Ways to Coordinate Designer Traditional Wear for Men and Women to Create a Beautiful Blend

Designer wears are famous all over the world for being exclusive, elegant and extraordinary. Since the Indian Fashion Industry has flourished drastically, the scenario of Indian ethnic clothing for both women and men has also changed.

The monotony of traditional Indian Outfits is exterminated with the arrival of designer ethnic clothing. The innovative patterns and extravagant designs make the mind-boggling Indian traditional outfits for men and women must-haves for every occasion. Designer traditional wear is the perfect charm-enhancer for every moment of life. And buying the right one is like adding a new treasure to your wardrobe. After all, nothing is ever really enough.

Coordinating your Ethnic wear with your Partner’s Outfit

While any Indian ethnic outfit you decide to buy gives off a charming look, coordinating it right with your partner can amp up the beauty and elegance of both outfits in a gorgeous blend that is sure to make you and your partner the center of attention throughout the celebration or occasion.

If you are unsure of how to bring about this blend successfully and without ruining your looks overall, we offer a few suggestions for you to try that can take the elegance of your outfits up a notch and woo your audience with the kind of classiness if gives off. Here are some of the ways to coordinate your ethnic wear flawlessly with your partner’s.

  • Choose shades of the same color

One great trick to coordinate your outfits well is to have your outfits curated in different shades of the same color. If it is a pink lehenga or saree that your partner wants to don, you can opt for a sherwani in a darker shade of the same color while your partner flaunts a lighter shade. If you wish to, you can also choose to wear a lighter shade of sherwani or kurta and let your partner choose a darker and brighter shade.

  • Borrow shades from your partner

For those who would rather not wear Indian outfits the same color as that of their partners, choosing to wear elements or accessories that are the same shade as their outfits can be a good substitute. So instead of flaunting a pink, yellow, or pista green outfit that your partner is bound to choose for her lehenga, you can instead get a safa or a dupatta with elements of those shades. So, you can both match without having to wear a color you aren’t comfortable with.

  • Coordinate your jewelry

Another cool thing you can try is match your jewelry. This does not mean both you and your partner would have to wear the same set of jewelry to be able to match each other. You can always opt for jewelry in the same shade as your partner’s outfit or coordinate the pattern of the jewelry to match each other.

  • Opt for similar prints in varying colors

If you aren’t keen on flaunting the same color or shade as that of your spouse or companion for the event, you can always opt for prints that are similar or, perhaps, the exact same. However, the colors can differ to give it a good blended look. So if you intend to wear a gold sherwani for men while your spouse, bride, or partner wished to wear a pastel pink, make sure the prints on the fabric are the same to give it a well-coordinated look.

  • Wear outfits in contrasting shades

If you have been wondering whether contrasting shades make for good options when choosing couple ensembles, this is something you wouldn’t have to worry about. Shades that contrast are often able to blend better than the ones that fall within the same color scheme.

  • Add décor elements to your outfit

If the occasion is being hosted by you, you would certainly be aware of the décor elements being used to make the venue look its brightest and liveliest. Especially for a bride and a groom, adding the elements of the décor that graces the venue within your outfits as patterns are sure head-turners and eye-grabbers. If it is flowers that are the most eye-catching element of the decorations, ensuring that the same flowers form beautiful patterns across your outfit is an idea worth trying. It would definitely seem like you’ve given the whole thing a lot of thought, which is sure to make your guests look at you in an altogether new light.

While these are ways that you can try to bring about a great blend within your outfits, you can also try and experiment some more to make your ensemble look more classy and eye-catching without taking away the beauty or the show from any one of the outfits.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.