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Dhoti kurta has a long history in Indian culture. For men, options in terms of ethnic clothing are quite limited as compared to women. Kurta pajama ranks as the most worn traditional attire in today’s times but the elegance of a dhoti kurta cannot be matched! Dhoti is one attire which is worn in different styles in different states of India. Though dhoti is supposed to be worn by men, these days women also have dhoti-style pajamas which are very much in vogue. Most of us are aware of how to carry a kurta pajama, but when it comes to dhoti kurta for men the confusion sets in! Wearing a dhoti is not as easy as wearing a pajama, it requires a bit of effort. Commonly, a dhoti is a long-unstitched cloth which needs to be wrapped around the waist and legs in a proper manner. The style of draping a dhoti differs from place to place! Usually, a dhoti is white or cream in colour but due to the change in trends, they are now available in other colours too.

If you are bored with the mundane dhoti kurtas then take a look at the other trendy ways to style a dhoti.

  • Team up dhoti and suit

Dhoti can be worn fashionably with a suit too. If you are someone who has a good built or can carry new trends effortlessly then pair up a dhoti with a suit. Many outlets also deal in dhoti suit combos. However, when you think of buying this outfit make sure that the colour is looking apt and is not too light. Go for colours like blue, dark red, brown tones, etc. Though this may seem high fashion at first, many men prefer to go for this look.

  • Nehru jacket and dhoti

Dhotis these days come in various prints and designs and they can be easily paired with Nehru jackets. Nehru jackets and dhotis look amazing for weddings and festive occasions. Well, the jacket needs to be a bit embroidered to look festive. The combination of beige and gold looks perfect for this outfit. It is best to wear this attire for daytime events. Read our blog to know everything about Nehru jackets.

  • Dhoti with a shirt and coat

Indo-western is much preferred by people nowadays. Dhoti which is known for its traditionality has now become a part of Indo-Western fashion too. Team up a dhoti with a shirt and a coat and you are bound to make a style statement. This combination is perfect for cocktail parties and engagement ceremonies. One of the trickiest parts of this look is selecting the colours which is not the case with dhoti kurtas. The colours better not be loud and too shimmery. You can blend different shades of the same colour for this combination.

  • Long jackets with dhoti

Dhotis these days also come in heavily embroidered patterns. It is best to pair up such dhotis with a long jacket. Long jackets act as a cape which enhances the look of the outfit. The kurta here plays a very important role. One can select a vibrant kurta and pair it up with a black embroidered jacket. The dhoti in this combination better be off-white or beige. One can also match the borders of the dhoti and the kurta for a better look.

  • Jodhpuri jacket and dhoti

One look which rightly defines elegance is dhoti with a Jodhpuri jacket. Jodhpuri jackets are also called bandhgala suits. These kinds of suits are much like the formal suits but are a bit decorated. Usually, a Jodhpuri coat is worn with trousers but it can also be worn with a dhoti. This look is extremely classy for formal occasions. Go for the shades of grey, black or ivory when opting for this look. Jodhpuri jacket with dhoti can be worn for wedding occasions too!

Well, apart from choosing the right style it is also necessary to keep in mind a few things when wearing a dhoti with a kurta or any other cloth. Most designer dhoti kurtas are already colour coordinated and do not require much brainstorming. However, here are a few handy tips for wearing this amazing ethnic attire.

  • Different draping styles

Dhoti is draped differently by people depending on their habit or origin. Make sure you know which style of dhoti you want to wear. However, there is also a common style of wearing a dhoti which can be learnt with the help of tutorials!

  • Take into consideration the fabric

Usually, dhotis are made of light fabrics but these days they come in a variety of fabrics like silk, kanchi-silk, terry cotton, Mysore silk, etc. Choose the right material depending on the look you intend to achieve. Take into consideration the weather too when opting for any material.

  • Focus on the colour combination

Unlike pajamas, dhotis are difficult to blend and therefore it is necessary to choose the correct hues. One colour combination which suits almost all styles is a white dhoti with a golden border. If you plan to go for a silk dhoti then you can get numerous colour varieties.

  • Footwear

Dhoti kurtas are rightly called as the most traditional looking outfits of Indian culture. Footwear plays a very important role here because most men are not aware of ethnic footwear varieties. One can opt for mojris, Kolhapuris, brogues, etc. when wearing a dhoti kurta for men. Keep the colour of the footwear subtle so that it matches with the overall look easily. Mojris are quite colourful and can be worn if the outfit is plain and simple.

  • Accessories

In the case of dhoti kurtas accessorizing is also very essential. Depending on the kind of style you opt for go for the accessories. For men, the choices in accessories are far too less as compared to women. However, men can opt for wristwatch, bracelet, cufflinks, etc.

Try donning a traditional dhoti kurta and you will surely cherish its amazing elegance!

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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