How to Wear Dhoti

Indian Dhoti is the traditional drapery of Indian men, mostly worn for the traditional or ceremonial occasions. Dhoti is the long piece of unstitched cloth of about 5 yards and referred as the best inherent Indian costume of men.  Diversity in Indian states have given enormous names to Dhoti and every state has a different style of wearing a dhoti. Earlier Dhoti used to come in white, crème or beige colors, but now men’s can get bold shades like maroon, black and red also.  In this post ill brief you about the common style of wearing Dhoti.Kurta - Nihal Fashions

~ First hold the dhoti and measure how much cloth is required on either side of the body

~ As per the measurement of dhoti, tie a knot near the navel.

~ Then create a series of folds on the right side and tuck the folded part at the waist.

~ Alike, the former series of folds, make further folds on the left side and then take the folded part of cloth between your legs and then tuck it from behind and your dhoti has been draped.

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