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Women these days don’t shy away from experimenting. Be it traditional Indian dresses or wedding gowns, nowadays many new patterns are added to the same. Earlier, when it came to dressing up for weddings women generally chose common attires like salwar kameez, kurta churidar, lehenga cholis, sarees, etc. Additionally, all these outfits were worn in colours like green, blue, red, black, etc. In order to give some newness to the look, designers have now come up with innovative colour combinations and prints. Neon colours have made a huge comeback in the fashion industry thanks to their uncommon look. Neon colours were earlier used only for western clothes but now they are used for Indian clothes too. Simple salwar kameez combos are paired with neon coloured dupattas and gowns are adorned with neon toned embellishments or borders! The most common and trendy neon colours are in the shades of yellow, orange, pink, blue and peach. In general, the trend of wearing neon sarees was caught up when several Bollywood actresses wore the same. Most fashion trends reach the masses only when celebrities pull them off with ease. Neon sarees are worn for both casual and formal occasions these days. These sarees are considered high-fashion because not everyone can pull them off with ease. One needs to be very clear about the styling when it comes to wearing these Indian sarees. These particular sarees need appropriate styling in terms of blouse patterns, neck patterns, sleeve patterns, etc. Accessorizing these sarees is also quite difficult because you can’t simply pair them up with golden or silver jewellery. Here are some useful tips to wear neon Indian sarees.

  • Buy what Suits You

Neon colours are extremely tricky and one needs to know their personal style too well in order to look good in such tones. When you think of buying a neon saree see to it that the tone you select is suiting you. Sometimes, women blindly follow fashion trends and end up looking weird. Neon colours are too bright and not everyone is comfortable to pull them off. Take into consideration the vibe of the event and your comfort level when you choose a neon saree! Several neon sarees also come with borders which enhances the look to a great extent.

  • Know which Material to Choose

Colours look different on different fabrics and the same goes for neon too. See to it that the saree you select is made from a good fabric which complements your body type. The material you select will also influence the draping of the saree. Usually, it is better to go for soft fabrics when it comes to neon colours like chiffon, silk, net, etc. Choose the material carefully because sarees also require a lot of care and maintenance. The more delicate the fabric the more attention it will need.

  • Choose the Print or the Embroidery Carefully

Every saree has some or the other decorative element in the form of print or embellishments. Additionally, some sarees also go for colour blocking. When it comes to neon sarees you need to choose whether you want to go for an overall print or embellishments. Neon sarees look quite modern and they are generally worn for occasions like cocktail parties, sangeet ceremonies and engagement parties. However, a heavily embellished saree can also be worn for a wedding occasion.  Make sure the elements on the saree are blending with the tone of the saree and are not looking unmatched.

You can get fashionable Indian neon sarees online too. Well, most women are confused when it comes to enhancing the look of a neon saree. Check out some useful tips which will help you look fabulous in a neon saree.

  • Check the Underskirt

Underskirt plays a very important role in every saree. With neon colours, see to it that the underskirt is matching with the saree and is blending with the same. If the underskirt is not proper it can ruin the overall look of the saree. Moreover, the neon colour should not get influenced by the colour of the underskirt.  Also, make sure you tie the underskirt firmly because otherwise, the draping won’t be proper.

  • Go for a Unique Blouse Pattern

Neon sarees are modern-looking and they need to be paired with a unique blouse. The pattern of the blouse needs to be striking enough because only then will the vibe of the saree stand out. The blouse need not be matching and instead one can opt for a contrast coloured blouse too. For instance, if your saree is neon pink then you can pair it up with a grey coloured blouse. Additionally, if your saree is orange or yellow in colour then you can go for a beige coloured blouse too.

  • Go for a Unique Draping Style

Even if your saree is simple to the core, you can spice up the look with a unique draping style. These days there are many draping styles which are modern and unique. Apart from the normal draping styles, you can go for innovative saree draping styles too. Try and go for styles like dhoti style saree, pant style draping, saree with a belt, saree with a skirt style draping, etc.

  • Go Easy on the Jewellery

Neon sarees are impactful enough thanks to the unique colour tones. You can go easy on the jewellery when wearing a neon saree. Try and complete your look with statement earrings, embellished belt or a heavy neckpiece. Make sure you add only one piece of jewellery and don’t go overboard with it.

  • Wear Proper Footwear

Wearing proper footwear is crucial for sarees. However, with neon sarees, it is recommended that you wear footwear with a neutral tone. Go for the tones of beige, white, black, etc when wearing a neon saree.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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