to pep up the look a bit, you can go for modern footwear styles too. Pair up your mens kurta pajama with brogues, loafers, boat shoes, etc. If you are a fashionista and want to give yourself a completely modern feel then you can go for slip-on shoes too! Take care while selecting the tone of your shoes because they need not be too jazzy. Opt from the hues of grey, black, white, blue or beige.

Online shopping portal Nihal Fashions has amazing options in mens kurta pajama styles. Be it traditional or contemporary, Nihal Fashions excels in all styles. Shopping for traditional outfits online is not just time-saving but is also easy on the pocket. Moreover, as compared to other offline outlets, online portals have more options to choose from. Right from the fabric choices to the variations in patterns and colours, Nihal Fashions is surely going to be your best shopping partner.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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