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Ethnic Indian outfits have, for centuries, been worn with a grace and elegance so powerful that the outfit has even become a favorite among people not from Indian ethnicity. From traditional mens clothing to women’s ethnic wear, every clothing item has a story of its own and a splendor that can be seen emanating from it when donned by people. Forever in vogue, these traditional outfits can make you stand out in a crowd, no matter where you are!

Ethnic Fashion Trends for Men to Follow

Ethnic outfits have a number of trends floating about that men can try to make the outfits look out of the box and add to their own charm. Here are some fashion trends that men can follow:

Clothing Trends

There are a number of clothing trends doing the rounds that men can make the most of. Here are some of them:

  • Trendy Bottoms

Men’s ethnic wear have been the perfect go-to outfits for cultural events, family celebrations, weddings, and much more where a celebration of traditions and cultures is imminent. Whether it is a kurta you plan your purchase or a sherwani, there are

  • Dupatta Styling

A dupatta is an essential add-on, especially with sherwanis where it becomes an integral part of the ensemble. However, shawls can also be used as a substitute. One can try a number of chic ways to style the dupatta to make it look more alluring.

  • Nehru Jackets

Another trend that has become common and been accepted widely by people everywhere is the addition of the Nehru jacket to men’s ethnic wear. With a contrasting shade of jacket worn with the sherwani or kurta, you can blend the outfit beautifully and pull off a charming look for any occasion.


Adding accessories to the mix is another trend that is needed to add more allure to the look. From gemstone pendants and brooches to stylish watches and wrist accessories, you can do a lot to get some glitz on the ensemble. With a little bit of bling, you can change the entire look of your ethnic wear and make it more captivating.


Men have a lot many options to wear as footwear to pair with Indian ethnic outfits, owing to the many styles of footwear being worn in different parts of India. From mojdis that are typically worn with men’s ethnic wear to Kolhapuri slippers, men can try whatever they are most comfortable wearing. For those who prefer closed feet shoes, mojdis definitely serve as a better option. Kolhapuri slippers are open-toed and are airy and comfortable. On the other hand, pairing formal boots with ethnic wear goes equally well.

Women’s Ethnic Fashion Trends

For women, there are numerous trends that can be tried as part of the ethnic fashion. Here are some that are both popular and evergreen:

Trends in Clothing

Certain trends that have caught the eye of women everywhere and have been replicated in their own way have led to a revolution in trending outfits everywhere. Some of these trends that have become more popular than one could imagine are:

  • Capes

Capes have been a trendy clothing in western wear for quite a long time. However, the trend of adding capes to blouses has led to another revolution altogether! Women can have long capes attached to their blouses to pair with their lehenga skirts or even with their sarees if they so wish and are bold enough to go for something unique.

  • Palazzos

Comfortable and flowing, palazzos are bottoms to be paired with salwars or even lehenga blouses for those who love to be different. These offer flexibility and comfort,  making for an ideal outfit for women who love their comfort about fashion trends.

  • Jackets with Lehengas

Another trend that is doing the rounds is wearing a jacket atop the choli with lehengas. Some may even choose t substitute the choli for a little jacket that is as snugly fit as a choli would.

  • Slits

Slits in your outfits are another of the many trends that took off back in the day and stayed even until now. A high slit in the bottom of your salwar or, perhaps, in your waist length choli that allows for flexibility.

  • Phulkaari Designs

Another trend that has been incorporated by people has been the use of phulkaari designs in their clothing. A popular fabric and print in Punjab, this particular design has become a favorite among women everywhere.

Hair Trends

For those who don’t wish their hair to overshadow their lovely outfits, tying their hair up in a messy bun can do the trick. Furthermore, add some hair accessories to the mix and you have a look worth the magazines! Another lovely hair trend is letting your hair fall in ringlets that frame your face beautifully. And if you are wary of tying your hair up in a bun, you can always go for fancy plaits such a princess look where the pleats are tied in a stylish fashion.

If you would rather just leave your hair open for the event, just straighten it all up and let it fall.


Jewelry is another addition that can make your outfit look even more fabulous. From earrings and necklaces to maagtikas and more, you can add as much bling as you like to your outfit as you prefer. Tinkling bangles, anklets, etc. also make for lovely additions to ethnic outfits, irrespective of what you choose to wear!


When donning an ethnic outfit, you can flaunt footwear that is equally ethnic. For those who prefer wearing  heels, you can wear something with traditional patterns on it to match your outfit. On the other hand, those who would rather not wear heels with their ethnic outfits can just opt for jootis instead!

With all of these options to flaunt in ethnic wear, you can sport the best of Nihal Fashions with elan.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.