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Traditional Indian clothing has deep-rooted significance in Indian culture. Most Indian attires have a long history attached to them. Every Indian outfit varies depending on the location of its origin. The most common traditional outfit for men is kurta pajamas. Kurta pajamas are popular all across the country and lately, this trend has carved its presence all over the globe. Usually, a kurta is nothing but a loose shirt-like attire. Kurtas are generally knee-length but these days there are many patterns in this outfit which vary in length. Even with the rise of western clothing, kurta pajamas still remain the first choice for men when it comes to cultural events and festivals. This combination is worn by women too but initially, it was introduced as men’s clothing. It can be rightly said that kurta pajama has become quite modern in its appearance with the introduction of new designs and patterns. Moreover, these days kurta pajamas are available in unique colours too. Kurta Pyjamas for men are easily available on online platforms. The best time to flaunt ethnic wear is wedding occasions. These days wedding occasions are more than just the D-day, they now also consist of sangeet ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, cocktail parties, etc. Kurta pajamas are ideal for all these functions because they are available in innumerable varieties. Well, before buying a kurta pajama make sure you are clear about the following aspects.

  • Length of the Kurta

Different kurtas are apt for different occasions. Likewise, the length of the kurta also decides the vibe of the attire. Short kurtas are generally termed as casual kurtas because they look almost like a shirt. Simple short kurtas are perfect for cultural events and also for everyday wear. Long kurtas are usually opted for wedding occasions and festivals because these events need you to deck up. Make sure you are clear about the length of the kurta before purchasing it. Long kurtas are better worn with churidars whereas short kurtas can also be teamed up with denims.

  • Know about the Design and the Embroidery

Embroidered mens kurta is an amazing choice for wedding events. However, one needs to see whether the print or the work on the outfit is suiting them or no. Sometimes, in order to follow the trend, we end up buying an outfit which doesn’t suit our body or personal style. To avoid the stated it is best to first check whether the work on the kurta suits you or no. Additionally, for a casual occasion, it is not necessary to overdress! Keep in mind the nature of the event and then select the outfit.

  • Choosing the right Colour

Be it an Indian outfit or a western attire, colours play a crucial role. These days even men like to experiment with colours and the hues which are in vogue currently are pastels. However, if you are not confident about carrying the look with ease, go with the colours you are used to. You don’t want to be all conscious when wearing a particular outfit! Going for neutral shades is the best bet when you are confused about which shade to go for.

Kurta pyjama sets online have several variations. Choosing one right kurta from so many is quite a difficult task. In order to shop for the right attire, it is also necessary to know about the ongoing trends. Check out these useful tips to ace your ethnic look.

  • Ethnic Jackets

Ethnic jackets have the ability to transform any outfit. If you want to add uniqueness to your simple and plain kurta then a jacket is the best option. Go for a Nehru jacket or simply opt for a waistcoat depending on the event or your liking. Jackets not only enhance the kurta but also make it look stylish. Currently, there are many new trends in jackets too. Right from different designs to colours, jackets come in several varieties. The jacket kurta combo is best suited for weddings and sangeet ceremonies. Take care when you select the jacket. The colour of the jacket should effortlessly blend with the overall outfit and shouldn’t look like a separate entity.

  • Choose between a Dupatta and a Shawl

A dupatta or a shawl is a must if you want to get a complete traditional look. It is necessary to carry this look with élan. Drape the dupatta properly otherwise, the outfit can look clumsy. Additionally, the colour of the dupatta should match the tone of the outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a midnight blue kurta with golden details then the dupatta should also have a golden tone to it. The dupatta or the shawl need not be of the same colour as the outfit but should be in sync with the look.

  • Select the right Footwear

Traditional footwear patterns like mojris, Kolhapuri chappals, etc can be worn with kurta pajamas. Whereas, if you are pairing up your kurta with straight pants or denims then you can also go for western footwear styles like boat shoes, brogues, loafer shoes, etc. The colour of the footwear should not be much of a contrast. If you are unsure about the colour of the footwear then go for black or brown tones.

  • Jewellery options for Kurta Pajama

For men, there are limited options when it comes to jewellery. Accessories can enhance the look of your ethnic wear. Men can try accessories like finger rings, bracelets, etc. However, if you feel your kurta is impactful enough and does not need any more elements then you can ditch the accessories altogether!

The best way to shop for indian mens kurta is to go for online shopping platforms. Nihal Fashions is one online destination which offers an excellent variety in ethnic kurta pyjamas for men. Online shopping is time-saving and easy on the pocket. Nihal Fashions offers amazing festive discounts which are impressive to the core. Additionally, all our outfits are high on style and trends which make them unique and must-haves. Even for add-ons like dupatta, mojris, safa, etc you can rely on us!

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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