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Sarees are evergreen and are the best bet for almost every occasion. Sarees are extremely important to the Indian culture. With time there has been a drastic change in the way sarees are designed and worn. These days different fabrics are used for sarees along with different prints and designs. Earlier, Indian sarees were only worn for weddings and festivals but nowadays sarees are worn for casual occasions too. Traditional Indian sarees are available in almost all colours, moreover, these days sarees with contrast tones are also widely worn. Well, unlike before, sarees now have contemporary prints and designs too. The blend of contemporary and traditional is quite in vogue these days. Designers come up with unique colour combinations and additions in sarees these days. Many times, sarees are also designed keeping in mind the seasons! Usually, for weddings and festivals bright coloured sarees are chosen by women but if you are someone who does not want to follow the crowd then you can opt for a classic black saree too. Though black sarees used to be a no-no for wedding occasions earlier, nowadays black sarees are worn for wedding events too. Black looks the best for evening occasions because the colour is not ideal for daytime events. Additionally, this colour looks classy in all fabrics. Well, if you are not confident about wearing a full black saree then you can add another colour to the saree too along with black. Black sarees are timeless and can be worn for parties too. For people who are unclear about what colour saree to choose, black is a perfect choice. You can get beautiful black sarees online too. Here are some tips to style your black saree.

  • Choose the Right Jewellery

A black saree can look very boring without the addition of accessories. It is necessary to pair up your saree with appropriate jewellery because otherwise, the overall look can get mundane. Try to add statement earrings or go for an impactful neckpiece. Additionally, women can go for vibrant bangles too. The tone of the jewellery should match with the saree. For instance, if your black saree has a golden embroidery then the jewellery better be of that tone. Also, see to it that you don’t add too many jewellery pieces in one go. Opt for one accessory and ace your look!

  • Check the Fabric of the Saree

Every fabric gives a different look to the colour. Depending on the texture of the material your Indian saree is bound to differ in terms of its appearance and feel. Choose the fabric you feel comfortable in because otherwise, you won’t be able to pull off the look. A black cotton saree is perfect for cultural events and casual occasions whereas a silk cotton saree is more apt for wedding occasions. Silk and georgette add some shimmer to the look because of the texture and black looks glamorous in these materials! Choose the fabric depending on the event and the kind of look you want.

  • Wear Proper Footwear

A saree can lose its vibe if it is not paired with proper footwear. Heels are perfect for sarees because they enhance the posture. Well, you can also go for platform heels or sandals if you are uncomfortable with pencil heels. The colour of the heels need not be black, you can also try a contrast coloured footwear with a black saree to add some colour to the look.

  • Don’t Forget your Clutch!

An overall black saree can be too heavy for the eyes so try to add some extra elements like a clutch. A clutch will not just enhance your look but will also add something more to the colour black. You can go for a golden toned clutch or a silver shimmery clutch depending on the saree. The clutch can either be a tiny one or can also be slightly bigger.

  • Go for a Perfect Hairdo

Your hair also influences the look and that’s why it is vital to opt for a good hairdo. For women, who are not that confident about hairstyles you can try to go for simple styles like a messy bun, soft curls, etc. A traditional Indian saree looks perfect only if your hair is on point.

  • Apply Makeup

Well, not all of us are experts when it comes to makeup. However, traditional Indian outfits need some amount of makeup because the outfits are a bit dramatic. You need not apply too much of makeup! Try and go for subtle makeup like kohl eyes, trendy lip colour, vibrant nail colour, etc.

Choosing traditional Indian sarees online is a relief because you no longer have to struggle from one outlet to another to get that perfect saree. Well, there are several other colours which can blend with black. Check out some hues which go well with black.

  • Black and Red

The combination of black and red is mind-blowing because it looks ravishing and sensuous. This combo is perfect for occasions like cocktail parties, engagement parties, receptions, etc. You can either go for an overall contrast saree consisting of red and black or you can simply add a red border to your black saree.

  • Black and Blue

Black and blue together make for a fashionable combo. Opt for this combination without a second thought. Well, note that blue also has many shades which differ from one another quite a lot. For instance, you can try to blend teal blue with black or else combine turquoise and black.

  • Pink and Black

Pink has several hues which gel perfectly with black. Try and combine the shades of magenta pink and black or go for the combination of hot pink and black. Indian sarees of these colours look extremely contemporary because of the use of different shades. Almost every shade of pink goes well with black!

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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