How to choose Exquisite Kurta Pajama – the Popular Indian Ethnic Wear

The Indian ethnic kurta pajama has seen numerous changes over the years and yet has managed to remain the go-to traditional attire of men in India during events where cultural representations play major role. With the kind of regality it exudes and the way it brings out the best features in men wearing this attire, it is no surprise to see the outfit being opted by a large number of people across the globe. By choosing the right outfit for the right event, one has no doubt as to why this outfit is deemed the traditional attire of Indian men. Read below to know how to pick the best one for you.

How to Choose the right Color of Kurta Pajama?

The color of outfit you need to choose for any given event depends on a number of factors. The most important of these are mentioned below.

  • According to Seasons

The season plays an important factor in deciding what kind of shade one must opt for. If the months are warmer, you can opt for lighter shades that are comfortable to wear under the sun. With shades like black or those similar to it, the warmth of the sun is likely to seep in, making you uncomfortable and sweaty. Pastel shades are perfect for such seasons.

On the other hand, opting for darker colors are more likely to suit the ambience. The same applies to the months of monsoon. You can flaunt your blacks, indigos, browns, etc. during these months where the darker the shade the more appealing you would look.

  • According to the Event

Are you attending a wedding? Brighter colors are sure to be more eye-catching in such events. However, if it is a cultural event you are dressing up for or a small gathering at your place, opting for lighter colors can help you make a great impression on your audience. Keeping the occasion in mind can help you decide on the kind of accessories you would need to flaunt with your ensemble as well, giving you a chance to augment your look further.

  • According to the Time of Day

What time of the day the event is likely to be held makes a huge difference in how you would come across in your kurta pajama. If it is day time, make sure you steer clear of dark shades and shimmery outfits. You are only bound to make yourself stand out for all the wrong reasons if you do. Opt for subtle shades with absolutely no shimmer of any kind.

All the things you avoid during the day can proudly be flaunted at night. Wear darker shades with shimmer and glitter, and you are sure to make a

Where to Flaunt your Kurta Pajama?

Thinking of the right venues to flaunt your simple and elegant kurta pajama? There is no dearth of places that are just right for the outfit to be worn to. With the number of events Indians celebrate, or even those with an inkling toward the culture and festivities, you can wear your classy kurta pajama to any of the events below and pull it off with élan.

  • Festivals

Indian celebrate the most number of festivals every year and what better way to dress up for the occasions than to flaunt a lovely kurta pajama that is so vital to the Indian tradition. For important festivals, you can always choose to wear silks or chiffons that make your attire look sophisticated and classy.

  • Celebrations

Family celebrations are yet another part of the Indian tradition owing to the fact their families make up of countless members. From a birthday party or a naming ceremony to an anniversary celebration or engagement event, all of these occasions make for the perfect venues to wear your best kurta pajamas.

  • Office

If you love the comfort and convenience that the Indian kurta pajama offers, you certainly have the choice of adding it to your everyday ensemble to work or anywhere you head to. With kurta pajamas available in cotton and linen for everyday use, you can get a whole lot of these outfits to stock your wardrobes with to wear it every day. In warmer seasons, these definitely work wonders in keeping you cool. Further, you can also be rest assured of your outfits remaining intact without losing their quality even in the months of monsoon.

  • Cultural Events

Cultural events are yet another occasion that line up every other month where people celebrate their roots. Flaunting a western outfit or casual wear during such events is certainly not appropriate. Kurta pajamas work as the go-to ensemble to keep your look subtle and sober, yet fulfilling the requirements of being within the culture.

Where to Shop for your Kurta Pajamas?

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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