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Sherwanis are extremely formal in their look and design. Usually, this coat-like attire is worn by grooms on the D-day. Nowadays, this elegant outfit is worn by others too. Sherwanis come in a variety of designs and colours these days. Right from different bottom styles to different fabrics, sherwanis are now available in several variations. Not just men, even kids can opt for sherwanis. If your child is bored with the usual kurta pajama combo then it is best to go for a sherwani look. This outfit is apt for wedding occasions and festivals. Sherwani is the most elite looking outfit for your young boy. However, make sure that you style it right. Kids sherwani is slightly different from men’s sherwani in terms of colours and patterns. Men generally choose subtle tones for sherwani like beige, white, grey, etc. On the other hand, grooms are generally clad in the tones of red. Kids can go for unique colours too when wearing a sherwani. These days you can get amazing kids sherwani online. Shopping for kids Indian clothes online has several benefits like more options to choose from, money-saving offers, discounts, etc. When buying a sherwani for kids there are certain factors which you need to keep in mind.

  • Length

Sherwani needs to be of a proper length. Usually, a sherwani is knee length but for kids, the length need not be too long because it can create hindrance in their movement. Make sure the length of the kids sherwani is correct and is fitting well from the shoulders too. Many times, it so happens that the outfit is oversized for the kid and spoils the whole look. Additionally, the fitting also depends on the kind of fabric used for the sherwani.

  • Fabric

Kids sherwani is available in many materials. However, make sure the fabric is comfortable for your kid and is not itchy. Most sherwanis also consist of embellishments and embroideries and therefore these outfits are made of heavy fabrics. See to it that the weather of the event is apt for the fabric chosen. For instance, avoid velvet for a summer occasion and instead go for a silk sherwani.

  • Work and embellishments

Sherwanis usually have loads of works and embellishments depending on their design. But when you are looking for a kids sherwani opt for the one with minimal work and embellishments. This way the child is also comfortable and even the outfit needs lesser maintenance. This does not mean that the sherwani you choose for your kid should be very plain and simple. You can opt for quirky prints and minimal works to make the attire look a bit festive.

  • Choose the bottoms wisely

Sherwanis look amazing with churidars but these days they are also worn with dhoti. Depending on the length of the sherwani you can also opt for straight pants. If your kid’s sherwani is short in length then a dhoti is the best option. Go for a cotton bottom be it a churidar, pant or a dhoti!

These days sherwanis come in a variety of prints and designs. Gone are the days when sherwanis for men and kids looked alike with no experimentation. Here are some designs and patterns for kids sherwani.

  • Geometric patterns

Don’t make your kid wear those mundane designs instead look for something unique and contemporary which suits their age. Geometric prints look amazing on sherwanis because they are simple yet impactful. Moreover, you can also experiment with colours with geometric prints. One can go with contrast colours too with this print!

  • Floral

Florals are not just for girls they also look good on boys sherwani. These days most pastel sherwanis come in floral prints because they are very much in vogue. Pastel shades of green, blue and pink look good in floral designs. Pair up this floral kurta with a white straight pant and your child is surely going to make a style statement.

  • Minimal motifs

When you select a sherwani for kids with motifs make sure they are not heavy on the eyes and are detailed and minute. Motifs come in innumerable varieties so select the one which suits the pattern of the sherwani and its colour. Not every motif looks good on every sherwani so it is necessary to choose the right one. Moreover, the stated motifs should not look too boring and should be in sync with your child’s age.

Buying Indian dresses for kids is fairly simple but there are some points which you need to keep in mind. Apart from the design, fit and the pattern, here are some important tips which will help you style your kid well.

  • Avoid white kurtas

It is best to avoid white for kids sherwani because it is too difficult to maintain this colour. Moreover, white outfits require regular maintenance and cleaning, which is quite a task. For kids go for colours like yellow, blue and pink. Additionally, a full white outfit is also a no-no for kid’s ethnic wear.

  • Limit the embellishments

Kid’s ethnic wear need not have too many embellishments because they can cause irritation to the child’s skin. Moreover, if there are too many embellishments the material of the outfit is also bound to be thick. If the event’s duration is long then make sure you opt for either cotton or silk.

  • Ignore the Ethnic Footwear

When adults don Indian wear, they also take utmost care to wear the right footwear. However, with kids, you need not stress on this because ethnic footwear can be really uncomfortable for a child.

Though accessories are a must when wearing an Indian dress, they are not necessary for kids. Keep your kid’s look simple and hassle-free because the outfit itself is enough to make an impact. Avoid dupattas, pocket squares and other add-ons when it comes to getting your child dressed in an Indian attire. Don’t forget to check online sites for amazing kids sherwani.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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