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With the popularity of sarees increasing every day, trying out unique styles with the attire is nothing new. While most choose to keep it traditional, there are some who prefer to try bolder looks and experiment with their outfits. One great way to do this is add a little modern touch to your sarees and make a complete transformation that is worth turning into a style statement. If you are confused about what can be done with the attire, here are some tips that you can check out or follow when you try on a saree next!

Ways to Make your Saree Stand Out

A saree, while exquisite on its own, often needs an extra element to make it really stand out. For some, it could be the way the style their blouse. For others, it could the shade of the saree or the prints they opt for. With everyone having a unique sense of style, making a saree stand out is easy if you really are confident enough to pull off a look that is rarely tried by people.

  • Choose one with a thick Border

Not many opt for this style of sarees but the ones with a thicker border can amplify your elegance a great deal if draped right and accessorized with the right elements. If you are wearing a material where a thick border is a possibility, make sure you opt for it instead of your routine chiffon.

  • Opt for Ombre Shade Sarees

Ombre shades have been tried and tested with by women for a number of things, one of them being their hair. Another great trend that has emerged where ombre is concerned is opting for sarees in this shade. The multi-colored fabric has managed to snag the hearts of many with its lovely hues and the way it looks while draped on you.

  • Try Dual Prints or Designs

Lately, the trend for dual shaded sarees have also increased with each shade flaunting a different print. Draping the saree the ideal way can let you flaunt the entire saree the way it is meant to be flaunted where each pattern is laid emphasis on. Apart from varying prints and designs, you can even find out other ways to flaunt the entire saree while being innovative with the draping style.

Ways to Wear a Saree with a Modern Touch

Sarees, while ethnic, can do great even with a modern touch to it. By pairing the saree with elements that are unusual to the look on a normal day, one can try out many variations with a saree and create looks that can become the next fashion trend. You can try adding some of the factors mentioned below to your ethnic look while you have a saree on for a touch to modernity to your traditional attire.

  • Wear it with a Dhoti

A saree is certainly worth all the appreciation one receives when wearing something out of the blue. While sarees are perfect attires to be flaunted during important occasions and cultural events, experimenting with the outfit have become common nature for fashionistas everywhere. One way to do this is by wearing the saree as a dhoti below the blouse. Not only is the ensemble elegant and chic but also gorgeous enough to turn you into a style icon.

  • Use a Shirt as a Blouse

Here’s another cool look to opt for a modern saree trend. The blouse of the saree that is usually styled to your liking can be replaced by a shirt. While bold and unique, this look can work great if you know exactly how to pull it off. You can find crop shirts or ones that come with a bow tie at the naval to give it an interesting touch.

  • Drape the Pallu as a Necktie

Apart from the normal styles of draping a saree, there are other appealing ways that one can drape a saree in. Draping the pallu of the saree as a necktie can be a great idea if you are bad at forming the pleats of the saree. This new style is easy to carry off put on as well where all you need to do is drape the pallu around your neck twice for a secure hold.

  • Tie a Belt Around your Waist

A kamarpatta is a good option as an accessory to emphasize your waist. Delicate strings with lovely patterns on them should certainly a style you should go for if you love all things simple. On the other hand, we also have an equally amazing idea for all the bold ones who are up for flaunting styles that are new and innovative. Belts have managed to replace the kamarpatta to add a brilliant and fascinating modern touch to the ethnic Indian saree.

  • Wear a Sheer Poncho Over your Saree

Another great idea to bring out the best in your stylish blouse to wear a sheer cape atop the blouse. This is even more gorgeous when paired with a sequined tube top that can act as the perfect companion to your sheer cape.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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