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Men do not have a wide range of choices when it comes to Indian wear. Traditional Indian wear for men is limited to kurta pajamas, sherwanis, Nehru jackets, etc. These days even men need to stock their wardrobes with the latest ethnic wear styles. Earlier, traditional wear for men was restricted to mundane styles and colours but nowadays many new elements are added to their trousseau. Apart from the typical kurta patterns and sherwanis, many Indo-western elements are also added to ethnic attires. Usually, traditional attires are worn during weddings and festivals. These days guys prefer to wear casual kurtas and pants on a regular basis too. Traditional Indian wear for men is now available in a variety of materials. Choosing the right attire according to the need of the occasion is very important. Right from the selection of the pattern to choosing the correct colour, purchasing an ethnic men’s wear is quite a tricky task. Indian wear is known for its ethnicity and almost all traditional attires are elegant looking. Styling is very important in Indian attires and so is the fit of the trousseau. Indian wear for men can be classified into casual and formal styles. Formal patterns are usually worn for weddings and important events whereas casual patterns are worn for cultural events, family gatherings, etc. Colours also play a very important role in defining the overall look of attire. In order to create a unique style statement, many uncommon hues are also used! The wedding season brings with it several new styles in men’s wear. These days you can get trendy men’s wear online too. Check out the latest styles in traditional men’s wear.

  • Pathani Kurta with a Dhoti Pant

Usually, a pathani kurta is worn with a pajama but you can give a twist to the overall look by pairing it up with a dhoti pant. Dhoti pants are similar to pajamas but have U-shaped folds to give a dhoti like feel. If you are bad at deciding colour combinations then you can simply opt for a neutral-toned dhoti pant and a dark toned pathani kurta. Go for combinations like rust orange and beige, grey and white, maroon and cream, etc. Depending on the occasion you can select the colour.

  • Asymmetrical Kurta with a Fitted Trouser

An asymmetrical kurta looks quite contemporary and casual. Men’s wear can look quite mundane if no new elements are added. Instead of pairing up a kurta with a usual pajama you can also opt for a fitted trouser. A fitted trouser will make the entire trousseau look formal. Asymmetrical kurtas usually have prints or embellishments. Many times, buttons are also added to this kurta. An asymmetrical kurta should suit the body type, so before going for this style, make sure you are comfortable in the same.

  • Kurta with a Jacket and Churidar

If you do not wish to wear a formal looking sherwani you can also go for a Nehru jacket with a kurta. Jacket style kurtas look fashionable and ethnic by all means. Team up the stated with a fitted churidar. This combination is perfect for occasions like wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, sangeet ceremonies, etc.

  • Jodhpuri Suit

A classic Jodhpuri suit is royal to the core. This particular outfit is easy to carry because it is quite modern in its pattern. More like a crisp suit, a Jodhpuri suit comprises of a bandhgala topwear and trousers. When you go for this outfit choose simple colours like grey, brown, black, midnight blue, etc. This formal looking suit is perfect for wedding receptions, engagement ceremonies, etc.

Choosing an ethnic men’s wear needs consideration of a lot of factors. Here are some tips which will help you select the right Indian wear for men.

  • Never Compromise on the Fit

For every traditional attire, it is necessary to check the fit. A proper fit is very crucial for the overall look of the outfit. Kurtas are quite casual in their look and they can be a little loose but when it comes to sherwanis and Jodhpuri suits, it is necessary to go for a proper fitting.

  • Check the Bottoms Too

Most people ignore the bottoms and only concentrate on whether the outfit is a kurta or a sherwani. Bottoms are equally important in Indian wear. These days many bottom styles are available like pajamas, dhoti pants, churidars, straight fit pants, etc. Choose the bottom carefully because it will define the overall look of the attire. Moreover, the colour of the bottom also matters a lot.

  • Select the Fabric Carefully

Fabrics can influence the look of the outfit to a great extent. Every fabric has a different texture and that gives a unique look to the outfit. The colours also behave differently depending on the fabric. Make sure the fabric you choose is comfortable and easy to carry. Moreover, if your outfit has embellishments then the material should be able to handle them. Traditional men’s wear is available in all fabrics these days. One of the richest looking fabrics is velvet but consider the season before selecting the same.

  • Check the Length of the Kurta and Sherwani

Kurtas and sherwanis need to be of a proper length otherwise, the whole look can go for a toss. It is important to check the length of the outfit before selecting the same. Most men’s Indian outfits are knee-length. See to it that the kurta or the sherwani you select is not short in length.

  • Know about the Care and Maintenance of the Outfit

Kurtas and sherwanis need care and maintenance because they are made of delicate materials. Most of these outfits also have prints, thread work or embellishments. In such cases, clean the outfits with care.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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