Buy the Latest Fashion Trends in Men’s Sherwani and Kurta Pajama

We have all accepted the sherwani and kurta pajama to be the go-go traditional Indian clothing worn by men during special occasions. These garments are always appropriate and fashionable to wear, especially if they are made of the finest fabrics and crafted by skilled designers who specialize in making them. Sherwani is traditionally worn by grooms on their wedding, and it is customary for the groom to spend extravagantly on an elegant sherwani that fits him perfectly. On the other hand, the kurta pajama is worn for a more casual and comfortable look on any other occasion. Many also prefer donning kurta pajamas on a daily basis as a work attire due to the flexibility it offers and the comfort one can enjoy as compared to trousers and jeans.

Designers of traditional Indian clothing understand that men have the right to dress fashionably, too. Hence, you can find men’s kurta pajama and sherwani designed to make the most fashion savvy look for men that is exceptionally stylish, whether on their wedding or even on a regular basis. Modern cotton kurta pajamas can be made with embroidery for a trendier look while designer sherwanis can be made of cotton and silk for a comfortable feel that does not compromise a luxurious look. What you wish to purchase from among the vast selection of men’s ethnic wear can determine how you would end up looking.

The beauty of a sherwani

Sherwani consists of a kurta and a British frock coat. Designer sherwani is traditionally worn with a traditional mojris and a stole to make the man look more regal. Sherwani looks good on just about any man, especially tall ones. Sherwani can be made in a wide variety of fabrics. Silk and satin are common, but you can have it made with lavish brocade or other fabrics like art dupion and banarasi.

  • Staying trendy with the right colors

You can find designer sherwani in a wide variety of colors. The combination of the colors cream, beige, or off white with colors like maroon and gold results in a look that is fit for royalty. This way, you can wear a sherwani that is fit for a king or a young prince. Colors like green, blue, rust, navy blue, and orange provide a more modern and contemporary twist to the sherwani.

  • Accessorizing the sherwani

Adding classy accessories to a sherwani is the way to make your ensemble look more elegant and trendy. You can opt to flaunt a different kind of bottom with the sherwani, add a dupatta in varying styles that keep up with the trend while still complementing your outfit splendidly, add a head gear to said outfit in case you are attending a wedding, and pair jewelry and gemstones with the outfit that offer a perfect blend and contrast to the hue of the outfit.

The elegance of a kurta pajama

Kurta pajamas are easy to wear and they are comfortable. Hence, they deliver enough freedom to move. Kurta pajamas consist of a loose knee-length kurta and pajama pants. The kurta usually hits right below the knee. You can find designer kurta in a wide variety of muted and striking colors, from off white and cream to blue, gold, and purple.

  • Choosing the right bottoms

The best part about wearing a kurta pajama is that one needn’t just flaunt a pajama with the kurta as a trend. While it is commonly called a kurta pajama, many have begun to opt for other options when it comes to choosing the bottoms to be paired with the ethnic kurta. Cigarette pants, corduroys, and funky trousers or jeans have been popular choices among men over the years who have been looking for the right choice of bottoms without having their outfits resemble hundred other around them.

However, the one trend that resonates most with men today is the ethnic dhoti paired with a kurta that manages to bring back the traditions of ages ago into a creation that is easy to manage, easy to wear, and captivating to behold paired with the right kurta.

  • Adding your own touch to styling a kurta pajama

Once you have the right bottom decided on the kurta, all you need to do is add a few extra touches to make the outfit look breathtaking. One way to do that is making sure you keep your accessorizing as unique as possible.

A few ideas to follow can be –

  • A gemstone brooch that is pinned to your outfit where is seen and manages to bring out the elegance of the outfit as a whole
  • Add cufflinks to the kurta which isn’t normally seen on kurta pajamas and ensure buttons made of gemstones
  • Instead of a mandarin collar, opt for something different, depending on what you like and prefer
  • Make the sleeves of the kurta a little fancy by adding a churi effect to it and give it a firm fit around your wrist
  • Opt for checkered patterned kurtas with plan pajamas or vice versa to add a stunning yet memorable effect that wouldn’t be forgotten for years

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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