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These days when women purchase traditional Indian wear they tend to look out for ongoing trends and styles. In order to select a perfect saree, one should know a bit about colour combinations and fabrics too. Sarees come in a variety of fabrics and it is necessary to choose the right one depending on the nature of the event and the work on it. Indian sarees are known for their elegance and they need to be worn properly. Draping plays a very important role in pulling off a saree. A saree can be worn for both casual and formal events. If you have to attend a casual function then you can select a saree which has minimal prints whereas if you are looking out for a wedding saree then you can choose to go for a heavily embroidered one. You can get amazing Indian sarees online too. One needs to consider a lot of factors when it comes to selecting the right saree like the fabric, pattern, colour, style, blouse pattern, etc. Even while wearing the saree you need to decide a few things like choosing the right petticoat and selecting the appropriate draping style. A saree is the most preferred outfit for wedding occasions, sangeet ceremonies, cultural events, etc. Several Bollywood actresses too rely on sarees when they want to look their best. Be it an award night or a wedding event, Bollywood sarees are widely preferred. Bollywood sarees are different from traditional sarees because they are fashionable and unique in their style. Here are some trendy saree styles which you must look out for.

  • Sarees with Stripes

Monochrome stripes work the best for sarees because they look modern and stylish by all means. Pair up your monochrome saree with an embellished blouse which will enhance its overall look. If you want to wear a printed saree for a wedding then you should add an embellished blouse to the same otherwise, it can look very simple. Moreover, you can also wear statement jewellery with the saree to make it look festive. For instance, wear heavy earrings with this saree pattern and you are bound to turn heads at an event. Apart from black and white, you can also go for colour combinations like grey and blue, red and white, turquoise blue and beige, etc.

  • Sarees with Pompoms

These days sarees don’t just come with prints and heavy border many other elements are also added to this piece of attire. These days modern sarees come with extra elements like pompoms which make the saree look extremely unique. Add pompoms to the saree in vibrant shades and give your traditional Indian saree a makeover. When you decide to add pompoms to your saree see to it that the pompoms are blending with the colour of the saree. Even if you are going for contrast tones they should gel with the tone of the saree.

  • Sarees with Frills

If you want to opt for a glamorous look then sarees with frills are the best option to go for. Even if the whole saree does not have any embellishments or prints, the frills can make up for that. Frills look fashionable to the core and are also unique in their appearance. Make sure that the frills are of a comfortable length and are not hindering your movement. The colour of the frills should be neutral because otherwise, they can look quite over. Go for the shades of beige, silver, white and pastels when choosing a hue for the frills. Many Bollywood starlets have carried this trend and it surely looks magnificent.

  • Pant Style Saree

Going for the Indo-western look is the best way to carry a saree. These days several women ditch the traditional Indian sarees and experiment. Pant style sarees are very much in vogue because they look modern and are comfortable to wear too. In this particular saree style, the saree is wrapped around the pants and the pants are worn in the place of underskirt. This particular saree is perfect for events like sangeet ceremonies, cocktail parties, engagement ceremonies, etc.

  • Add a Belt to the Saree

Sarees with belts can improve the overall look to a great extent. If you are up for experimentation and want to add some newness to your look then you should add a belt to your saree. The colour of the belt should be chosen wisely because otherwise, it can look weird. Additionally, these days you can get embellished belts too which blend correctly with the saree. For instance, these days belts with embellished stones are very much in trend.

Bollywood designer sarees are readily available these days but one needs to focus on its care and maintenance too. Here are some useful tips to take care of your designer saree.

  • Use mild Cleaning Agents

Sarees made up of delicate fabrics need to be cleaned with mild cleaning agents. If you are using harsh cleaning agents then the colour of your saree might bleed. Even if your saree is stained try and go for dry cleaning.

  • Change the Folds

A saree can get seriously damaged if it is kept in the wardrobe for a very long time. Make sure you change the folds of the saree regularly because otherwise, the saree can get a fungal attack or the fabric can get stuck! Moreover, if there are embellishments on the saree then even, they can get damaged.

  • Avoid hanging the Sarees

Most of us have a habit of using hangers when it comes to storing designer sarees. However, some fabrics are really delicate and hanging them on hangers for a long period of time can cause the material to stretch. Hanging the saree on the hanger can also tear the saree. Also, avoid direct sunlight when drying the saree because that can ruin the colour of the saree too.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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