How to make your Ethnic Outfit Stand out from the Rest?

Indian outfits have become trends by themselves all across the globe with people acknowledging the Indian culture and traditional as one of the best all over the world. Traditional ethnic wear, with the exquisiteness and intricate patterns have become a go-to option for all during important events and occasions. This, not only among Indians but westerners as well. And we definitely have no complains! Here’s us helping you out in ways to make your ethnic outfit stand out from the rest, no matter where you flaunt it.

What Clothing must you have as part of your Ethnic Collection?

Confused about what really comes under the category of ethnic wear? Here’s a brief guide:

  • All about Sherwanis

The outfit that has become a favorite during weddings and every important occasion, the Indian sherwani is beautiful enough to make anyone the center of attention if styled right.

  • The gig with Kurta Pajamas

Indian kurta pajamas are yet another traditional Indian men’s wear that are widely worn by men every either during occasions or on a daily basis. The simplicity of the outfit make them the best choice for any event. Take a look at this blog to know more about the latest trends of styling this outfit!

  • An Indo-western Twist

Indo western suits for men strike a perfect balance between the traditional and the modern, making them apt for all in today’s day and age. Not too old and neither too modern, this outfit has struck a chord among men, making them the most chosen outfit for festive occasions. Here’s how you can make the most of this fusion

Which Accessories make the Perfect Add-ons to your Indian Outfits?

Thought about what accessories you can flaunt with your Indian ethnic wear? If you thought accessories are only for the fairer sex, you definitely haven’t been introduced to the right ones. Here are all of the accessories you can pair with your traditional ethnic wear:

  • The right Footwear

Mojaris or mojdis have forever been the footwear that people choose to pair with an ethnic outfit. For an even more traditional touch, you could also try jootis with a curled up front that was considered oh-so-superior in the past. Today, instead of a status symbol, this footwear is used to make style statements.

  • Jackets with an Ethnic Touch

Nehru jackets have become a trend over the past few decades, becoming an attire that helps increase the classiness of your ethnic wear. For an even more elaborate view on how to pair your Nehru jackets right, here’s what you can read up on!

  • Head Gear

While you can go without a head gear during festivities, weddings are the perfect occasions to don on a safa, or turban atop your head. Called the safa, this clothing item can be matched with your outfit to make your look all the more glamourous.

  • Pearly Malas

Malas have been flaunted by the maharajas of the old in most potraits we have seen so far. When you have a sherwani or a kurta pajama on, you are as much a royalty, making it the ideal event to flaunt those pearly malas in.

  • Ethnic Brooches

Brooches made of gemstones and attached to delicate strings can be tucked onto your sherwani or kurta pajama to amp up the look further. The sparkling stones are sure to make your outfit look even more regal.

How to Style your Outfit Right?

Are you as bad at styling your outfits as most of the male population? We are here to help you get through the ordeal without letting your head explode. Here are some basic rules you need to keep in mind, and follow, when the time comes:

  • Color-coordinate the Outfit

The worst thing you can do with an ethnic outfit is pairing it wrong. You may have purchased the most gorgeous Indian traditional men’s clothing online but would fail to bring out its beauty if you choose the wrong color to contrast with it. From the choice of bottom and the dupatta to the safa you tie atop your head and the footwear and accessories you choose, all make a difference in making your look or ruining it completely.

  • Stay Subtle with the Accessories

Over-accessorizing is one setback that takes away the glamor from even the most elegant of dresses. If you have a men’s traditional wear donned on that is elaborately embroidered, make sure you choose sober accessories that do not overwhelm your overall look. On the other hand, if you are more inclined to choosing simple patterns of ethnic wear, go ahead and deck up with the best of accessories such as a brooch, pearl malas, etc. to balance out the look well.

  • Decide what to Wear according to the Occasion

Before you get your sherwani or kurta pajama out of the closet, or set out to buy a sherwani or kurta pajama to add to your collection, ask yourself what occasion you intend to wear it to. Remember, not all sherwanis are fit for every occasion. And traditional ethnic wear as an outfit as well can never right for every event you attend. While celebratory events such as a wedding, a festival, and anniversary celebration, etc. are perfect events to flaunt your sherwanis and kurtas, events such as a New Years’ Eve party in a club are definitely not. So, make sure you choose the occasion and your outfit well before putting it on.

Where to Find the Best Ethnic wear for Men?

While your preference is something we cannot influence, we can certainly guide about where you can find the most exquisite collection of Indian wear for men! With online shopping portals offering a much wider range to shop from, you surely needn’t go hopping from shop to shop to get your ensemble ready for the next event. All you need do is browse online at Nihal Fashions and go through our extensive selection of men’s wear to find the right sherwani, kurta pyjama, indo western suits for men, and the accessories that you would need to complete your look.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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