Wear your Ethnic Dhoti Fashionably with our Best Tips

The ethnic dhoti has become a popular companion to kurtas and sherwanis where pajamas have begun to take a backseat. With the kind of ethnicity the attire adds to any outfit and the elegance it exudes with its folds and flow, anyone draping a dhoti is bound to make a grand impression on his audience. Apart from men flaunting this attire, women have also begun to wear the dhoti with their own versions of traditional dressing.

If you are unaware of how to make an impression with your dhoti, here are a few tips that you can use to make your own style statements:

What’s better – Pre-stitched or Unstitched?

It is no surprising fact that dhotis are terrible difficult to wear and flaunt with ease. The perpetual fear of the dhoti coming off at the wrong time is certainly not untoward. The chances of you stepping on your own dhoti and tripping or making it fall off too is higher than ever if it is your first time flaunting one. To help you make the right choice regarding the dhoti to opt for, here is a little something that can give you an idea of what to purchase when you are on a shopping spree for Indian ethnic wear:

  • Who should wear a Pre-stitched Dhoti?

If you’ve never worn a dhoti before in your entire life, we suggest starting small. For big occasions where you are one of the important guests, make sure you don’t set yourself up for a wardrobe malfunction by wearing an unstitched dhoti. With a pre-stitched one being easier to put on and flaunt, you can be sure of walking without worrying about the knot coming undone. And until then, you can always try to wear the dhoti at home and walk about in it for practice.

  • Who can Carry off an Unstitched Dhoti?

There is absolutely no doubt that an unstitched dhoti is as ethnic as you can get. By tying it up just right the old-fashioned way, you are flaunting your culture and roots as much as the outfit you have on. If you have been wearing a dhoti since the time you were a toddler when your parents helped to tie one, you definitely are the right candidate for this dhoti. Rather than wearing a dhoti that is pre-stitched and not your size, the best thing to do is to proudly pair one that you tie yourself for an even better traditional feel.

A step-by-step Guide to Wearing the Dhoti Right

Step 1: Hold the dhoti at your waist and check how much cloth you would require on each side.

Step 2: Tie a knot using the two ends in your hand around the navel

Step 3: Make folds or pleat the cloth at the right side of the knot and tuck the folds in at the waist.

Step 4: Repeat the procedure on the left as well.

Step 5: Take hold of the folded part of the dhoti at the front and take it from in between your legs to be tucked behind.

Your dhoti is now draped.

Ways to Style your Dhoti

Styling your dhoti is easy if you have even the most basic fashion sense. The few rules that you must remember is never to go overboard, never merge too many prints and colors together, and create the right blend that balances out the overall ensemble rather than overcrowding it with too many elements.

  • With a Short Kurta

With the pretty pleats that the dhoti flaunts at the top where it is tied, hiding it under a long kurta almost feels like a sin. Instead of pairing the dhoti with an attire that is terribly long, make sure it is short enough to flaunt all the best sides of your dhoti and give off an effect that doesn’t fall short of its original appeal.

  • Underneath your Sherwani

Wearing a pajama with a sherwani is completely passé today. Newer innovations such as loose bottoms or dhotis make for much better accompaniments than the routine attires. So, if you are wondering when to wear your dhoti next, underneath your sherwani is certainly the right choice.

  • With a Jacket in Tow

Not that a dhoti would look incomplete with just a kurta or a sherwani at the top but a jacket added to the mix is sure to increase the appeal of the outfit a great deal.

  • In a Flashy Color

Gone are the days where dhotis were worn in somber colors. Today, flashy shades are more in trend than the ones that are hardly noticeable. If you are planning to wear something that you want to catch your audience’s eye with, you may as well opt for it in a shade that catches everyone’s attention for miles for all the right reasons.

  • Opt for Prints

Printed dhotis are another trend that you can try to make an impression on the people you are attending the event with. With the right kind of print that matched your kurta or sherwani without creating chaos in the blend, you have the perfect attire for any event.

  • Go Floral

Here’s another trend to follow when it comes to outfits. Floral dhotis, while over-the-top, can be blended well with the right choice of kurta. A simple white or pastel kurta paired with floral dhotis can create a blend that is hard to miss and hard to ignore.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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