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Salwar Kameez is a perfect concoction of comfort and style. Even though women have several options in ethnic wear, salwar kameez is still the most worn attire. Salwar kameez has been the most preferred traditional outfit because it requires minimum styling. Easy to pull off and effortless to choose, salwar kameez is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. With the wedding season all set to begin, it is recommended that you get yourself a traditional salwar kameez. Even in salwar kameez, there are several different patterns and styles. A typical salwar kameez is nothing but a kurta paired up with a salwar and a dupatta. However, with new fashion trends coming up every day, even salwar kameez now has several variations. Be it a festival or a casual event, salwar kameez is ideal for all occasions. One of the most trending styles in salwar kameez is frock-style salwar kameez. A frock-style salwar kameez is similar to an anarkali dress. This particular salwar kameez pattern has been in vogue for a long time but is still popular. A frock-style kameez looks unique and festive because of the long flowy kameez. This particular kameez is then paired up with a tight-fitted bottom known as the churidar. Well, it is important to note that this attire is incomplete without a dupatta! However, when it comes to selecting the right traditional attire there are many factors which need attention. Right from the colour to the pattern of the kameez, everything needs to be in place. Get fabulous salwar kameez online with never-ending choices. Even Bollywood celebrities are hooked to this salwar kameez pattern because of its uniqueness. Here are some things you need to look in for when choosing a frock style salwar kameez.

  • Select the Attire according to your Body Type

Be it western wear or Indian wear it is necessary to consider the body type and then select the outfit. A frock style salwar kameez is quite flexible because it is not body-hugging to the core and is comfortable in its fit too. Even if you are on the heavier side you can don a frock style salwar kameez. Adjust the flare according to your personal style and you’re good to go. Well, apart from the pattern of the kameez, colour also influences the look of the overall outfit.

  • See what the Occasion Demands

Ethnic dresses are usually worn for festivals and wedding occasions. However, one needs to select the right design which blends aptly with the event. These days there are many designs available in frock style salwar kameez. You can simply go for an embellished salwar kameez for a wedding event or can choose to go for a printed one for a casual occasion. According to the event, select the design wisely.

  • Colour Selection

Apart from the fit and the pattern, colours also need a good amount of attention. Opting for colours like red, green and blue has become quite common when it comes to salwar kameez but nowadays it is better to go for pastel tones and light shades. Currently, colours like mint green, peach, grey and hot pink are quite in vogue for frock style salwar kameez. Opting for unique colours will make you look different from others! Well, also consider the time of the event before going for a certain colour. The general fashion rule states that one should opt for lighter tones for daytime events and should go for darker tones for evening events.

  • Don’t Forget to Check the Neck and Sleeve Pattern

Most women only concentrate on the flare of the frock style salwar kameez but it is also necessary to take a look at the neck and sleeve patterns. See to it that the neck pattern is comfortable enough and is not looking over the top. Additionally, if you are bored with the regular sleeve patterns then you can add some newness to the same by opting for a different sleeve style.

Frock style salwar kameez designs are not very different from anarkali dresses. Apart from the regular designs and prints, there are many new variations in frock style salwar kameez. Check out the latest trends to follow in flared salwar kameez.

  • High Neck frock Style Salwar Kameez with Embellishments All Over!

It is not wrong to be all glittery once in a while! For an important wedding occasion, you can choose to go for a heavily embellished. frock style salwar kameez. Thanks to the flare, the embellishments look marvellous to the core. Additionally, ignore the mundane neck styles and go for a high neck pattern. The high neck pattern is very much in vogue and is also comfortable to pull off.

  • Pastel Coloured Frock Style Salwar Kameez with a Contrast Dupatta

Pastels are very much in trend now and they also look good in Indian outfits. If you feel that these colours look too subtle then you can add a contrast-toned dupatta to the attire. This way the whole outfit will look impactful without much styling. If you are someone who doesn’t understand much about styling an Indian outfit then this is the best way to enhance the look.

  • Floral Print frock Style Salwar Kameez

Florals are vibrant to the core and look classy for all events and occasions. A floral print salwar kameez is easy to carry and also looks fashionable to the core. Team up your floral ethnic dress with a shimmery dupatta and up your fashion game. Florals are perfect for weddings, cocktail parties, sangeet ceremonies, engagement ceremonies and festivals.

Well, once you are sure about your outfit then you also need to select the right footwear. Footwear plays a very important role in completing an ethnic look. For women, there are several options when it comes to footwear like mojris, sandals, heels, etc. Though heels look glamorous on Indian outfits, also take into consideration your comfort level.

The online shopping portal Nihal Fashions offers amazing varieties in frock style salwar kameez. Nihal Fashions also has fascinating discounts and festive offers to make your purchase worthier. Shop for salwar kameez online and revamp your wardrobe.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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